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Welcome to My Blog! My name is Serg!

My work for a long time was associated with the technical adjustment of equipment, repair of premises, with small locksmithing work. I worked in a chain of cafes.

Almost every day, the staff of the cafe needed my help, and I in return, having done their work, received a lot of smiles and thanks.

Once I had to leave this place of work and later I became more involved in the house and household chores.

Once, after performing repairs in one of the shops selling saws, I became interested in their huge assortment. I suddenly wanted to try each one out, to understand the mechanism of action, to twist and turn it in my hands. So I once came for my first purchase. I bought my first saw in that particular store and it was a Husqvarna cordless saw.
I then took her to the Blog where it was necessary to cut old abandoned trees.

Later, my friend and I chose a mini-saw petrol Husqvarna.
I myself did not understand – how I was finally carried away by this topic and dragged on. I left to work in this store as a salesman.

Every day I learned a lot of new information.

  • how to clean a chainsaw
  • how to cut wood slices with a chainsaw
  • how to measure chainsaw bar
  • how to use an electric chainsaw
  • what size chainsaw do I need
  • how to shorten a chainsaw chain
  • how to put chain on the chainsaw

And just recently, I came up with the idea to share it not only in offline life but also online with all of you.

This is how my first and so far only Blog on saws appeared: Sawcentre.org

I really hope that you will like it here, and that you will share my articles with your friends, colleagues and just acquaintances.

Your Serg

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