Best Electric Chainsaw – Ultimate Guide for You

11 Best Electric Chainsaw (NEW Detailed Buying Guide)

The question of buying a cordless chainsaw arises sooner or later for any private household owner, and it is usually an electric chainsaw that is meant. Electric chainsaws are inferior to gasoline chainsaws in performance and autonomy, but they are much better in ease of maintenance and use. That’s why our aim is to make the ultimate guide in order you will be able to choose the best electric chainsaw!

However, builders also often take an electric chainsaw in addition to gasoline – when small amounts of work, it is more convenient, and the working conditions sometimes do not allow the use of chainsaw.

Today, buyers are being offered a wide range of electric chainsaws in a wide range of prices and characteristics. To get for your money exactly the tool you need, you should understand how each of these characteristics affects the convenience, performance and safety of the cordless chainsaw.

Advantages to Using an Electric Chainsaw

Such a cordless chainsaw is usually bought for work in the farm, garden, private workshop, construction and woodworking. Undoubtedly, it is most popular among gardeners and owners of private houses. This type of equipment allows you to solve a number of problems: from cutting down old trees on the site to cutting firewood and carpentry work. Its help is simply invaluable, and at any time of year.chainsaw is cutting the log

Still, many people, deciding to buy an electric chainsaw, often wonder whether it is better to take a gasoline-powered one. If you have not made a final decision, compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of equipment – our table will help.

Saw type Advantages Disadvantages
Gas chainsaw ·        it has a high power, the engine speed reaches 8 – 9 thousand per minute.

·        Designed for continuous hard work – up to 8 hours practically without breaks.

·        It is mobile, since it does not depend on a source of electricity.

·        It has an increased level of noise and vibration.

·        Petrol engine requires regular maintenance. 3.

·        Cannot be used indoors because of exhaust emissions.

·        heavy in weight and size due to fuel and oil tanks

Electric chainsaw ·        The noise level is lower than that of a gasoline-powered tool.

·        it is lightweight and small in size.

·        no toxic exhaust emissions, allowing you to use the saw indoors.

·        Requires no complicated maintenance

·        Can only be used in places where there is a power connection.

·        has less power than a chainsaw and the RPM is less than 5,000 rpm. 3.

·        requires breaks in operation to cool the engine. Work cycle is usually 40 seconds of sawing, 20 seconds of rest

So, do you need electric chainsaws as an auxiliary tool in construction or a workshop? Or maybe you are buying it to work on your garden plot? You don’t plan to use it all day long? Do you want to save yourself the trouble of caring for your engine? Need a tool that’s easy to operate and maintain? Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a purchase? If at least one of the situations is similar to yours, then the right solution is to buy an electric chainsaw. Let’s figure out how to pick the right one based on the planned tasks.

The Best Corded Chainsaw Features

Before you start talking about technical characteristics, it is necessary to decide on the purpose and frequency of use of the cordless chainsaw. After all, it is one thing to cut down a couple of dry trees in the garden, quite another to cut a few cubic meters of firewood or to make openings for doors and windows in the log house.chainsaw Remington

We also recommend to think in advance about the maximum diameter of workpieces with which you plan to work. If the saw is designed for sawing logs up to 250 mm thick, it will not cope with large workpieces – you will have to make a cut in several steps. Buying a tool that is not suitable for the specific tasks – it is a waste of money. To prevent this from happening to you, match the parameters of the electric saw with your needs.

  • Determines the performance of the cordless chainsaw and its purpose. Models with a motor up to 1000 watts are great for infrequent work in the home. With their help, you can cut limbs, prepare a small amount of firewood, perform simple carpentry work. For construction, workshop or large household needs a powerful electric saw – up to 2000 watts and above. It has a long bar and can work with large workpieces. It is designed for high loads.
  • The length of the bar. It depends on it, what size logs the technique can cope with. The optimal value will be 30 cm – such a tool is suitable for pruning branches, sawing young trees, as well as a number of carpentry works, for example, selection of grooves and shaped sawing. For felling trees, making firewood and construction work it is better to take an electric saw with a bar length of up to 40 – 45 cm. Logs up to 30 cm thick can be handled!
  • Chain pitch. In most models it is 3/8 inch, which ensures a neat cut, safety and minimal chance of backfire when working.
  • Motor location. Electric chainsaws with a transverse arrangement of the electric motor do not have an angular gearbox. On the one hand, it simplifies the design and increases the efficiency, but on the other hand, it makes the body wider and worsens the balance, because the center of gravity is shifted to the left. Such arrangement is good for sawing in the vertical plane – just right for cutting firewood! But the technique is not suitable for complex tasks like grooving. In addition, because of the cumbersome design it is inconvenient to work in a confined space. Power saws with a longitudinal motor have a narrow body and good balance. The tool does not move sideways even when turning and sawing at an angle. It can work in hard-to-reach places. Due to this design, it is much easier to get a clean and straight cut, which means that the technique is suitable not only for felling trees and cutting firewood, but also for carpentry and construction work. By the way, you can read here how to clean a chainsaw.
    However, it also has one disadvantage – the presence of a bevel gear, which complicates the design and affects the price of equipment.
  • The weight of the cordless chainsaw depends on how convenient and how long you can work with it without rest. The models of low power and with a short bar weigh 3 – 4.5 kg, and more productive electric saws can weigh up to 7 kg.

Many electric chainsaws models are equipped with a voltage indicator light, which signals that the machine is connected to the mains. This way, you will not forget to turn the tool off when you have finished your work.

To make maintenance easier, the design may include, for example, automatic chain lubrication, which saves the user from having to do it manually. There is a viewing window in the tank to check the lubrication level. The keyless tensioning of the cordless chainsaw unit can save time: to continue working, all you have to do is turn the knob on the tool body.

What is needed to work comfortably with an electric saw? First, the design should be well thought out to the last detail. For example, one or two handles, which help you safely hold and guide the cordless chainsaw, have a rubberized anti-slip coating. Secondly, there should be no jerk when turning on – a soft start system is responsible for this. Thirdly, the convenience of positioning the saw headset on the work piece is important – this requirement is fulfilled by the presence of a toothed stop in the front part of the housing.

Operating Principle Of an Electric Chainsaw

The cordless chainsaw is a household essential tool that is often used when trimming branches in the garden, cutting firewood, and doing carpentry work.chainsaw Bosch

Compact and easy to use cordless chainsaw does not require knowledge and skills in handling the gasoline engine

Initially, manual models of electric chainsaws were quite bulky and heavy. It is not surprising that the arrival of electric chainsaws on the market has been received with enthusiasm by most consumers.

In addition to ease of operation, a significant advantage of electric chainsaws is that they are environmentally friendly, as they do not emit exhaust fumes during operation.

This is especially important when cutting materials in confined spaces.

The main structural elements of the electric chainsaw are:

  • The electric motor in the housing;
  • guide bars;
  • chain;
  • An oil pump with an oil reservoir.

When the unit is switched on, the motor creates a rotary motion, which is transmitted to the sprocket wheel through a bevel gear or direct drive. Placed in a common plane with the chain, the sprocket starts to rotate it, so that the cutting blade easily cordless chainsaw the wood.

Recently, many manufacturers have equipped models with a centrifugal clutch, thus preventing breakage of the electric motor and the saw’s gearbox during scoring.

Electric chainsaw models are renowned for their long service life, which is achieved by continuous lubrication of the moving elements during operation

The chain oil in the oil tank is pumped to the bar from where it travels through the chain to the sprockets and cutter bar. Many models have a function to adjust the intensity of lubrication, which allows you to work with materials of different hardness.

The capacity of the tank is on average 120-200 ml. This volume is enough for 2 hours of continuous work.

The task of the operator is to control the oil level in the tank, otherwise, working “dry”, the motor will quickly overheat and the tool will fail.

To facilitate the task of checking the volume of the liquid manufacturers make transparent inserts in the body or provide for a special dipstick.

Household Or Professional Electric Chainsaw

Like any power tool, the electric chainsaw is available on the market in both domestic and professional models. Professional tools are more powerful, which allows you to operate them without stopping for longer periods of time. It is better to choose them if you need to use them frequently.

Most professional models are equipped with the function of maintaining a constant speed of the motor, as well as vibration protection and comfortable handles

chainsaw Oregon

The only disadvantage of professional chainsaws is their high price, which is often several times higher compared to their domestic counterparts.

Household chain saws are designed more for short-term work. The tool’s continuous operation time is limited to 10-15 minutes, after which it is necessary to pause, giving the engine a “rest”.

The simple design of these models and the use of inexpensive materials in the production of these saws can significantly reduce the cost of a domestic electric chainsaw

In order not to miscalculate, before you choose an electric chainsaw, determine for yourself the amount of intended work and the frequency of use of the unit. If you need a tool for seasonal work at the cottage, it is quite possible to limit yourself to the domestic version.

Safety of Electric Chainsaws

The chainsaw is a dangerous tool. Careless handling can result in serious injury or even death. This is why it is extremely important to have all the options on the saw to ensure the operator’s safety when working.

All electric saws are equipped with a chain brake lever that stops the chain when it hits the hand. But the quality of manufacture of this element may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Before you buy, you should check that the chain brake works – the lever should release with just a little effort on it. Before you start, make sure that the lever release causes the chain to stop immediately. The author of this guide has personally observed a Chinese chainsaw where the release of the brake lever had no effect on its performance.

The accidental start lock allows you to lock the start button and ensures that the tool will not turn on from accidental pushing of the button.

The inertia brake stops the chain when the tool is turned off. If this option is not available, the chain will continue to coast for a while after the tool is turned off, which can be enough to cause injury.

Anti-vibration reduces vibration stress on your hands and increases tool safety

Do not skimp on chain saw safety. If you buy a cheap screwdriver of dubious quality, in the worst case you will lose the money you paid for it. And in the case of a chainsaw, excessive savings can lead to loss of health or life.

chainsaw WORX

For trimming limbs and cutting them into firewood trees, a lightweight, low-power chain saw is the right choice.

For confident work with medium-sized trees and for most construction work, a medium-powered saw with a 30-35 cm bar is the best choice.

For cutting thick logs you will need a powerful saw with a guide bar of 40 cm or more.

Cordless chainsaws combine the simplicity and ease of use of electric saws with the mobility of gasoline saws.

To avoid wasting time looking for wrenches to tighten a sagging chain, choose saws with a tool-less chain tensioning mechanism.

If you intend to use your power saw often and often, make sure it is equipped with an anti-vibration mechanism.

Varieties of Electric Chainsaws

Depending on certain factors, electric saws are divided into several varieties.

According to the type of power they are:

The first type is powered by the domestic electrical network. The device is connected to it with a cord. This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the duration of the tool is not limited by the battery charge. On the other hand, it can only work where there is electricity or where a generator is installed.


Another disadvantage of this type of power tools is the limitation of the movements of the one who works with it, the length of the cord. The problem can be solved by extending the wire or by connecting an extension cord. However, it is still not very convenient.

Cordless electric saws are powered by a built-in battery. This also has both pluses and minuses. The main advantage of this type of tool is the high degree of autonomy. You can take them with you anywhere.

They also allow you to move freely around the workspace without being tied to a power source. However, the rechargeable battery is able to work without recharging for only 2-3 hours.

It also makes the electric saw much heavier, which makes working with it less comfortable.

Which saw to choose depends on the prevailing working conditions. If you have to work mostly at home, the network saw is preferred. If it is necessary to move often from place to place, to go far from populated areas, then because of its autonomy, a cordless device is more suitable.

Transverse motors, as the name implies, have the motor located across the housing. This greatly simplifies the design, because the drive sprocket and clutch system in this case are attached directly to the motor shaft. No additional components are required.

This makes the mechanism much more reliable, and also allows you to install a more powerful motor (a simple design can withstand serious loads).

However, this has a disadvantage – the motor hood protrudes into the side of the tool, reduces the convenience of working with it, significantly reduces its maneuverability.

Longitudinal electric saws have the motor is located along the engine. This makes them much smaller than in the cross-sectional saws. In addition, maneuverability and ease of handling of the power tool increases. However, this design requires a special transmission unit between the motor, the sprocket and the clutch unit.

The sprocket cannot be mounted parallel to the chain and bar. Such a transfer unit complicates the design and makes it less reliable, as well as does not allow you to install a powerful electric motor (it simply cannot withstand the load created by such a motor).

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing an Electric Chainsaw

When choosing an electric saw, you need to pay attention to several important parameters!chainsaw Oregon

Here are the main ones:

  • The power of the electric motor. The more powerful the motor of an electric tool, the faster and more efficient it will work. However, it should be remembered that a too powerful motor is bad for cordless devices, because it quickly discharges even a very high-capacity battery.
  • Tire area. A wide guide bar allows you to handle large-sized materials. For example, a saw with a small guide bar will have to saw a thick log in two steps – first on one side, then on the other. With a wide guide bar, such problems simply do not occur.
  • Chain pitch. The chain pitch refers to the distance between the teeth. The smaller this parameter, the more effective the tool works. But also the greater the load on the motor.
  • Lubrication system. All moving units and parts of the tool during operation experience considerable load and strong friction on each other. This requires a constant supply of oil to them. Therefore, the lubrication system must work efficiently. It’s a good idea to check it before you buy. To do this, drop a little oil into the oil tank and start the saw for 10-20 seconds. The chain should be well lubricated after the end of work.
  • Soft start system. A good tool should be equipped with a soft start system. It does not allow the motor to gain large revolutions immediately and ensures a smooth acceleration of its rotation speed. This greatly extends the life of the power tool. If you “speed up” the motor immediately, there is an overload that can lead to burnout of the winding wires of this node.
  • Circuit Brake. Working with an electric saw is dangerous. During it, it is very easy to get all kinds of injuries. Therefore, the safety of the tool must be well thought out. One of its elements is an automatic chain brake. It stops the cutting element of the device as soon as the start button is released. This allows absolutely safe handling of the device and not to wait until the inertial motion of its constituent parts is over.
  • It is quite obvious that devices from well-known European and American brands will be of higher quality than the Chinese ones. Therefore, if possible, preference should be given to them.

It is worth noting that good tools can also be found among the “Chinese”. But it is much more difficult. In addition, there is always the risk of running into a “pig in a poke” and buying a low-quality or defective tool – the products of Chinese manufacturers often differ greatly even within the same batch.

Feedback from the owners. The official information provided by manufacturers does not always reflect the real state of affairs. After all, the main goal of the manufacturer – to sell their product. Therefore, to form an objective opinion about this or that electric saw, you can only get acquainted with the reviews of those who have already purchased it and managed to use it. It will also not be superfluous to study reviews and reviews, compiled by independent experts. They will also help to form the most complete picture, will help to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this or that model.

The Nuances of Working with Electric Chainsaws

The first thing to know is that a chainsaw cannot work without breaks, so you have to set the mode to 20 minutes for 20 minutes, that is, first work, then rest, and work again.

Do not forget about cleaning after finishing cutting, and about checking the oil level, also before cutting. Keep the device in a dry place and work with it in the same place, because moisture is the enemy of the chainsaw.

As for the overalls, there are no strict criteria, except that you need to choose something narrow, otherwise the end of the clothes can get caught in the saw.

chainsaw DeWALT

You can use both regular car oil and special mineral oil. The latter option is more preferable, but its cost can be a little higher than car oil.

You should pay your attention to the level of sharpening of the teeth, because the chain saw occasionally dulls if it is not properly cared for. This does not mean that the wood will not lend itself to the saw – it will be sawn, just much longer.

The motor will start to function at higher revolutions, and this is already unpleasant, because if nothing is done, after a while it will fail.

At a glance it is not always possible to understand exactly what condition the teeth are in, but there are several indirect signs: an increase in cutting time and unevenness of the sawdust produced. Sharp teeth make the sawdust look uniform.

Useful Information: What Is The Best Electric Chainsaw Brand?

In this video you will watch test of 5 brands of lithium battery-powered chainsaws. Brands tested: Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Ryobi, and Worx.


Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews & Buying Guide


This chainsaw looks like the “big brother” of the DeWALT DCM565N, also included in our rating, in terms of its overall appearance and control layout. However, it is already working exclusively on FlexVolt batteries, not recombining them for 18 V, but requiring exactly 54 V.chainsaw DeWALT

So the motor power can be imagined – and when working it feels very good, the cordless saw is no worse than the mains electric ones and many gasoline ones in terms of performance. Ergonomics, vibration and noise levels – no complaints, this is exactly what a professional tool should be.

Another electric chainsaw is that is not a cheap thing, a set of two batteries and “charger” will cost almost as much as the saw itself. There is an obvious calculation on the collection of the “ecosystem” of one manufacturer, but there is not much that uses only FlexVolt batteries in memory of this company. For this we will somewhat lower the rating, although on the whole the saw leaves only positive impressions.


The compact cordless electric chainsaw with a 30 cm Oregon bar will be of interest first of all to owners of DeWALT cordless garden equipment (and not only) because it uses the same batteries (18-volt XR or 54-volt FlexVolt: the “clever” contact pad when installing the 54-volt battery reconnects its internal cells to the total voltage of 18 V), and of course the battery and charger itself are not included in the kit.chainsaw DeWALT

True, the five-digit price of the original FlexVolt batteries will not appeal to everyone: perhaps a pair of 18-volt batteries for the same money would be more convenient in operation.

Manufacturer does not state engine power (which is generally typical for cordless equipment), limiting itself to vague statement that the saw is “similar to gasoline saw with 25 cm3 engine”. But this engine is brushless, extremely reliable, which should be attributed to the pluses of the saw. Besides it is all in order with economy – with a 4A*h battery the saw will work up to 40 minutes.

Changing the bar and chain and adjusting its tension – keyless, two rotary levers on the right side, which are retracted flush with the plane of the bar and chain cover. On the opposite side is a large, similarly styled oil tank cover. Oil, by the way, can leak during storage, so put something under the saw when “storing”, or bleed oil completely before doing so.

Separate plus for ergonomics – rear handle is rubberized and sits perfectly in the hand, shifted back center of gravity provides good balance: even if you saw with one hand (actually, of course, you should not do this).

Worx WG384E.9 0

Another compact saw that runs on two batteries. This model has a light weight of 3.9 kg and quiet operation (91 dB). The brushless motor heats up less, ensuring long, trouble-free operation.chainsaw WORX

The electric chainsaw is narrow, small, and suitable for working with tree branches or for cutting materials in the carpentry shop. The accessories can be changed without tools, the lubrication is automatic, so no maintenance is required. Oil level can be checked through a window on the tank, there is also an indicator.

The oil level can be checked through a window in the tank and there is also an indicator. Unfortunately, batteries and a charging station are not included.

Greenworks GCS1836

A classic electric chainsaw from an American brand. Everything is good about it – build quality, performance, usability, budget cost. The 1800-watt motor handles logs and branches perfectly, requires no maintenance, has a long service life, and is air-cooled. The rubberized handle reduces vibration and provides a comfortable, firm grip.chainsaw Greenworks

The long 3.3 m power cord gives you plenty of room for manipulation.

Greenworks G40CS30 0

An important advantage of this electric chainsaw is its low weight of only 4.4 kg, which makes working with it as comfortable and easy as possible. However, the bar is very small – only 30 cm. However, such a tool is rarely bought for sawing thick logs. But it will be very easy and simple to cut thick, dry limbs in the country house or in the garden.chainsaw Greenworks

The lithium-ion battery has a considerable service life – you will not have to change it often, wasting extra money. Of course, there is a motor braking function, so the risk of getting injured while working is greatly reduced. No wonder that, judging by the reviews of experts and ordinary users, no one has to regret the purchase of such a tool.

Greenworks G24CS25 2.0Ah x1

The electric chainsaw is equipped with a 2 Ah battery, which allows you to work for quite a long time without wasting time recharging the battery. The bar is not too long – only 25 centimeters. That is why it is not the best choice for serious logs, but for twigs and branches it will do just fine. The nice thing is that the electric saw weighs only 2.7 kg. Combined with the quality assembly, this makes the machine a good buy for many users.chainsaw Greenworks

Echo CS-1800

The electric chainsaw belongs to the semi-professional class of tools, with its help you will be able to crown trees, perform construction and repair work (including indoors), make cross and longitudinal sawing of wood. The machine is powered by a powerful motor (2,400 W), has a tool-less bar and chain tensioning system, and is equipped with an inertia brake.chainsaw Echo

Today, Echo products are sold in more than 100 countries, and the manufacturer’s equipment is known for its reliability, quality and affordable prices. At the same time, few people know that the history of the company began back in 1947, when a small company Kyoritsu Noki Company Limited appeared in Japan, which was focused on the production of backpack sprayers and water pumps for farmers.

The situation with the range of products changed in the early 60’s, when it was decided to start producing many types of farm equipment, including chain saws Echo.

Moving production to China has not significantly affected product quality, but has made it possible to optimize prices. Echo electric chainsaw are manufactured under the supervision of Japanese specialists and comply with the company’s internal quality and safety standards. The fact that many of the components are made in the Japanese factories of the concern plays an important role. However, the company’s product line also includes tools that are produced locally in Japan and Germany.

Makita UC3541A

The UC3541A 1.8-kilowatt electric chainsaw is one of those cases where you can say, “Makita has gone bad in recent years. Of course, we understand that it is a budget model made in China, but there have been fewer complaints about the quality of this very assembly.chainsaw Makita

However, if you know the nuances and have your hands in the right place, there is no need to be afraid: just do not overdo with the tensioning of the chain (from overtightening the bar and chain will not cut better) and to monitor the oil pump. Tension – “keyless”, which requires to adjust the lever of the rotary knot and then for him this whole structure and turn: actually, here in this plastic node is the “bottleneck” does not like the excessive efforts.

The tensioning mechanism on more expensive “units” (electric chainsaw which index has 1 as the last digit) is generally stronger – but what can you do: the updated model is cheaper, and cheapening always has its negative sides.

The performance of the saw is good, the standard bar and chain is not “foil”, but quite working. We have no complaints about the ergonomics of the saw, except that some overweight to the side, like in other electric saws with the transverse location of the heavy motor, is well felt by the hands during prolonged work.

Makita UC4550A

Makita 2-kilowatt is not a record-breaker in power, but the best electric chainsaw is made firmly – for example, instead of convenient but problematic “manual” tensioner here you have to twist the screw with a screwdriver in the old way, like on other “zeros”. The engine location is longitudinal, so the saw is narrow, turned around and deprived of unpleasant overweight on the left side.chainsaw Makita

Presence of soft start reduces the load on the network at the moment of pushing the power button; it is especially important for private houses that are connected to old substations with not so good wiring, where voltage sags are more a given than an exception.

The length of the standard bar is 45 centimeters. This will be enough for most jobs. The lubrication system is simple and efficient, with adjustable flow rate. Dual brakes are responsible for safety – in addition to the classic inertial brake, there is an electric one.

The model appeared in the Makita catalog in 2017, and over the past three years, this “Japanese Romanian assembly” quality complaints have not collected – well, in this case, it is already clear what we pay for. The only thing that may be lacking here, especially after the chainsaw, is the engine power: it will take some getting used to.

Makita DUC302Z

Short on one battery? Well, Makita offers an option for lazy people with strong hands: The DUC302Z best electric chainsaw has two battery pads. And you can’t put just one: here they are connected in series, which allowed you to “feed” the powerful and dustproof brushless motor with 36 volts without using a specific battery – the saw works with completely standard and widely available ones, and this is a very serious plus, especially if you already have some Makita cordless equipment.chainsaw Makita

In terms of performance, the electric saw is one of the best, and with its 30 cm bar it is maneuverable and comfortable, except that the weight after the installation of two batteries will become a decent weight by the standards of cordless tools.

The bar and chain tensioning and changing is done with your bare hands, with the help of the hinged lever on the cover hand wheel and the regulator underneath. Oil adjustment is easily accessible (a screw on the bottom of the housing).

The engine here is transverse, which somewhat spoils the weight distribution, but simplifies the design, and this is also a definite plus for reliability.

Oregon CS1500

The Oregon CS1500 has a standard electric saw design. The body is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. The main color is gray. The side cover and front hand guard are black plastic. Also in black is front handle and rubberized grip on back handle. The bright red elements are not made for decoration, but to accentuate important details. These are the PowerSharp lever, bar and chain tensioning ring, and oil tank cap.chainsaw Notch Oregon

The best electric chainsaw, despite the transverse location of the engine, is perfectly balanced, does not tilt and does not overweight, the manufacturer has taken this point into account in the design. Horizontal sawing also causes no difficulties and problems. And the transverse arrangement has its own advantage. The plane of rotation of the motor shaft and the rotation of the drive sprocket coincide, respectively, the transmission mechanism itself is simpler and more reliable.

The Oregon CS1500 weighs an impressive five pounds. Such weight is fatiguing during long work, there are much lighter electric saws on the market. But they are also less powerful. The CS1500 has a very powerful 2400-watt motor, which is the highest indicator for domestic electric chainsaws. At that price point, saws are usually sold for up to 2000 watts.

The saw does an excellent job of cutting planks both crosswise and along the fiber. The narrow nose of the guide bar allows you to make through cuts. I did not like one thing while working. On one side of the cut, the cut is even, but on the other side you get big clips of wood.


To summarize, we recommend reading the recommendations of professionals regarding the selection of best electric chainsaw.

  • Weight and dimensions. If you are not a professional logger, it is better to choose the most compact device, weighing from 3 to 5 kg. Such a tool and work easier and store it easier.
  • Power and performance. These are parameters that are in direct dependence on each other. However, if you want a model with really high performance, then pay attention not so much to the power, but to the speed of the bar and chain. The norm is within 13 – 14 m/sec.
  • Here, the more – the better. The minimum that should have a good saw: a mechanical chain brake, a chain limiter, an inclusion lock, a protective shield on the front handle. It is very good if the model you choose will be implemented electronic overload protection.
  • It should be understood that a huge number of functions only increases the cost of the product and reduces its maintainability. Among the most necessary options can be noted only the keyless chain tensioning mechanism. It is very good if the model will have a “soft start”. If the machine is planned to be used on heavy works, then pay attention to the function of maintaining the rotation under load.
  • The lubrication system. Pay attention to the tool with the adjustable capacity of the oil pump. This function will help to adjust the lubrication of the saw headset according to the viscosity of the compound. And of course, always when buying, look at the volume of the oil reservoir, which largely depends on the non-stop operation time of the device.

When a tool is required for simple household and garden work (room repairs, sawing firewood, trimming dry wood twigs), an electric chainsaw is quite sufficient. It is characterized by ease of operation and relatively low weight for saws; it does not produce any exhaust, does not produce much noise, and has little vibration at work. It is also important that the price of this tool is affordable for most consumers. Unfortunately, despite all the listed advantages, electric chainsaws have some disadvantages.

Their importance is assessed by each user when buying a saw according to his requirements. First, the distance over which electric saws can be used is limited by the length of the electric cord. Therefore, if you plan to work at a significant distance from the power supply, this type of saw should not be chosen. Secondly, the power tool should not be used in wet weather or in damp rooms. Finally, it should be noted the need for frequent breaks in work, which are required to avoid overheating of the saw’s motor.

Most likely, the budget version will be limited in the planes of work, it will be difficult to hold it for a long time because of its weight, and it will probably be deprived of a button against accidental start-up and a handle for tensioning the chain. It is still advisable to choose a device that has additional features, such as an oil indicator, as well as a universal oil supply system that is able to adjust to the conditions.

The point is that when there is a really practical need to work at full power, the oil feed goes on, but when there is so-called idling, the oil is not wasted. You will have to pay a little extra for this feature when you buy it, but in return the owner of the device will save a significant amount of money on consumables in the future.

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