Can a chainsaw cut metal? Find out the true answer!

Can A Chainsaw Cut Metal? 3 powerful chainsaws to consider

Despite the fact that chainsaw chain have every chance to have a large number of uses, they are mainly used for the purpose of logging. For example, in winter, homeowners use chainsaws to block firewood for the purpose of a cut metal.

Regardless of this, the owners of homestead zones use these mechanisms in order to cutting metal of fruit trees. However, despite the large number of uses, the problem that almost the whole society is arrogant is the following:

Can a chainsaw cut metal?

Of course, chainsaws have every chance to cutting metal. Of course, this depends on the type of alloy as well as the thickness. In addition, you will need a strong motor saw along with a string together with an iron reinforcement or together with a carbide tip.

As well as the principle, it is not recommended in any way to use a chainsaw for the purpose of roughing the alloy, instead of this, use professional chainsaws according to the alloy.

An ordinary family saw is not specialized in any way for the purpose of rough alloy.

For this reason, another problem comes to mind: will you be able to use a chainsaw for the purpose of cutting metal?

Cutting Nails Using a Chainsaw: Is It Possible?

Now, in order to pour even more illumination into the main problem, which consists in this, is the unit of the professional chainsaw able to cutting metal, let’s start together with the concept of the usual condition.

The results of cutting metal by these cars are diverse. But the most obvious and also direct reason is that the teeth of your chainsaw will be blunted if it is she who cutting metal that lingers in the fragment of the log.

Are There Chainsaws That Can Cut Through Metals?

Nails are usually iron. But the thickness level often fluctuates, and also, most importantly, is of no small importance if you want to cutting metal with a chainsaw. But for you, it is necessary to select types of professional chainsaw for cutting wood, especially heavy-duty ones, which have every chance of cutt through metal.

In a similar way, your result in the problem, will you be able to find professional chainsaws, which cut through metal, positive.

If you find a good mechanism in the auction according to the rational cost, you will be able to use a chainsaw cut for the purpose of cut through metal in the absence of the need to change the motor or chainsaw chain.

A competent specialist according to the log will inform you that the use of handmade professional chainsaws is limited to sawing wood, cutting and also a block of firewood. In a similar way, this means that we still have a selection among trade or high-class variations.

But, first of all, before we go deeper, the relevant circumstances explain why professional chainsaws for the purpose of domestic use are in no way perfect for the purpose of rough metals:

  • Chainsaws for domestic use are provided for the purpose of sawing simple wood, for example, for chopping firewood and cut through metal. This means that you will need to remove all the nails, without exception, stuck in each log, first of all rather than using a handmade metal cutting chainsaw cut, similar to the well-known 16-inch GREENWORKS cordless saw.
  • And also, including if you prefer the wired version, this circumstance, that handmade chainsaws cut through metal have the smallest motors, means that they will not fit in any way for the purpose of metal cutting blade. It is possible to note that they are not strong enough to destroy the nails.
  • Another sure factor that can help clarify why handmade chainsaw blade are not perfect in any way for the purpose of rough alloy is that the teeth of the chain do not have iron fittings in any way or they are not strong enough for the purpose of rough strong used material.

Another worst outcome is likely if you risk using your own weak chainsaw blade.

The chain cut through metal is capable of being interrupted if you are less generally waiting for this. You do not want to demonstrate in any way what will happen with someone important nearby, if the chainsaw chain breaks during the sawing of wood.

Cutting Metals Using Commercial (Professional) Grade Chainsaws

If you are a highly professional wood turner, there is a huge opportunity that a commercial-class industrial chainsaw blades was used for you.

However, look at what the main problem is. Have you ever thought about this, in order to cut through metal together with the support of a dull chainsaw blade, without having previously expressed it in any way, in order to try this action?

This is not in this case, because the most, what to buy a chainsaw chain, intentionally specialized for the purpose of rough nails and other metals. But, according to the comparison, along with carbide tipped chain for domestic use, commercial types are often very loud for cut through metal, taking into account that most of the alternatives shown in the auction work in fuel.

Now, in order to help you realize for what reason high-end chainsaws are perfectly suitable for the purpose of cut through metal, concentrate your interest in the appropriate circumstances:

  • They are equipped with strong motors, which makes them flawless for the purpose of roughing metals to steel pipe. Later in this post, I will analyze a number of samples of commercial chainsaws in order to help you implement the correct resolution for cut wood.
  • Another factor explaining why high-end chainsaws are generally more suitable for the purpose of cutting metal on metal contact is that the teeth have strong iron fittings or chains are used together with carbide tips.
  • High-end chainsaws equipped with chains together with intensive teeth are less sensitive when cutting with industrial chainsaws

Which Are the Powerful Chainsaws That Cut Through Metal?

After reading this, the subsequent problem that comes to mind is which chainsaw kickback a carpenter is able to purchase, if someone or she wants to cut alloys together with their support.

First of all, in regular chainsaw, let’s emphasize that regardless of this, there is a desire or there is no desire to cut alloys together with the support of a broken chainsaw engine the most powerful chainsaws, which you may wish to purchase, as well as which, together with weightlessness, chainsaw blade cuts the thick metal:

Husqvarna 460 Rancher 24-Inch Gasoline-Powered powerful Chainsaw

Husqvarna is a well-known manufacturer of can a chainsaw, as well as a 24-inch Rancher motor saw, functioning in fuel, uses fame, especially among woodworkers.

This is a strong homeowner chainsaws that, together with the extraordinary weightlessness, saws wood, thanks to the push-pull motor, which gives it so much needed power in absolute gas.

Chikura 105CC Chainsaw with 36-Inch Chain

The MINGDA-made Chikara 105cc is a gasoline can a chainsaw that functions in a strong motor and also guarantees good service together with strong wood. It is she who is also quite strong in order to cut the metal chips. It is she who gives 12,000 turns at a time in absolute speed.

Another notable characteristic feature of this old chainsaw is an aspiring plate with an alloy as well as a 36-inch chain with a diameter of 0.063 inches to home grade chainsaw.

MAKITA EA5000PREG 18-Inch Chainsaw with 50cc Engine Capacity

Another strong chainsaw chains, which, together with weightlessness, cuts the alloy, is considered to be an 18-inch MAKITA motor saw from a strong homeowner chainsaws. In absolute gas, it is she who cuts through a fragment of a log with a speed of 13,800 turns per metal chips flying.

How to use a chainsaw to cut metal?

Now it’s time to teach you how to cut metal with a chainsaw. In this section, I will show you in detail how to cut metal with a chainsaw step by step.

Step 1: Chainsaw Preparation

I see everything without exception, as well as using a chainsaw for the purpose of rough alloy. But for the purpose of rough metals, it is not recommended to use a chainsaw for the purpose of rough logs. For the purpose of this, you will need a strong home grade chainsaw.

Equally, as soon as it appears with you, it will be necessary for you to change the reciprocating saw in order for it to correspond to the volume of the chainsaw for metal cutting blades.

After this, it will be necessary for you to change the circular saw. It should also examine the chainsaw. If you notice that there is not enough oil in the chainsaw, add it to the container. Check in addition the degree of fuel plastic felling wedges.

Eventually, you tend to start sawing!

Step 2: Using a Chainsaw to Cut

Place the used material that you want to share in the workbench home grade chainsaws. The implementation of this will provide you with the necessary mastery, providing you to save the used material in pens. Since chainsaws have a tendency to recoil, you can resort with a chainsaw with two handles.

Now you will be able to activate the motor of your home grade chainsaws.


After all, it’s important to make the right decision when buying a chainsaw to cut metal. This means that you should narrow down the range of special features of these machines, especially if you are looking for something that could cut metal without breaking.

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