Can I put a longer bar on my chainsaw? Get a detailed answer

Can I put a longer bar on my chainsaw? 10+ useful tips

The most elongated base means that more force is needed for the purpose of twisting the chain, and also if the motor saw is not strong enough, this can cause a defect or overheating of the motor.

If you are wondering – Can I put a longer bar on my chainsaw, or you just simply strive to purchase the longer bar length, in each case, a large number of conditions should be taken into account, the license plate number 1 of which is the volume of the motor of your device.

Can You Put a Longer Bar on a Chainsaw? Answered by Richard

The solution is both absolutely and absent. Of course, you will be able to determine the elongated base in your own chainsaw bar length matter, and there is no way you can simply determine the most elongated base. For the purpose of correct operation, the newest chainsaw bars are required to meet the conditions imposed on the saw, which contains:

  • The volume of the motor
  • The volume of the chainsaw bar
  • The volume of the chain
  • Evil spare tire

These conditions can be monitored in subsequent sequences:

  • The comparability of the motor together with the length of the beam
  • The comparability of the chain together with the newest rod
  • Comparability of shoulder straps together with the sequence

The motor sets the length of the replacement bar length, together with which the sipping is able to cope, and the other most elongated or minimal bar length is able to work only up to such times, as long as the motor is able to twist the chain in this longer bar length.

The presence of the longest rod is a unique chain bar lengths, or rather, as a whole, will not meet the latest length in any way. Thus, you will also need to get the newest chain bar lengths.

The star twists the new chain around the rod. The drive link of the original chain must enter the grooves of the electric drive shoulder straps to rough edges.

If you change the new chain because of the longer bar length, it is permissible, you will need to change the asterisk, in order for it to approach the new chain.

Chainsaw Bar Length to Engine Size

The motor contains a direct approach to the longer bar. According to the edge of increasing the length of the beam, the efficiency of the rough will decrease, and according to the edge of moving to the upper end of the beam, the power will decrease.

Chainsaws need the necessary power in order to work together with a bar of a specific length, which changes due to the feeding key.

In the absence of him, sipping will not work in any way. In connection with the chainsaw bars feeding key, the power is measured in subsequent units.

A cubic unit with the purpose of a different recommended chainsaw bars together with a gas drive.

Tension with the purpose of battery and longer chainsaw bar.

Amplifiers for the purpose of a galvanic chainsaw in cubic meter.

The lower plate of comparability of force, together with the guide bar, is considered to be a single control, in no way related to any brand of chainsaw or modification.

Can I Put a Smaller Bar on My Chainsaw?

As well as previously stated, of course, you will be able to determine the lowest specific bar length in your own chainsaw, taking into account

  • It is she who is held by the motor
  • The chain corresponds to the length of the guide bar
  • Evil spare tire

If everything to cutting performance, without exception, is controlled, in this case the motor saw will work together with a guide bar of the smallest volume. You will be able to prove these parts of the data in the user’s own superiors with sufficient power.

Can I Put a Longer Bar on My Stihl Chainsaw?

Of course, you can. Stihl gives a variety of plank scales for the purpose of building its own modifications in almost any group to cutting performance:

  • Homeowners MS 170, MS 171, MS 180, MS 181, MS 192 and MS 211 have every chance to apply the guide bar range from 12 or Fourteen inches up to 16 inches.
  • MS 250 and MS 251 together with 45 cc motors.see ready to apply the 18-inch guide bar.
  • Farm & Ranch MS 271, MS 291, MS 311 and MS 391 have every chance to use bars from the Twentieth up to 26 inches in lubricating hole.

Can I Put a Longer Bar on My Husqvarna Chainsaw?

Of course, however, this depends on the modification, and not all modifications without exception guarantee such elasticity. In order to extract a clear solution for you, you should get acquainted with the user management of your Husqvarna saw new bar:

  • The Husqvarna 435 and the Husqvarna 455 have every chance of grabbing 18 inches.
  • Husqvarna 120, 130 and 135 together with motors the size of Forty up to 45 cubic meters. cm have every chance to apply slats with a diameter of 12 up to the twentieth inch.
  • In the modification of the 3120 XP, bars with a diameter of 24 up to 42 inches have every chance to be used.

Can I Put a Longer Bar on My Ego Chainsaw?

Again, after all, this is dependent on the modification. However, of course, you can. According to this EGO issue, CS1600/CS1604 have every chance to use a 16-inch new bar size instead of Fourteen inches. Check with your superiors for the purpose of your specific modification of the length of the new bar size, which one it holds.

Can I Put a Longer Bar on Ryobi My Chainsaw?

It is possible to note with full confidence that, of course, this is permissible if the Ryobi 40V chainsaw chain motor is connected together with the long bar.

You will be able to find this in the superiors of the user of the saw. In addition, make sure that the chainsaw chain and the star are also compatible with the long bar.

Can I Put Any Size Bar On The Chainsaw?

The length of the aiming bar of the chainsaw chain sets the wood, which it is able to cut, and the volume of the motor sets the length that the plate is able to withstand. The length of the aiming length bars also affects the mass and nose sprocket controllability.

I. Homeowner Chainsaws

A chainsaw guide bars used for the purpose of household roughness contains the smallest motors than chainsaws of huge strength.

II. The Professional Chainsaws

High-end chainsaws differ in the functions that make them faithful, strong, comfortable and gifted to endure the harsh demands of daily use.

The scale of high-end chainsaws is very different: from chainsaws with the aim of woodcutters Stihl MS 150 together with a 12-inch rod up to Stihl MS 880, motor size 121.6 cubic meters.The cm is capable of working together with a 59-inch rod.

III. The Heavy-Duty Chainsaws

The scale of motors for the purpose of this category of chainsaws, which you will also be able to understand as well as modifications of “Farm and Ranch”, range from Fifty to Sixty-four cubic meters. see In these chainsaws, the aiming guide bars with a diameter from 16 up to the Twentieth inch have every chance to be approved.

IV. In-Tree And Electric Chainsaws

Chainsaws of high-class foresters, appointed for the purpose of working together with trees, have every chance of having aiming bars with a diameter from 12 up to 16 inches.

Almost all chainsaws of this group have every chance to work together with the reversing bars of the chainsaw from 12 up to 18 inches, due to their motor and other conditions.

Chainsaws of this category, working with small accumulators, are simply controlled together with a 12-inch chainsaw bar.

Chainsaw Bar Maintenance: Tips From The Experts

Answering the question, can I put a longer bar on my chainsaw, we would like to note the following. It is not difficult to realize that the elements that cut the chainsaw are subjected to very harsh processing. With active use, the tip is able to bend and get stuck in the wood.

For this reason, it is necessary for you to constantly monitor the chainsaw and perform the necessary operations in order to service your device:

  1. Check the chainsaw for possible defects in the upper side of the inverters and in the surfaces inside the inverters.
  2. Constantly monitor the bar in the presence of burrs (rough sides); if you notice them, file them with an iron file.
  3. It is necessary to examine the grooves of the rod in order to make sure that they are not very worn out in any way.
  4. When checking the slots, make sure that they are cleaned. If you notice that it is dirty, clean it.
  5. Check whether the opening unit is unlocked for the purpose of lubrication and the unit is able to easily move the hall star. If necessary, lubricate the chainsaw with a consistent lubricant.
  6. The current slats for the purpose of chainsaws are considered reversible, for this reason they need to be overturned from time to time in order to continue the period of their sphere.

Chapter FAQs

What is the benefit of a longer chainsaw bar?

The length of the chainsaw bar sets the type of activity that can be carried out together with the support of the chainsaw.

You will be able to simply cut wood of a significant diameter together with the support of a long-lasting beam, however, together with the support of a bar of the smallest volume, you will be able to cut one and in this case, because the wood is due to 2 access.

How does bar length affect chainsaw?

The scale varies due to the type of chainsaw. Any volume of the bar is suitable for the purpose of a certain activity. For example, the more commonly used scales of the bar are designed from 12 up to the twentieth inch.

However, the user manual will also be able to find a chainsaw along with a 72-inch bar, which is used by specialists. Do not forget that the longer the plate is, the more difficult it will be for the motor saw, and it will be difficult for you to resort with it.

Can I put a longer bar on Stihl chainsaw?

Not every plate or chain for the purpose of a chainsaw is compatible with every chainsaw. For example, large bars for the purpose of chainsaws work perfectly together with the most powerful chainsaw motors.

Huge rods need more energy in order to spin the gas powered chainsaws rod and chain.

For this reason, electric chainsaws user manual slats with a length of 18 inches or in one word, and chainsaws together with a gas drive are equipped with the largest saw slats.

Can you put a 20 inch bar on a 18 inch Poulan Pro chainsaw?

If the engine supports the length of the bigger bar, the user manual can install a smaller bar on your chainsaw. In addition, the length of the longer bars corresponds to the length of the chain and the sprocket; you can install a smaller bar. So, if everything looks compatible, you can use a smaller chainsaw bar for your light cutting tool.


Answering the question, can I put a longer bar on my chainsaw, we would like to note the following. The most elongated base denotes significant power for the purpose of controlling it. In a similar way, as long as your motor is connected together with the length of the bar, this will not become a task in any chrome moly steel.

However, you may need to change the unique original chain and asterisk, as they have every chance of being incompatible with the latest bar.

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