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Car to Donate for Ukraine’s Victory

The team is transferring cars for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian rescuers and doctors. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the transfer of 18 vehicles from Spain, Italy, and Poland has been organized. One car from Ukraine and one from Germany were given to the team as gifts. These cars have already been transferred. In addition, the team helps organize the purchase, maintenance, and transfer of vehicles to other volunteer groups on a turnkey basis.sBPMZYEo84 ia2KCXlLDbfBBQHJNRu9 v6F 7Q8Usoq9CuSMpHgOvs

More than 100 000 euros (about UAH 4 000 000) have been entrusted to the team in one form or another. The founders of the organization post all the reports on their Facebook page. There you can find photos and a complete spending history with costs and receipts there.ORdeaMLuQeY4jDMUZKUKwp6Asa1XKfnaT3Smd2kWzlhFKSRxcfol

We are grateful to All People Who Make Donations, the Team, our Partners, and everyone who spent at least a minute of their time or one dollar from their budget for a common cause.

If you have a car that you want to donate to save lives in Ukraine, team ready to provide the whole process on a turnkey basis:

  • paperwork;
  • transfer;
  • maintenance;
  • report.

The team guarantees that the car will be transferred as a form of humanitarian aid, and we will provide the donor with all subsequent documentation and reports. At the donor’s request, the name of the donor can be indicated on the car and social networks.

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If you want to help, you can fill out the form at, and the team will contact you for further details.

You can also help the project by providing financial help:

🔗 UAH PRIVAT: 5168752005654333 

🔗 UAH MONO: 5375414139777584  

🔗 USDT TRC20: TSfcb148SfXJdbBHdvQJhtePJzCmpSWAUg 

🔗 Paypal: 

🔗 Wise: 

🔗 IBAN: DE08100110012620163767

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