How Many Watts Does a Circular Saw Use? Get a Detailed Answer!

How many watts does a circular saw use: 3 important details

Circular saws are the most common tools used in the woodworking industry and DIY projects. They can perform several jobs such as cutting wood, plastic, concrete, and metal. Obviously, the bigger circular saw will use more watts than a smaller one. It depends on the characteristics of the particular circular saw and its type, the type of material you are cutting, and the blade used.

You can check the exact number of watts your circular saw uses from the user manual. In this article, we will give you average numbers of how many watts does a circular saw use along with other interesting and most importantly, useful information about circular saws.

How many watts do you require to cut wood?

When someone asks a question – how many watts does a circular saw use, they mean the amount of power going through the typical circular saw when performing cuts.

Bear in mind, most brands are tending to only show information about running wattage requirements and do not provide any information about the starting wattage.

Though those two characteristics are different, and the starting wattage of any circular saw is higher.

For example, most circular saws have an average number of watts at 2400 when you power tools on, the running wattage is going to be dropped by half and will be around 1200 watts of power.

What that means is when the circular saw is being powered on, it will require more power to start. Then it can maintain the lower power consumption as it is operating.

Watts of power will depend on the type of wood you are going to cut and the size of it, including the thickness.

A budget circular saw that has power requirements of 780 watts will be able to cut through the wood piece of 2 inches. Thicker materials will have to be cut with more powerful circular saws.

The most powerful circular saw has a running wattage of 2400 watts and cuts thick pieces of wood easily. Just remember, the blade also matters. If your circular saw has a ripping blade, it will need more watts to operate.

What size generator is required for a circular saw?

The generator size fully depends on a few points such as the characteristics of your actual circular saw, the power supply you are planning to be using, and the characteristic of the actual generator itself.

Investigate your circular saw specifications before deciding on which generator to take. You can refer to the user manual, or find information on the internet. Most circular saws will handle to be operated by the 3kw generator.

A powerful corded circular saw will need something larger with more power. In this case, your option will be to look into getting an 8kw generator.

Research what fuel will be required as well to ensure you do not breach the rules of the area you are going to be cutting at.

What impacts the number of watts a circular saw needs to operate correctly?

In order to determine how many watts is your circular saw required, so it can perform efficiently, we should look into things that affect it the most. It will help you to calculate the right amount of power consumption.

1. The wattage characteristic

This number will give you the precise measurement of how much power different circular saws will be requesting.

Remember, the information on the circular saws regarding wattage is applied to the running wattage only. The starting wattage roughly will double as much.

The smaller the saw, the less power consumption it will have, and vice versa.

2. The amps characteristic

The amperage is an important detail that should be taken into consideration as well. It tells how much power the motor is consuming while operating. The average corded circular saws use around ten to fifteen amps.

Most circular saws that are being advertised as having a 15 amps motor in fact are very powerful tools. It is also a widely used standard capacity for most home circuitry.

3. Rotations in a minute

A circle saw transfers the power required onto the blade as well. The blade doesn’t cut following a single axis. It operates in a circular movement. Power consumption the motor draws turns into a circular force aka torque.

RPM helps you to see how much electricity is actually being used.

Comparing two types of saws: worm drive saws and direct drive saws, they both hold the same power requirements for major parts.

The difference is, the worm drive saws have their blades designed and operate differently. It allows them to produce more circular force than the other saws. The worm drive saws will have lower RPM due to that.

Do circular saws require a constant power supply?

A corded saw will operate only if there is a constant power supply. It can’t work without being plugged into a power source. Cordless circular saws work using battery power. It is perfect when you are in a situation where the work has to be done, but there is a power outage or no power outlet at all.

Can there be a power loss when working with a circular saw?

Any electrical tool is prone to having a power loss. A circular saw is no exception. The production companies are working on minimizing a power loss.

Is there anything you can do to contribute to the reduction as well? The first thing you can do to eliminate a power loss is to clean the blade frequently. It affects the weight of the blade itself.

The second thing is keeping all the parts of the saw lubricated. It will reduce the amount of heat being generated while the circular saw is working.

What can a 3000 watt inverter run?

This considers to be a quite powerful inverter with a power usage of 3000 watts. Usually, such inverters are being used at the places with no power or when the battery bank has gone flat.

You can use it anywhere, including home, when a power outage happens. You can plug in any of your home appliance and any electrical tools, such as TVs, ovens, kettles, portable grills and ect.

An inverter can also be used for charging your computer or a mobile device. Heavy-duty tools like circular saws, for example, can also be running off the inverter.

Note, bear in mind that some household appliances such as an aircon, heaters, fridges, and chest freezers can not be power by an inverter as they require way more power.

Can I use a laser to cut wood?

Absolutely, you can. You have to consider specifications of the laser, the direct measurement of wattage and the type of wood you want to cut. The thickest pieces of wood can be cut with a laser, that has at least 200-300 watts output.

If it is just a piece of plywood, then you can cope with a 150 watts laser. Anything less power than that with less wattage will not be able to cut through wood.

Note, for an accurate cut, you have to set up the laser properly to ensure the best result.


How many watts is a 15 amp circular saw?

Different circular saws with a 15 amps motors will be requiring at least, 1440 watts to run continuously.

Will a 1000 watt generator run a skill saw?

You have to take into consideration several things before you can answer this question. How much load you are going to be placing on the skill saw, for example? Usually, a skill saw isn’t a very powerful tool, so the power requirements will be as low as 800 watts.

The short answer to the question, if you aren’t going to use it for long and whatever you are cutting isn’t thick, you should have enough power from a 1000-watt generator. Anything more powerful will increase the power usage altogether.

What size inverter do I need to run a circular saw?

Generally, cutting tools have a more powerful motor. For them to operate, you need to purchase an inverter that can handle such power requirements. The inverter capacity should be at least 1400 serge watts.

To summarize

We hope we have answered the question of how many watts does a circular saw use. It correlates with a variety of factors that have to be considered. Among the most important ones are the characteristic of your circular saw, the material you are going to be working with, and the type of blade you are going to be using.

If this article was helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. For any questions, please contact us in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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