How Much Does a Chainsaw Weigh – Ultimate Guide

How Much Does a Chainsaw Weigh - 4+ Greatest Factors

If you use a very heavy chainsaw a lot, you probably won’t need the gym. Because it would be a great workout. But it is unlikely that you are guided by this principle when you want to use such machinery. Your arms should be sturdy and not so fatigued.

So you probably want to know a simple truth: how much does a chainsaw weigh? With so many models out there, it’s easy to get confused, especially if you don’t know anything about chainsaws.

So, how much does a chainsaw weigh? The average chainsaw weighs between 10 and 15 pounds. Some of the smaller electric chainsaws can weigh as little as 6 pounds, while some of the larger, more powerful chainsaws can even exceed 20 pounds.

So, how much does a chainsaw weigh? Generally speaking, a standard chainsaw weighs between ten and fifteen pounds. Smaller electric chainsaws weigh about six pounds, and the larger and bulkier models can even weigh over twenty pounds. As you may have already realized, weight of a chainsaw may vary from model to model, with big variety between electric chainsaws, gas powered chainsaws and battery powered chainsaws.

There is a myriad of factors that affect this characteristic of the tool: bar size, chainsaw chain types, type of base, battery, and so on.

Keep reading as we explore why the numbers vary so much, and what you need to know to better understand how much your chainsaw will actually weigh.

We’ve done an in-depth study on chainsaw weights, and after reading that, you’ll have an excellent understanding of the issue.

How Much Does a Chainsaw Weigh

chainsaw is cutting

To answer this question, we decided not to discuss it at length, but simply compiled a table that will help you to look at real examples of the weight of chain saws of different models.

Judging by this table, you might have realized that the numbers are quite different. It is a combination of different characteristics, and the first of these is the type of chainsaw.

How Much Do Different Types of Chainsaws Weigh

Well, since the first characteristic we highlighted the type of chainsaws weigh, let’s look at the three main types of chainsaws that are used in modern jobs, and compare them to each other.

Gas Powered Chainsaw

It is not difficult to understand that of all chainsaws, it is gas powered chainsaws that are the heaviest due to their powerhead weight. A gas chainsaw is different from others at that. We will still do a comparison in the future, but for now, you just need to know that these larger chainsaws truly make up the heaviest kind of chainsaws.

Those are heavy duty chainsaws, and they have an enviable power. Adding in to the weight of your chainsaw with a full tank of fuel and bar oil, these chainsaws require gas to operate, which may affect your budget.

Naturally, there are many exceptions to the weight of the chainsaw to this rule. For example, there are gas powered chainsaws in the Stihl line that weighs about six pounds. These larger saws are a narrowly focused chainsaw model that is usually used while on the tree itself.

Battery-powered Chainsaws

Here we get to battery powered chainsaws weight. Within this type, there are a small number of lightweight chainsaws. Their average weight is much lighter than gas-powered chainsaws. However, a battery operated chainsaw is not light enough to be considered the lightest due to the extra weight of the power source (a few extra pounds, but still enough).

It’s also worth keeping in mind that many manufacturers don’t put the weight of the battery you’re putting in the specs of the weight of your chainsaw, so pay attention to that. And that may actually be the reason why they tend to be a little heavy – the battery adds a lot to the chainsaws weigh. Those are heavy duty professional chainsaws with a lot of extra weight.

One of the other factors about this chainsaw is that it has a battery in it. And there are positives and negatives to this. We agree that they are lighter than chainsaws. The battery tends to run down, which reduces the overall power of battery operated chainsaws and the work becomes less productive.

Electric Chainsaws

Let’s move on to the last type of chainsaws – electric chainsaws with lithium ion. We often put the electric chainsaw in the semi-light class due to how much weight they have. The average weight of a typical electric chainsaw is much lighter than the above examples. They work by plugging into an outlet and lithium ion, so they’re not weighed down by a gas engine or a bulky battery, as well as the powerhead weight. Even so, you’ll still be buying oil to lubricate the chain, and that will add weight to electric saws.

Electric chainsaws are quite powerful and convenient, and most electric chainsaws weigh is light, but there’s a downside to that: not everyone likes to do the work among the piles of wires, extension cords and other surrounding equipment of corded chainsaws.

Comparison of Chainsaw Weights of Different Classes

The weight of the chainsaw is very important, because if it is heavy, it is hard to work with such a saw and your hands get tired quickly. Here is a comparison of several popular chainsaws by weight and power:

chainsaw Sugihara

According to reviews from chainsaw owners, the Hitachi chainsaw wins the “contest” by dry weight of the chainsaw. It is the lightest of all the others by chainsaw weight, easy to handle. But in terms of power it is the weakest. Though for the non-professional works this chainsaw is quite suitable.

It seems to me that the chainsaw model “Stihl MS 180” is the most optimal by the dry weight of the chainsaw-power ratio, as this tool weighs 3.9 kilograms, and this lightest chainsaw has a power of one and a half kilowatt.

Pay attention: with the same power the dry weight of the chainsaw “Stihl MS 181-14” is four hundred grams more due to its powerhead weight (for a person working for a long time it is essential). And another important factor is the cost of chain saws. It differs by more than five thousand rubles. The Stihl MS 181-14 chainsaw is more expensive than the Stihl MS 180-16.

We would definitely take the price factor into account when buying a chainsaw, apart from the overall weight of a chainsaw. Want to see a small but very powerful chainsaw? Watch the video👇

Useful Information: Echo Chainsaw CS-2511T – The Lightest Gas Powered Chainsaw In North America

In this video you will learn features the ECHO Chainsaw, model CS-2511T, is the lightest gas powered chainsaw in North America. They come with 12″ chainsaw bars and are a top handled
guide bar model, which is an ideal bar length for people in the woodworking field. It’s made for professional use only. So, arborists and tree service pros might see it as a right chainsaw for the job.

Top Light Chain Saws Under 5 kg

Gas chainsaws are heavier than similarly powerful models with electric motors as a power source, because gas operated chainsaws are equipped with fairly massive internal combustion engines and fuel tanks. But even among chain saws there are relatively light ones with the wet weight of a chainsaw up to 5 kg, with which you can work for hours on end without feeling pain in the hands and back.

We have chosen five excellent models from well-known manufacturers: small chainsaw’s total weight, household and professional, simple and “smart”.

Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00R6Z4R42&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sawcentre09 20&language=en USir?t=sawcentre09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00R6Z4R42

Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw. The chainsaw’s dry weight is less than 1 kg. The feature that this chainsaw has an electric motor as a power source that is comparable to a gas powered chainsaw with a 45cc capacity is what makes it stand out from other chainsaws.

A better bar and chain mechanic can also guarantee greater power and performance while keeping the portability intact due to its guide bar with an anti vibration system. It is one of the important and main factors of its success.

The chainsaw is also equipped with a an extremely durable and ergonomic wrap handle. It’s properly padded to ensure easy gripping.

When I held the chainsawin my hands, I did not notice any fatigue or fatigue while I made 3-4 cuts at once through a thick wood trunk.

In addition the oil container is placed in a comfortable position. You won’t have any spills while you try to fill it up with motor oil.

If you’re looking to replace your gas chainsaw with a more powerful battery powered and you’re looking for a battery-powered chainsaw, you should consider Greenworks 80V Pro will be the top option.

The extraordinary performance it gives is like that of gas powered ones that are commonplace and is what makes it one of the most effective power tools on the market.

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BLACK+DECKER Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10-Inch (LCS1020)

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B00OC9WSDC&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=sawcentre09 20&language=en USir?t=sawcentre09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00OC9WSDC

Black+Decker Chainsaw LCS1020 has a total weight of 3 kg. This versatile saw is simple to operate and aintain. If you’ve got a small backyard that is overgrown by brush, the LCS1020 can clear it up within a matter of minutes. It’s total weight is light and easy to maneuver and the lack of an extension cord makes it perfect for cutting in situations where you must get the saw in a hard to reach place.

The saw is simple to get started, operate and use. The only issue you could encounter is that since the saw is light, it is prone to bounce off the branches. Some users have complained about this, but it shouldn’t pose a problem so long as you maintain complete control over the saw. Although it’s not the largest saw in the globe, however it’s hazardous!

The LCS1020 is a manual operated chain oiling mechanism, meaning you need to keep in mind to release the guide bar oil while using it. This obviously isn’t as convenient as an automated oiling system, but after using the saw for some time it will become routine.

Like all saws, you must use high-quality bar and chain oil. The manufacturer recommends that for a short-term substitute you could also use a non-detergent SAE30 motor oil. If you’re pruning trees, a vegetable-based bar oil is suggested over bar oil since it isn’t harmful to trees.

PowerSmart 12 Inch Electric Chainsaw

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PowerSmart PS76120A is a small electric battery powered chainsaw, the overall weight of the chainsaw is 4.7 kg.

PowerSmart PS76120A is equipped with all the features that you’d expect from a modern chainsaw, such as tensioning the chain with no tools, an automated bar and chain oil distributor, as well as chain brake.

PowerSmart PS76120A battery chainsaws have a 20V 1.5 Ah lithium-ion battery. The life of the battery is dependent on how and what you cut, but in general, don’t anticipate it to last very long when fully charged. Тhe battery’s life isn’t great and you’ll likely require at least one additional battery.

So what kinds of jobs could the PowerSmart PS76120A perform decently? Cutting wood with a small diameter, such as tiny logs, trees saplings, limbs and so on. If you are felling trees or cutting firewood more than 4-6 inches in size, you’ll probably need an extra powerful chainsaw.

ECHO CS-2511TES-10

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 Even against the background of other light chainsaws ECHO CS-2511TES-10 looks “toy” and almost weightless. The chainsaw’s weight is only 2.3 kg (excluding cutting equipment) and is very compact. The device is balanced so that the saw fits perfectly in one hand. In fact, the ability to work with one hand (whether right or left) is the main “feature” of this chainsaw.

It is designed for workers who trim trees and branches at height. The saw even has a metal bracket that allows you to hang the tool on your belt while you climb a tree or ladder.

In terms of chainsaw weigh to engine power ratio (1.1. kW or 1.51 hp), this saw has no competitors. Even compared to the smaller chainsaws weight Husqvarna and Stihl offer (that is, the most famous manufacturers of garden equipment) there are no models that can compete with the “baby” ECHO on the combination of these parameters.

ECHO saws have brand-name tires and quality chains manufactured by the American company Oregon. The bar size of this chainsaw affect its performance, so it does not allow to cut down centuries-old oaks or cut “big-caliber” logs, but to cut down the pine or birch you can easily.

how much does a chainsaw weigh

The chainsaw is simple and easy to use (it is easy to start in any weather, and the chain tensioner is installed on the side), but it is more difficult to maintain than larger equipment.

For example, the filter and spark plug is hidden under a cover with tight latches that must be opened with a T-key. The engine cooling impeller, which must be regularly cleaned from sawdust and wood dust, is also problematic, and it is necessary to remove part of the body for this purpose.

At home or at a summer house such a small and light chainsaw, which is convenient to work even for women and the elderly, will not hurt.

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