How to change a blade on a miter saw?

How to change a blade on a miter saw? - 5 easy steps.

In our article we talk about changing a blade on a saw. Every DIYer should know the way of its process. That’s why there are several steps below that help to understand how to make it properly.

This overview gives you information how to change a blade on a miter saw of any brand, for example, DeWALT. We hope that after reading the article you will be aware about it. Well, let’s go further!

How to change a blade on a miter saw?

Reasons – why change miter saw blades

You may have some reasons to replace the blade on your saw. For instance, it could be dull and therefore you need more blade guard. Or people need to cut metal but they have wood cutting blade.

Also, consumers want to use such type of item in their project, for example, in furniture and that’s why they need to take another saw for this work definitely.

Generally, in the end of the article people will recognize which blade could be replaced since it is dull or worn out. In this case such type of item is not already used for cutting works.

So, let’s summarize the reasons to change the miter saw blade:

  • the item is get imaged
  • the item is dull
  • the item has become rusty
  • you need to saw another material
  • you use jigsaw and this allows to cut only with curved cuts or vice versa

How to understand that the blade is dull? That’s easy action. Just pay attention if you use more pressure when you saw the pieces and it goes scarcely then you need to change the blade and its components like blade guard. Therefore it is necessary to look after this aspect of the item.

Miter saw blade is blunt

It seems that the most often reason to replace the blade is blunt when people use to cut the material. So, it also is important to save blade bolt in required number for proper maintenance of the item indeed. Well, let’s dive into more details in our article!

By the way, experts advise miter saw of such brands as Diablo Ultra Fine to use for own furniture projects. This model is featured with reliable blade guard, blade bolt and spindle lock.

The item can be installed in small workshops and also it can provide the smooth and crisp sawing of the materials undoubtedly.

Is blade really blunt?

Meanwhile, you should know that when you cut with blade it collects a wood pitch on miter saw. Therefore this action affects the quality of usage and it means the saw is blunt. If people will not take measures the pitch can damage the miter saw as well.

Then there is question how to escape wood pitches from the item? That’s easy – just use special cleaner, blade washer and blade. Notice that washing of the miter saw device is an important part of required performance to use it for cutting aims. Later we will write useful information in our website about this aspect of care of the item.

Various miter saw blade for materials

The second most common reason to replace the blade on miter saw is to utilyze it for different material since the blades may be done to cut various stuff it is simple enough to understand what miter saw you really need. Actually, for wood cut take an item for wood and for metal take the one for metal.

Various miter saw blade for various cuts

After that you recognized what material you decide to cut then you need to understand what number of teeth you should select in your blade on miter saw. Below we will see how to make a choice on the item through this parameter. It allows you to choose miter saw blades properly.

The most important thing is that the quality of cutting depends on the number of blade teeth in the item. For example, if the device has more blade teeth the cutting pieces will be greater than one with fewer teeth. Such item would be suitable if you work in furniture projects but with fewer teeth you can use for cutting studs. But of course all things are important like a size of blade bolt or quality of spindle lock.

How to change a blade on a miter saw?

Tips for changing the saw blade

So, now let’s view common tips for replacing the miter saw blade since it helps to use it safely and properly:

  • You should switch off the item before you plan to replace the part of the saw.
  • Also, we advise to use gloves not to hurt yourself because the teeth are sharp.
  • Be careful with the blade after the spindle lock is loosened.
  • Apart from it, it is important for saw blades to lock the device if you haven’t it just use wooden piece between the plate and the blade.
  • Besides it, you should ensure that all bolts including spindle lock are safely tighten.

Anyway, don’t forget to read the instructions in the manual before disconnecting saw blade.

Generally, the way of changing depends on the brand and type of saw blade and differs from one manufacturer to another.

How to change a miter saw blade 

As we already told you have to study the manual carefully for changing saw blade in short time. And there are many models among the brands of saw blade and especially compound miter that’s why you should take into account differences between them when you change the miter saws blade.

And now we offer you common guide to replace miter saw blade step by step:


What it is necessary for miter saw blades?

  • You will need socket set, wrench and impact driver for replacing saw blade
  • Also it requires screwdriver with Phillips-head. Also you can use hex head blade bolt to open spindle cover.
  • Multi-use lubricant

How do you change the blade on a 10 inch miter saw?


Firstly, take care that saw blade is switched off from any power source. Therefore it is necessary to use spindle lock button and remove its cover with the blade guard to the top. Then put away the front bolt from miter saw and leave it near the back screw.


Next you need to tighten spindle pin lock completely which is located in spindle cover. For this aim you should use a typical wrench and put blade guard away, indeed.


Next people should use the wrench to take out the bolt which holds the blade in a clockwise position. Then just put away the outer gasket of the blade but the inner washer should be remained. So, take outer washer to the side.


So, now consumers can change the blade safely. However, don’t forget to remove the oil from the outer blade washer and inner blade washer. It is all ready to change the blade. Insert the new one in order the teeth is located downward.

Then ensure that the components like outer washer and the blade itself is steadily attached.


The blade has to be installed firmly, indeed. But anyway, you should display caution when you change the blade. Eventually, take a screwdriver to attach the blade guard again to miter saw and close it.

Finally, before to switch on the miter saw again, ensure that spindle pin lock is turn off with the wrench and fasten the blade bolt cover for proper maintenance.   

How to remove a miter saw slade

The device as the miter saw has two names as chop saw and drop saw. Generally it is electric miter saw that is done to make precise parts of cross type for such objects as molding and framing.

Such devices as the milter saw is an excellent tool for cutting different materials.

Also, we note that this kind of the item may be portable or bench so, the power of cutting depends on technical parameters of the model and type of blade set into the blade system.  

Apart from it, a miter saw can have name “radial” in that case when it is designed to regulate the cutting angle that’s why it make sure that the item will work precisily.

In addition, the radial machine could cut straight sections definitely.

As for standard angle it is 90 degrees, however that’s not a problem because miter saws can be adjusted to other angles indeed.

Well, after long usage any miter saw blade become not effecient and there you can change the blade in time to use it further.



How do you change the blade on a DeWalt miter saw?

Generally, the process of replacing of the saw blade of this brand is the same as we already told above. But repeat again that you need Phillips head screwdriver for these works. After changing your cutting system become extremely sharp. By the way, don’t forget to close bolt cover with screw driver.

How do you unlock a miter saw?

Unlock a miter saw that’s easy task.

Firstly, in this case you have to switch off the power then take a allen wrench and loosen the bolts from spindle cover and lock pin.

After making works people need to lower blade guard.

By the way you can also use machine oil as lubricant for proper maintenance of the cutting system.

How do you change the blade on a DeWalt 7 1 4 miter saw?

Generally, it is slightly differs from algorithm of replacing of classical model of the brand. This device has more teeth than usual model but the principe of replacement is the same.

First of all, you need to turn off power source and stop to rotate the blade. Before this action jus prepare wrench, table for tools in order to work safely. All of this help to remove the blade.

Adjust your miter saw

Over some time any miter saws already can’t be used normally and that’s why you need to change the blade or even whole cutting system. In some cases it is necessary to tune up the new miter saw or new blade.

For more information how to regulate the saws like miter saw, just follow us in website – we will give more details regarding this point in near future.

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Improve Miter Saw Characteristics

Once you changed the blade on miter saw and adjusted it let miter saw to perform properly it is like to lead the line or just let the miter saw to stop itself. The miter saw blade is tremendous tool and you should often change to the new blade or remove the blade.

How to select a miter saw blade?

Well, you are aware how to change a miter saw blade but there is remained question “What type of the blade does it prefer?”. In this case we give you some tip.

Firstly before you get new saw blade, simply try to understand what material you need to cut.

We should pay attention that each type of the blade system is used for current purpose. People couldn’t cut the wood with metal and so on. And consumers haven’t universal items that’s why you need to make right choice from the first step of course.

How often is the miter saw blade changed?

Actually, it is important to define when you need to replace dull blade or dirty blade.

The specific features of time to change most miter saws are swarf production, overheating and smoke from the cutting device.

In these cases you have to replace old blade otherwise it can’t work in correct direction.

Also, the diameter of the item become less when it is sharpened that’s why people need to take a distance from the cutting plane.

For this aim the saw devices contain special function of blade height regulation.

If this system doesn’t work effiecency and properly, you need to change blade.

So, when you finished the replacing of the device and its components, you have to use cutting the pipes at low speed rate because it cuts very quickly and precisily. We conclude that to change blade is major measure indeed.  

Blade designed to cut wood is an excellent device but if you push it too rapidly it can occur overheating and finally it comes to quick wear of the teeth and you have to change blade.

Anyway, people need to use the blade as a natural item of finising process otherwise just remove the blade.

Therefore it is very important to take care about the blade and only sometimes get a new blade.

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Final Summary

Now you know how to change the blade on a miter saw. Simply use above steps and you can replace a blade without any problems.

Thank you for reading our article. So, leave you comments and share the information to your friends. See you!

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