Best Options Of A 16 Inch Chainsaw: Main Features

How To Choose The Best 16 Inch Chainsaw: Buying Guide

If you are willing to get a 16 inch chainsaw but you don’t know particularly what is necessary for you, this review will be your helping hand. Below you will see a bunch of information concerning the best existing 16 inch chainsaws.

Firstly, we should always remember that 16 inch chainsaws may be gas powered, battery operated or corded electric, so we can say that it will be your first choice among these categories.

Another thing that we are going to mention is that a 16 inch chainsaw is considered to present the ideal size for a chainsaw. It operates well when you want to cut large wood or perform some smaller tasks appearing near the house. It is essential for maintaining the garden and yard and may be implemented in more serious operations.

Here we would like to mention that the list presented here shows our favorites due to their quality and their aspects. If you don’t find your 16 inch chainsaw or the saw you would like to buy in this list, please don’t worry or become upset – we can’t say that these options are the only ones you can use.

What Trees 16 Inch Chainsaws Are Suitable For

When you have decided to buy a saw, it will be vital to consider what you are going to cut with the tool. The largest tree you will be able to work with using 16 inch bar and chain chainsaws will be 14 inches in diameter.

In other words, your chainsaw should be at least two inches bigger than the tree which will be cut. Perhaps, it would be useful to know how to measure chainsaw bar.

Top 16 Inch Chainsaws

First of all, let’s speak a bit about the six best 16 inch chainsaws according to our research. They are the following:

It’s one of the cheapest gas powered chainsaw models. It is supplied with an automatic oiler and a soft-touch rear grip for comfort and reduced vibration. Both the bar and chain are installed 16-inch.

This chainsaw is thought to be one of the most powerful gas powered examples. It acquires an automatic oiler and the X-Torq engine which lessens fuel consumption. The chain and the bar are also 16-inch.

chainsaw Worx

This chainsaw is one of the lightest models. It is battery-powered and obtains an automatic oiler. The sawing machine operates for 40 minutes and has the 16-inch bar and chain.

This model is also battery powered and supplied with an automatic oiler. It can cut wood for 60 minutes and acquires the 16-inch bar and chain.

This chainsaw happens to be one of the cheapest corded electric machines. It can serve years and also has an automatic oiler. The bar and chain are also 16-inch.

Reviews name this model extremely powerful. It is a corded electric chainsaw and acquires an automatic oiler and an oil level view window. The bar and chain are also 16 inches in the size.

How To Choose The Right Model Of 16 Inch Chainsaw

chainsaw is cutting

The most widely spread types of powering 16 inch chainsaws are gasoline, batteries and an electrical power cord.

Actually, gas powered machines happen to be the most widely used, but you should take into account that corded electric or battery operated options can be more suitable for your plans.

In order to give you the needed information so that you can decide which type of chainsaws is perfect for you, below you can see the list of the main features of each type.

Gas Chainsaws

chainsaw is cutting the log

Gas chainsaws operate on a mixture of 2-stroke oil and gasoline. They are described as the most powerful chainsaws which cut very quickly and can work for a really long time.

Gas chainsaws happen to be the most endurable saws and at the same time they don’t cost much. However, they also produce a lot of noise and emissions and sometimes weigh too much, which makes it difficult to use them for a long time. From the models mentioned above Remington RM1645 and Husqvarna 435 chainsaws are gas options.

Battery Chainsaws

chainsaw Makita

This type of chainsaws operate on batteries, which can be recharged. Although it operates slower and for less time than gas chainsaws, it is much lighter and more convenient in use, and it’s also rather quiet. Another thing that we have to remember is that battery operated chainsaws are the most expensive models.

Among the previously named models battery chainsaws are Greenworks 20312 and DEWALT DCCS690M1.

Corded Electric Chainsaws

chainsaw Oregon

These chainsaws are powered due to an extension cord. It works with the same power as a battery chainsaw, but it’s cutting time is not limited by anything. Another important things are that such chainsaws happen to be the least expensive as well as the lightest and most convenient in use models. It operates quietly enough.

The best corded electric chainsaws are WORX WG303.1 and Makita UC4051A.

16 inch Chainsaw Reviews And Guide


We have already described which types of 16 inch chainsaw exist and what features they acquire. In addition to this we had a slight look at the best chainsaws according to our research. Let’s look into each option deeper so that you can get as much information as possible and decide which chainsaw you would like to buy. We have decided to show you a couple of models in each type in order to provide a wide choice for you.

Remington RM1645 16 Inch Chainsaw

chainsaw Remington

This gas powered chainsaw is perfectly suitable for suburban as well as rural residents who search for an instrument to work with wood on many occasions. It is often used to prune, trim and fell trees, to split logs and cut firewood.

The Remington Chainsaw was designed to work efficiently and for a long time as well as to be easy to operate by people with different skill levels.

What else is this chainsaw famous for?

  • The chainsaw has a full wrap handle for cutting at all angles;
  • Reliable and durable electric motor;
  • Its chains are easily lubricated because of its automatic oiler;
  • The chainsaw includes a 2-year limited warranty;
  • Chains can be easily and quickly adjusted;
  • The chainsaw is lightweight and easy to handle.

All in all, we can definitely say that this chainsaw happens to be a mixture of wonderful features. Besides, it has the least price among gas chainsaws with a 16-inch chain and bar.

Husqvarna 435 16 Inch Chainsaw

1315e95705 1

This gas powered machine can operate for years and will not lose the quality of performance.

The brand has worked in the field of producing saws since 1689, so its immense experience is truly respected by saws using specialists. If you choose Husqvarna equipment, you can be definitely sure that it acquires high quality and will serve you for a long time.

What features are also important?

  • The chainsaw is really light and comfortable in use;
  • Its specially developed engine consumes 20% less fuel and produces less emissions;
  • You don’t need hands to oil the bar and the chain because of its automatic oiler;
  • It acquires a special technology stopping the saw in case of a kickback, which makes this chainsaw really safe;
  • Its air filter can be cleaned easily;
  • Its tank caps are flip-up.

Greenworks 20312 Chainsaw

This battery powered 16 inch chainsaw is a good choice for those who seek for a more environmentally friendly instrument.

Even though it doesn’t work as powerfully as the gas chainsaw does, it is still rather effective and will help you in your tree cutting operations.

chainsaw Greenworks

Actually, the producer claims that this chainsaw is the first one which can replace your gas powered chainsaw. What allows them to say so?

  • Its weight makes it one of the lightest battery chainsaws of such a size;
  • It produces less vibration than any other gas instrument;
  • The chainsaw is also supplied with an automatic oiler which allows its users to cut smoothly and without any interruptions;
  • You can cut continuously for 40 minutes without recharging;
  • The battery of the chainsaw is actually suitable for more than 20 other Greenworks instruments;
  • The specially designed system allows to tighten and adjust the chain rapidly.

The Greenworks chainsaw also has a rather low price and happens to be cheaper than the chainsaws mentioned above.

DEWALT DCCS690M1 Chainsaw

This chainsaw is designed to be cordless and powered with a battery. This tool, as well as the previously described one, obtains a brushless motor which performs really well.

If you are already an owner of any DEWALT products, you can buy this chainsaw without a battery since this battery is suitable for other company’s goods.

chainsaw DeWalt

What else you should know about this chainsaw:

  • This chainsaw is not very heavy and happens to be rather comfortable in use;
  • It operates for 60 minutes without recharging;
  • As all the previous models, it is supplied with an automatic oiler;
  • Its tensioning system gives an opportunity to adjust the chain without applying any tools;
  • Its quarter-turn oil cap makes it possible to refill the oil much quicker;
  • The battery is suitable for using it with other DEWALT instruments.

In other words, this chainsaw is easily portable and maintained and happens to be a useful and convenient tool for chainsaw users.

WORX WG303.1 Chainsaw

This chainsaw happens to be one of the cheapest corded electric machines. It can serve years and also has an automatic oiler. The bar and chain are also 16-inch.


WORX WG303.1 16″ 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp chainsaw is a step above other chainsaws. Its first feature is the WORX-exclusive tool-free chain replacement and auto-tensioning technology will eliminate the hassles that come with other chainsaws– no lumberjack experience is necessary to operate this chainsaw.

The auto-tensioning system has an oversized knob that locks the chain and bar and keeps them in the correct tension while you work. Auto-tensioning also extends chain and bar life by removing any possibility of tightening too much.

The all-metal dogs at the bottom provide the stability of cutting, and a simple-to-lubricate sprocket at the bar’s nose prolongs the lifespan of the tool. Strong enough to handle the toughest tasks, WORX electric chainsaws have a range of 3.5 maximum horsepower.

Makita UC4051A Chainsaw

This corded electric model is designed to meet the needs of those who would like to use a high quality chainsaw. This has a bigger cutting speed compared to other corded electric chainsaws. The motor of this tool is supplied with a special limiter which prevents the motor’s burnout.

However, this model is more expensive than any other corded electric example including the previously described one.

chainsaw Makita

What else do we have to mention about this model?

  • It’s rather light and comfortable in use;
  • You can adjust its chain without any additional tools;
  • It is supplied with an automatic oiler, and you can check the oil level through a special window;
  • This chainsaw acquires specially designed grip handles and a big throttle trigger.

Useful Information: How To Choose a 16 Inch Chainsaw

In this video you will learn how to find the right type of chainsaw with the power and features you need.

What People Use 16 Inch Chainsaws For

chainsaw is cutting the log

We believe that it’s important to know what you can use your 16 inch chainsaw for so you can be sure that your instrument can be really helpful.

The functions which can be performed by your saw are the following:

  • Pruning: it means that you can remove loose and dead wood, so the tree will be healthier;
  • Trimming: you can use your chainsaw to shape and tidy up your bushes and trees without being stopped by thick branches;
  • Felling: you can easily cut most trees down;
  • Log Splitting: when you have already a tree on the ground, you can cut it into smaller logs with the use of your chainsaw;
  • Cutting firewood: with such a chainsaw you can cut logs into special firewood pieces much more quickly and with less difficulties than with an axe.

How To Maintain Chainsaws

Any chainsaw needs to be taken care of if their user wants to operate with it for a long time.

If you have a gas chainsaw, its details need to be maintained the most. In addition to this, since it works on a mixture of air, oil and gasoline, it needs to be checked more regularly.

Maintain Chainsaws

What rules should we follow while any chainsaw maintenance?

  • After every use the chainsaw must be cleaned;
  • When it’s not used, the bar and the chain should be oiled enough;
  • The chain and the bar oil reservoir should be refilled after any use;
  • It’s advised to cover the blade in order to keep it safe when the chainsaw is not used;
  • When you see that you need some additional pressure to cut, it’s time to get the chain sharpened;
  • Before starting a cutting session make sure that the chain brake is not broken.

If your chainsaw is gas, you should make the fuel tank empty after using it each time, then you need to make the air filter clean at the end of the day when you use your chainsaw. Don’t forget to check the spark plug every month if you use your tool regularly.

If you use a battery or electric chainsaw in your tree cutting tasks, often make sure that there are no lags between pulling the throttle trigger and the chain spinning. In addition to this; if you don’t use your chainsaw, put away the battery or the cord when it’s in storage.

The Main Difference Between 16 Inch And 18 Inch Saws

chainsaw EGO

Actually, the two sizes mentioned above are the most widely spread types of domestic saws. In general, we can definitely say that two inches in the bar length can in fact play an important role. To compare, the bar and chain of a bigger size makes it available to cut bigger trees, but it usually happens to be much heavier and, according to reviews, works for less time and needs extra fuel or electric power.

If you have a question which size of the bar and chain to choose, you should decide with what trees and wood you are going to work and what model will be more convenient for you in operating.

Can We Use Longer Chains On Our Saws


Actually, the size of used chains can be bigger. We should remember that we should choose the size of the chain according to the power of the saw’s motor and according to the user’s manual. There it is usually stated which chains we can implement on this saw and in which occasions.

In other words, we recommend everyone to follow the rules stated in the manual so that your saw will serve you as long as you want.

In Closing

So, as we have made it clear, there are several options from which you can choose if you need a 16 inch chainsaw.

If some time ago we could only use gas powered equipment, now we are free to choose a good electric or battery 16 inch chainsaw.

The chain and bar length of this saw makes it really helpful in many tree cutting operations and allows not only to cut but also to trim and prune the plants in your garden.

Check also which is the Best 18 inch chainsaw.


We have also described the six best 16 inch chainsaw models according to our research and opinions. We hope that with the use of this review you will be able to find a perfect tool for your projects.

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