How to cut straight with a circular saw? – Three major ways

How to cut straight with a circular saw? - Top 3 Methods

In our article we will talk about how to cut straight lines in your workshop. Generally, a circular saw is am amazing and acceptable tool for work with different materials. This device is excellent option instead of the table saw.

How to cut straight with a circular saw?

Consumer’s circular saw is applied to do precise cuts and for this aim we will share several approaches to make straight cut.

The experts consider it is suitable for project of wood work that uses super heavy boards. For this case cuts with a circular tool is rather better than usage of the miter saw.

Many users really like to work this cordless tool indeed. One of consumers said that he managed to do straight cuts of 2×8 into four small pieces. This is tremendous result!

We understood that such power tools could be required, especially for the beginners. So, below we will tell you how to do cuts with a circular. And reading the information we hope that you will become to be aware to work cut line properly since many specialists pay attention regarding this point when consumers get clear about applying of the circular saws. Ok, let’s get started!

The major ways to cut a straight line with a circular saw

1. Cut a straight line without a guide

You should use this method, if the size of the material isn’t more than 8 inch. Otherwise, we recommend you to cut with a guide. Anyway, also we will give you the information about how to follow a guide for cuts with a circular. Go further!

How to cut straight with a circular saw?

Use something to support the board

Put the board you like to do cuts with a circular saw on saw blocks or put it on some scrap wood material. You need to use such two ones under the board at a few points to prop it.

If people plan to make a straight cuts on the ground, ensure that the board has enough space to be cut and not to be hit the ground by circular saw blade. 2 stacked blocks are enough for this deal.

Mark Cut place

You should cut line with mark and make measurements at 4 points then mark a few dashes. Later you need to use a straight flange (straight edge) to make a line connecting the dashes.

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Make the notch

Align your circular saw with the line you make. You should take care that the blade will not touch the board. This is important thing you have to follow if you want to cut line properly definitely. By the way, people should to account for the offset of their circular saw shoe.

Use the line on the circular saw to do cuts. The device contains speed square to perform very fast. Also, the users need to keep level on the template when they cut it. Apart from it, just release the power knob while you cut through the whole board.

So, applying a circular saw guide to cut is an excellent approach to provide a speed square and straight cut. The experts recommends to use blade guard for cutting longer sections and thinner material like plywood.

How to cut straight with a circular saw?

2. Make a DIY guide to cut a straight line

Consumers could create their own circular saw guide for cutting with circular saw. To make, for example, narrow piece, you need a straight board. Also people will need some wood clamps to line the level of the board and speed square of the circular saw. Meanwhile, you can buy a track saw for this purpose as substitute of our hero.

First of all, the users should measure the length they like to cut. Then, mark the measurement in the places with a point and later connect it to make a straight line for cutting across the material. Don’t forget, you can use speed square for this deal.

Further, measure the length between the left flange of the bottom guard on the blade and the circular saw.

The standard one is 1,25″. By the way, you can purchase track saw as it performs very accurately with wood.


Later, mark a point on the flange of the template parallel to the line you drew at the length of the guard from the blade. Then, hold the circular saw up to the flange to confirm the blade and flange of guard up to the lines.

If the sizing is proper, move ahead and point another dash the same distance on the other end of the template.


And finally, get the straight edge and fix it on the board with way to line up with the dashes. The board is considered as consumer’s cutting guide. Also speed square helps you in work with material.

When people are ready to make cuts, they can use track saw but in our case start to hold the circular saw and the flange of the guard is against cutting guide when consumers cut. Ensure that the template isn’t loosed or fold in on itself while you use the saw.

Also, try to fix the board on some sawhorses for firm position when you make cuts. By the way, use the speed square as advanced function of the device.


3. Cut straight lines with a Kreg Rip-Cut

The experts also advise to apply Kreg accu cut circular saw guide which allows pretty easy to cut straight lines with the saw and it doesn’t require to create a DIY guide. Hence, this way is the best to make the most precise materials, for example, narrow piece or narrow strips.

This is very simple to use as the tool of cutting guide when people plan to cut the wood several times that’s why they don’t need to make the measurements and point the wood each time. In this case you should only set the guide to the measurement you require and level it up with the straight edge of your template to cut plywood, for instance. By the way, you can use tape measure with pencil line.

The method of the Rip Cut helps to cut wider wood materials and perfectly suitable to the beginners of this sphere indeed instead of the table saw. Ok, let’s go to another block of information.


More information to make straight cuts with a circle saw

By the way, you can apply a circular saws for cut long edge at full speed like a miter cuts. And at this moment there are three approaches how to cut properly and accurately. Also, you should take into account for saw’s shoe for successive result in accurate cut wood. Maybe you need to use it at full speed for gaining the purpose.

Make a sharp saw blade

Before make straight cuts, it is necessary to check if the saw has a sharp blade. Otherwise, it can harm the board or health of the consumers or just cause an inaccurate cutting. That’s why, try to make straight cuts with sharp blade.

Be aware of the kind of wood

Some types of wood are difficult to cut with saw than others. If you want to cut plywood it is important to know that there can be splinter and chip when you make cuts of plywood instead of a pine. Meanwhile, you can create DIY project in own accu cut, and make sections from plywood.


Avoid splinters by cutting with the good side of the board facing down

Usually the method a circular saw performs is the pointed part of the saw blade teeth rolls up from under it in the wood material. It can be one of yours DIY projects.

As you remember, the edge of material should be measured with mark for accurate work undoubtedly. Also, note that you should cut with the good side of the template face down since it allows to hide the splinters after finishing the work. Ok, make your saw edge sharp!


Remember about safety

People have to know that safety is very important thing even you think that it is making straight edge cuts.

Well, try to observe the safety measures. For this always wear the required protective clothes like safety goggles to avoid your eyes from dirty debris and dust of saw when you work on wood edge cut projects. For example, to make longer cuts is convienent with typical saw. Apart from it, keep the distance when you use the saw.

Just meet the requirements of safety and you could make straight cuts with the circular saw each time. We already mentioned how to draw the sizes to adjust measure and mark.


Verify power of saw

There can be some troubleshooting when people push the button and try to cut the board but power is run out accidentally. Don’t worry, take a distance. For this try battery is full charged while you will not begin the work.

What is the best tool to cut a straight line?

This is undoubtedly a circular saw that features required characteristics to perform such work. Before to make cuts, you need to learn the guide how to use the device and be aware about safety rules.

Can you use a circular saw for cutting straight edges?

Yes, you can. The circular saw is perfect suitable for this purpose really. To do it better, try to apply sawhorses for fixed position and your safety.


Final summary on cutting a straight line with a circular saw

We conclude that circular saws are difficult in maintenance in making straight cuts.

In our article we offer 3 methods to make straight cuts: without a guide, with a DIY guide, and applying a Kreg Rip Cut.

We hope that this information help you to study the main aspects of usage of circular saw. So, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below! And share the article with your friends!

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