How to port a chainsaw and increase its efficiency?

How to port a chainsaw: the best user guide from 2022

In a whole lifespan of a chainsaw, this is important to port a chainsaw at least one time. But there are a few wrong things that people practice while transfer ports. So here we are going to share how to port a chainsaw. All the things you should know and avoid will be added here.

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What does porting a chainsaw mean?

There are many ways to modify your saw, and installing chainsaw exhaust ports is just one of them. You will be making a few changes such as reshaping the chainsaw cylinder, fine-tuning the port timing, and changing the carburetor.

  • After performing a chainsaw porting service, there are several benefits:

The compressor ratio increases, resulting in more power and better performance. It affects the torque, increasing power, and response time of the chainsaw.

The operating temperature will be lower, resulting in less wear and longer service life.

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How to port a chainsaw?

After disassembling all the parts from the standard cylinder, it is ready for porting. But before porting, you need to do one more thing. Use a vernier caliper to take all measurements of the top bore of the porting engine cylinder edge. You may need this if you need it in the future.

Then mark the area you want to port with a marker. Acquire a file with a drill press or a hand file. Rub on top. Here I support manual bits to reduce the porting area. Because the minimal time can corrode it. Always take care to avoid unnecessary corrosion of the cylinder.

But one thing, you need to make sure that nothing changes in the piston area. Unless to change or modify the piston ports.

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What do you do to port a chainsaw?

Suppose you ever wanted to learn how to port a chainsaw, this guide is for you. We’ll take a look at what chainsaw porting is, how to port a chainsaw, and why you might want to do it.

Porting a chainsaw can be done for several reasons. But the most common reason is to increase the power and efficiency of the saw. Porting a chainsaw is a relatively simple process that can be completed in a few hours. Follow these steps to port and polish your chainsaw.

Open up and boost your exhaust

The outlet is the inlet to the inside of the chainsaw. The muffler must be opened, but do it carefully.

To do this, there are methods that can be performed using drilling, grinding, or other tools at your disposal.

Check the outlet port and inlet. Increase ports with your tools.

Once the muffler has a large enough gap, make sure the exhaust port is spacious enough to fit in your hand.

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Free space

Since you now have access to the inside of the chainsaw, there is to make room inside the chainsaw intake and exhaust system. In addition, various methods are available for this.

You can squish while lowering the chainsaw jar. The only thing you will need in doing the whole process is a spacer, and the whole process is known as milling.

Free up more space

Gaining wide access to the inside of the chainsaw, create more space in its exhaust and intake systems.

There are ways to do this with your tools (there’s a YouTube video for that).

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Change transmission ports

You are done with the holes, and the compressor ratio will have a better gear ratio. But if your chainsaw needs more modifications, you should change the chainsaw compressor transfer ports.

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Below are the modifications you can make:

  • Try to remove all excess materials from your chainsaw piston.
  • Change the mechanical timing of the ports
  • Finally, you can also remove the coil from the rev limiter.

Use of sawdust

However, there are some other chainsaw porting methods that have the same effect of increasing power.

One method that is considered non-standard is the use of sawdust. Take some and fill the combustion chamber to the brim.

The effect is relatively the same when the combustion rate is supercharged and allows the engine to be powerful when sawing. Your chainsaw will operate at peak performance at an unusually high ratio.

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However, this procedure has the disadvantage that the heat is not reduced. It’s the reason that most chainsaw owners and users enable porting instead of this, and it will even destroy the chamber if done continuously.

How can I make my chainsaw more powerful?

While there are many ways to increase the power of your chainsaw, porting is one of the important ways.

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The following steps will help you figure out how to get more power from your chainsaw:

  1. This could be steel/cast iron/aluminum alloy, etc. So be careful not to remove too much metal with each pass by grinding the surface with saw blades or drills designed for that purpose;
  2. Determine the area to be ported. This is done by measuring the height and width of the cylinder/engine and then dividing them by two [this gives you a cutting line]. Then mark this part with a marker, which will make it easy to find it when porting;
  3. Be careful not to change the piston area when cutting metal with files or drill press blades because chances are you might have miscalculated something here! If this is the case, changing these areas without going over can cause serious problems later when engraving other parts of the cylinder;
  4. Remove all metal particles/dirt from the engine and thoroughly clean it before reassembly.

There is no guarantee that your saw will be powerful after the transfer, but there is a good chance of greatly increasing its performance if you do everything as outlined in this guide!

How do you muffler mod a chainsaw?

Modifying the muffler could mean opening a larger outlet port or adding another port. The power will increase, as will the noise level. Don’t limit yourself to just increasing the noise level. Noisier does not mean better, faster, or more powerful.

When you modify a muffler, you want to get the maximum rotational speed. After you port it, you will notice that the point at which the saw can operate in 4-stroke mode has changed. By “4-stroke” is meant for the gurgling sound in the WOT. WOT refers to wide-open throttle.

Make sure you adjust the high-speed needle on your carburetor a little richer than the original set, so you don’t burn the engine. Nobody wants to buy a new saw sooner than necessary. Remove the muffler from the saw before you try.

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The first thing you want to do in a muffler mod is to line up the muffler, gasket, and cylinder ports. This means you are checking individual components to make sure the material is not blocking the cylinder outlet port.

What does “woods porting” mean?

The basic concept is deceptively simple. To fit a chainsaw engine to woods porting, all you have to do is make small changes like adjusting the re-injection or changing the carburetor, reshaping the cylinder head shape, and changing the timing of the woods porting. A modified intake manifold can increase power output and improve power at lower rpm.

At higher RPMs, the effect is less favorable than at lower engine speed, but it does help provide more airflow. The increased flow of combustion products allows the compression ratio to be increased, which improves engine performance.

What does “woods porting” mean?

You can do the woods porting like this.

Increase tool exhaust.

  • The exhaust wood porting is the access path to the internal mechanisms of the chainsaw. As a result, you must increase the exhaust path:
  • Loosen the muffler. Depending on the chainsaw model, you may need a grinder, drill, or other equipment;
  • Carefully inspect the intake and exhaust woods port;
  • Use the power tools you already have to enlarge or widen the ports;
  • After expanding the outlet, make sure it is large enough to fit your hands.

Squish. The hardest of the process is lowering the woods ported saws jug. To do this, you can use a thin gasket or milling. It also improves the compression ratio and power output.

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Other tweaks you can make to increase the compression ratio of your ported chainsaw engine:

  • Make the necessary changes to the compressor transfer ports;
  • Change mechanical timings on ports (by grinding and polishing);
  • Remove excess material from the piston and make it lighter;
  • Replace the rev limiting coil or replace it with an unlimited one;
  • Remove any debris or corrosion from piston ports under skirts.


What’s the best way to hang a chainsaw?

Chainsaws can be stored vertically as long as precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the tool from damage from other items, dust, and fluids in your shed. It should be in an area where it will not get direct sunlight. The chainsaw is robust enough to be stored in the vertical orientation.

Is it possible to start a chainsaw without a silencer?

It is not recommended to use a chainsaw without a silencer. The rear-end pressure needed for the chainsaw to operate properly must be maintained, and the muffler prevents debris from entering the cylinder and causing significant damage.

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How to port a chainsaw? You can transport a chainsaw yourself with a few tools and basic knowledge. Be careful and take your time. You can make your chainsaw perform better than ever with a little patience.

When porting a chainsaw, there are two main types of ports you can use to improve the performance of your chainsaw: intake and exhaust ports. The intake ports help bring more air into the engine, while the exhaust ports help remove exhaust gases more efficiently.

You must make sure that the inlet and outlet ports are properly aligned. If they are not present, the porting chainsaw engines will not operate at their maximum efficiency. I hope you get the answer to the question of how to carry a chainsaw and get enough information that is needed if you are a chainsaw owner.

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