How To Choose And How To Start A Husqvarna Chainsaw

How To Start A Husqvarna Chainsaw - 6 Useful Tips

Husqvarna chainsaws happen to be one of the most widely used chainsaws. Although they are popular for their durability and high efficiency, every chainsaw user, especially a beginner, can once in a while face some problems applying their instrument. Therefore we would like to cover several chainsaw using questions, including how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw.

Another thing which is vital to know is how to choose a Husqvarna chainsaw. It’s important since if you make the wrong choice, it will seriously affect the convenience and the quality of performance of your chainsaw. Below we also would like to cover several features which you should take into account while buying a chainsaw for your needs.

What Problems You Can Face Applying Husqvarna Chainsaws

Below you will find several issues which you can bump into using such chainsaws as Husqvarna 350, Husqvarna 440 and Husqvarna 450. We recommend to check these things before applying the chainsaw in cutting operations.husqvarna chainsaw

Dirty Air Filters

If your chainsaw air filter is unclean, it draws less air than gas, which reminds of the time when the choke position is correct. Moreover, there is more unburned fuel left, while the production of carbon deposits rises. Even more carbon is accumulated with the idle engine.husqvarna chainsaw

In order to avoid such difficulties it’s highly recommended for every chainsaw user to make the air filter clean after each procedure.

Clogged Carburetor

If you don’t use your chainsaw for some time, it’s better not to fill the fuel tank of your instrument, otherwise this fuel can clog the carburetor. This will happen since the light constituents of your fuel evaporate, while thick combinations are left in the tank.

That may be the reason why your chainsaw engine doesn’t get any fuel.chainsaw carburetor

If this has already happened, you need to make the carburetor clean carefully using some special cleaner for carburetors. If you notice some thick and sticky substances becoming attached to your tool, you need to clean them too. If you have done the cleaning but the issue is not solved, you should consider installing a brand new carburetor.

The Flood Of The Engine

When you start your chainsaw, one of the steps will be to press the fuel pump to start your tool easily. If you overdo it, it can lead to the flood of the engine, which will stop its working.

You can be sure that this has happened if you smell fuel from your instrument. You can see it by removing the spark plug and checking whether there is some moisture.chainsaw Husqvarna

In order to solve this issue after opening the fuse the chainsaw owner should drain the fuel from the chainsaw fuel reservoir. Then the owner moves the choke position to “off” and then pulls the starter rope at the same time pushing the throttle trigger. Then it’s needed to dry the fuse and return it to its place.

The Fuel Tank Issues

It may seem rather stupid, but if you have some chainsaw troubles, you should check your fuel tank. The reasons connected with the fuel tank can include such cases as you have forgotten to refill the tank or the gasoline which is already in the tank has low quality.chainsaw Husqvarna

If you notice that your gasoline isn’t good enough, you should empty the tank and refill it with higher quality gas. You should make sure that your gasoline is suitable for your chainsaw engine. You should be careful and take into account that combinations with ethane or methane are dangerous for the engine and can cause corrosion.

If you are not sure which gasoline is good for your chainsaw, you can check this information in your chainsaw manual to prevent engine fires and other issues. Another opportunity is to go to a local chainsaw store and ask a consultant who can help you with the choice of the gasoline for your instrument.

The Broken Spark Plug

This element is called a spark plug or a fuse, since the plug of the chainsaw needs to spark in order to start gasoline combustion, This part of the sawing machine can become corroded after some time of regular use of your chainsaw.

chainsaw Husqvarna

In order to make sure that the fuse is active you need to test it by connecting the plug wire with some metallic part and see sparks produced by this connection. If you don’t notice any sparks, you should clean off all the corrosion with a special steel brush.

If it also doesn’t work, you need to replace the fuse into a new one to prevent engine fires and other issues.

How To Start A Husqvarna Chainsaw

One of the main things which  each chainsaw user should know by heart how to start a husqvarna chainsaw.chainsaw

Below you will find the list of steps which you need to follow in case you would like to avoid any chainsaw issues:

  1. First of all, to start a husqvarna chainsaw, you put your chainsaw on the ground or some other flat surface and take off the bar cover to release the chain brake;
  2. Then you have to find the chain brake in front of the rear brake guard and push the chain brake on the starter handle forward to make it active as a safety measure. The chain brake on the starter handle happens to be one of the safety features and the chain brake is used to stop the chain from moving around the bar and onto your left wrist. Don’t forget to place your foot firmly on the ground for safety and disengage the chain brake on the starter handle after you are done with your work;
  3. After having the chain brake engaged, you should check whether you have a hot engine or a cold engine. If it’s cold, you will need to apply its choke control so that your chain saw will get warmed enough. If the power saw has a hot engine, it will start without using the choke control;
  4. You apply the Husqvarna smart start by pushing it in control, while holding the chainsaw firmly by the front and rear handles;
  5. The next step is to push the gasoline pump so that you can see the level of the gasoline in the tank;
  6. Then you pull the starter cord with your right hand while holding the instrument rear handle in the left hand. You should use your right foot to help you hold the power saw. You should pull the starter handle carefully and yet powerfully enough. In that moment you also make a half throttle and pull the rope until the engine starts running, while firmly holding the rear handle with your left hand. If the power saw has a cold engine, you just need to warm it up so that the engine starts and run on half throttle for some time before performing cutting tasks. A primer bulb might also be helpful in filling the carburetor with fuel when the saw is started cold. Then, make sure the chainsaw starts the operation with a previously run engine at full choke position.

We would like to mention that this step-by-step guide is relevant for any Husqvarna chainsaw, including Husqvarna 350 and Husqvarna 450 chainsaws.

Useful Information: How to Start a Husqvarna Chainsaw

In this video you will leart that starting and stopping the Husqvarna chainsaw is simple. We will show what steps you should follow to start and stop a Husqvarna chainsaw to ensure safe usage and a longer life for your chain saw.

The Reasons For Husqvarna Chainsaws Not Starting

Some of the problems because of which your chain saw can’t start have already been named earlier. In addition to this, it won’t be turned on if there is not enough oil for oiling the elements of your sawing machine.chainsaw Husqvarna

Below we would like to cover several other reasons for chainsaw starting problems. They are the following:

  • Cold temperatures – if your chain saw was lying for some time on a cold floor and in some not so warm places. In this situation you get a cold engine in your chain saw and there can be a delay after you pull until the starting process. To help this you should find the choke and push the choke lever out to full choke position while holding the front handle for a warm start. A primer bulb might also be helpful. A primer bulb is located in the gasoline line between the gasoline tank and the engine;
  • You press the throttle for too long – usually you push the choke half way during starting your chain saw. When your chainsaw sputters, you should tap the throttle several times while holding the guide bar so that more gasoline is injected. But if you do it too many times. the engine can halt;
  • Starters can be stubborn – from time to time they happen to be a little bit more hard to pull than in other chainsaws. You don’t have to worry but just repeat pulling the starter rope harder and for a couple of times more. Certain models of chainsaws require more power to firmly pull the rope;
  • Excess air-gasoline level – when the chainsaw is too warm, it’s also hard to start. The chainsaw stops when the engine is too heated up because of a high air-gasoline ratio. To cure that, use the decompression valve for decompression control. With the air-fuel compression release via the decompression valve, it will be easier to start up the chainsaw.

We would also like to note that any of Husqvarna chainsaw models can face the issues mentioned above.

And not only Husqvarna chainsaws – these problems are relevant for any chainsaw which is available on the market.

How To Choose Your Husqvarna Chainsaw

Of course, chainsaw users as well as other people know that Husqvarna brand is widely known in the sphere of instruments for a long period of time. Therefore, there is a huge choice of Husqvarna chainsaw models on markets of many countries in the world.chainsaw Husqvarna

But the big variety of available chainsaws can cause a problem if a future or an active user of a chainsaw needs to pick a model which is suitable for use in your home cutting tasks. To make the choice easier we have decided to cover some of the features which can be useful.

The Level Of Chainsaw Using Skills

If you are a beginner in this question, it will be very challenging for you to use some heavy and big chainsaw for your first cutting operation since it needs some experience. Therefore, we would recommend a light-weight compact and easy in use model which will be highly effective in your process of learning how to use a chainsaw.

For instance, you can choose Husqvarna 435 chainsaw.Husqvarna chainsaw

If you already have enough experience and you need to do wood cutting tasks in high volumes, you will require a larger model with long chain bars and powerful motors so that you can perform your operations quickly and efficiently.

Purposes Of Use

Of course, if you need to cut huge trees and do other intense jobs, which is usually necessary for ranch owners or professional loggers, you are likely to choose a massive and powerful Husqvarna chainsaw model.husqvarna chainsaw

But if you just would like to chop firewood, prune hedges or cut small trees, you don’t need a heavy instrument, so you can buy some light-weight and convenient Husqvarna model, such as Husqvarna 440, or maybe a Stihl equivalent.

The Level Of Needed Maintenance

Any chainsaw needs regular maintenance as any other outdoor power tools or instruments. Maintaining usually includes cleaning air and other filters, replacing chains, bars, a decompression valve, a front handle, guide bar, air purge fuel pump, a hand guard for your right wrist or any other elements and more.

Regular maintenance provides high quality performance and durability for any chainsaw, including Husqvarna chainsaws and Stihl equivalents.chainsaw

If you are not ready to organise massive maintenance, you should seek a model with some low maintenance qualifications, such as Husqvarna 240.

We advise you to read the information carefully and find out how to store chainsaw.

Types Of Available Chainsaws

If you need to perform heavy cutting operations for a long time, you can choose gasoline Husqvarna chainsaws, or Stihl equivalents. Their drawback is the level of noise they provide, so you should be careful if you have neighbours close to your house.

husqvarna chainsaw

Electric chainsaws, however, produce less noise and less gasoline emissions, but they are not so powerful and efficient, whether Husqvarna or Stihl.

You should always remember that electric chainsaws can also be with a cord or cordless. It will affect the variety of places where you can use your chainsaw, so you should also take this factor into account.

In Closing

Husqvarna chainsaws are highly popular among chainsaw users, closely followed by Stihl. The variety of available chainsaws is also rather big, which can make the choice of a suitable chainsaw difficult. We hope that our advice on how to choose a chainsaw will be useful. Even if you are not going to buy Husqvarna chainsaws in the end, you will be able to find out which model of other brand will be useful in your home cutting operations.chainsaw Husqvarna

Of course, for every Husqvarna chainsaw owner it’s vital to understand how to start a sawing machine and to use safety equipment, so that you can use your instrument without any problems and for a longer period of time.

We would like to believe that, all in all, you will be able to implement all the information mentioned in this article to make your sawing machine operations easy, convenient and enjoyable.

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