Important Information: How To Store Chainsaw

How To Store Chainsaw: 8 Useful Tips And Features

If you wish to use your chainsaw efficiently and for a long time, it’s necessary for you to take care of your tool, including knowing how to store chainsaw since it’s a very important part of maintaining your chainsaw. If you do it correctly, your chainsaw will be safe in any weather conditions and the oil will be prevented from leaking.

Below we have covered several essential features how your chainsaw should be stored in addition to some helpful tips concerning maintenance. We hope that this article will become your first hand guide how to store a chainsaw so that it stays effective and works for years. Just keep in mind that saws as well as any other power instruments need to receive enough care.

In fact, storing your saw, whether it’s a gas one or an electric model, whether it’s Stihl or Husqvarna or any other brand is not difficult when you know and take into account what is best for your chainsaw. Therefore, you can prolong the life and high performance of your instrument.

How To Store Chainsaws

If you are a logging specialist who works with wood all the year round, you won’t store your chainsaw for long periods. If you are just an amateur chainsaw user, sometimes your tool will be stored for several weeks and even months. If you organise high quality storage for your chainsaw, the life of your instrument will become longer and you will save your time and money and won’t need to repair or replace the elements of your chainsaw too often.chainsaw

If you still don’t understand what you should do to keep your chainsaw safe, we have decided to cover all the needed steps so that you could remember them and maintain your instrument correctly. You should keep in mind that the scheme mentioned below is suitable for storing the chainsaw for several months as well as for longer periods such as a few years.

First Step – To Empty The Fuel Tank

It doesn’t matter where you will keep your chainsaw, but the first thing you will need to do in any case is to make the fuel tank empty.

If you forget to put the fuel away from your chainsaw fuel tank, it can lead to a couple of very important consequences. First of all, the fuel can leak into the place where you store your chainsaw, which can do harm to your shelves and furniture, pose a threat to your domestic animals as well as create a horrible smell.

Another thing which might happen is that the fuel which is left in the fuel can be the reason for the damage to the engine. Therefore, you should empty the tank fully and be sure that you also empty the carburetor of your chainsaw, so that the diaphragms don’t stick together.

chainsaw Dolmar

When you empty your fuel tank, you can just pour the fuel onto the ground or anywhere else. The best way is to find a secure fuel canister and put the left fuel into it to be able to use it next time you are going to apply your chainsaw.

Every chainsaw user should also take into account that the fuel in the fuel tank should be mixed with oil, so if you put the fuel from the tank to the canister, it should be empty, otherwise the mixture ratio will be spoilt.

If you don’t have a canister or any other thing into which you can place the fuel, you just need to empty the fuel tank in a responsible way, which won’t hurt people, animals and someone’s property.

If you have any questions concerning how you can store your instrument without oil leaks, we have the answer – you should empty the oiler as well as the oil valve before putting the chainsaw into storage. Make sure that all the oil is out.

The Second Step – To Dismantle The Chainsaw

If you wish to avoid corrosion and other damages as well as to save yourself a little bit of space, the best way is to take the chainsaw apart. This step is one of the most important for every chainsaw owner so that they could organise the chainsaw storage correctly.disassembled chainsaw

First of all, you take the cover of your chainsaw off, then you remove the chain and the bar of the chainsaw. It’s advised to clean these two chainsaw parts with the use of a special or a household cleaner or a mixture of ammonia and water, rinse the chain and the bar and let them dry fully before putting them to the place of storage.

A good idea is to use a protective oil to spray the chain and the bar of your chainsaw.

With this you winterise your tool since the oil will keep the metal elements of your tool safe from cold and moisture as well as from corrosion for the period of storage.

If you are going to store a pole saw, it’s recommended to take the handle off the instrument and remove the chain and the bar as well. In fact, these saws need to be stored carefully like traditional chainsaws.

The Third Step – To Clean The Air Breather

Another thing which you should do is to clean the air breather of your chainsaw. To do it best of all you need to check the owner’s manual so that you can know exactly how your air breather is cleaned. Why do we need to check it? It’s so because the way to clean it is different for various chainsaw models.chainsaw Stihl

In fact, for cleaning most of them you can apply soapy water and then blow them dry using compressed air.

The Fourth Step – To Remove The Spark Plug

What is sometimes challenging for beginners in chainsaws is the necessity to remove and check the spark plugs of their chainsaws. However, it’s a wonderful chance to examine your spark plug and make a decision whether you need to replace it.

If you see some dangerous signs that it has damages, the best option is to install a brand new spark plug, but you can also change something to make everything work efficiently again. For instance, you might notice sooty electrodes, which means that the combustion doesn’t happen fully. This can be the result of the incorrect fuel mixture.

chainsaw Craftsman

If you see that the spark plug needs replacement, you can again check the owner’s manual to find out which spark plug is suitable for your instrument.

If your spark plug is in good condition, you should remember that at the moment you take it off you are recommended to add a little bit of two-cycle engine oil into the spark plug opening.

The Fifth Step – To Clean The Air Filter

Another element which you need to clean or even replace in case it’s damaged is your chainsaw air filter.

It is also a rather challenging task for many saw owners, in addition to this, it may differ for different models of chainsaws. The main problem, actually, which you can face is finding where the air filter is located. You can find this information in the owner’s manual or search it online.

aur filter

We would advise everyone to have a spare filter when you have to clean the one which is used. With this feature you will save time and won’t need to wait until the first filter is clean.

To clean the air filter you need only a bucket of warm soapy water – you can just use some ordinary dishwashing liquid. Another thing which can be necessary is a screw driver with the help of which you get access to the air filter. Although you can blow dry the filter with compressed air, it can pose a threat to the quality and efficiency of the filter, so if you have an opportunity, just let it dry itself.

How can you clean the air filter? When you find it and remove it accurately from the chainsaw, it’s a good idea to use a light tape for its plastic part to get rid of dirt and dust. Then you put this element into the warm soapy water and leave it for about fifteen minutes so that it soaks.

After that you swish the filter in the water several times. After this step of the procedure you should let your air filter dry and only then you can install it back into your instrument. Usually the air filter becomes dry in not more than 24 hours.

The Sixth Step – Tightening

This step is rather simple but many people don’t pay attention to it. However, it’s essential to examine your instrument from all the sides and tighten the bolts and screws on it.chainsaw

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In this video you will learn more useful information how to store your chainsaw for the winter.

The Seventh Step – To Put Your Chainsaw Into The Place Of Storage

The last but not least thing you need to do is to put your instrument to the place where it will wait until you need to do some cutting operations. But you should always remember that you can’t just choose any possible area to store your chainsaw. The chainsaw needs to be carefully stored, therefore, there are several features we should keep in mind concerning where we can store our chainsaw.chainsaw

Choose A Dry And Dark Place

You should always take into account that chainsaws as well as their elements suffer from sunlight and excessive moisture.chainsaws Stihl

If there is too much moisture in the storage area, the bar and the chain of your chainsaw can be damaged due to the appearance of corrosion and rust, which you won’t be happy to see when you take out your beloved instrument to apply it again.

Direct sunlight isn’t also helpful since because of it the metal elements of your chainsaw can get brittle. It is rather hazardous since if the chain is brittle, it can easily break down while the chainsaw is used.

Find The Right Spot For Your Chainsaw

The main thing which you have to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t store your instrument on the concrete floor. Don’t do it on any occasion since your sawing instrument can be easily damaged.chainsaw Echo

The best way to store your chainsaw is to hang it on the wall. If you don’t have such an opportunity, you should place the chainsaw on something made of wood, for instance, a shelf or a wooden platform located on the ground.

Choose The Correct Position

Don’t forget that if you place your chainsaw onto some surface for keeping, it should be located at its bottom. On any occasion do not put it on its side since some elements of your chainsaw can get damaged and you will need to replace the destroyed elements and spend some extra money and time.chainsaw Husqvarna

Use A Case

If you buy your instrument with a case, which happens really often when it comes to power tools, the best thing you can do is to store the chainsaw in this case. If there is no case sold with your chainsaw, you can always find one in a local chainsaw store or at least use something which reminds of a case to store the saw inside.chainsaw Echo

Think Of A Storage

A good place for storing your chainsaw as well as some other tools and even furniture is a special storage unit. Just search for nearby storage units, using which you don’t have to create a special place in your house if there isn’t enough space.chainsaw Oregon

Make Sure The Chainsaw Is Free Of Dust

Dust also happens to be a factor which can cause damages to your chainsaw if it stays on it for too much time. If there is a dust layer on your saw, it can make the chain dull as well as leave some spots on any part of the chainsaw. Besides, if too much dust gets inside the engine, it will have a negative effect on its efficiency.disassembled chainsaw

As we have already mentioned, it’s good if you store your chainsaw in a case so that no dust can get onto the chainsaw. Even a simple plastic storage bin or a garbage bag will be helpful. But you should keep in mind that a bag won’t protect your chainsaw from scratches and dents during storage.

Another opportunity to prevent dust from affecting the chainsaw is to apply even a light layer of a protective oil. It will keep the dust away from the bar and the chain of the saw. However, we think that motor oil is not suitable as it’s thinner than a protective one, which means that it won’t create the needed protection layer.

Final Step

Although we have mentioned all the rules necessary for chainsaws storage, one more thing which you have to remember is that when you decide to apply your chainsaw again you have to prepare it for use. This means that you will need to clean it as fully as possible, oil it in a decent volume and fill the fuel tank, so that your chainsaw becomes ready for cutting operations.chainsaw is cutting the log

In Closing

It’s highly essential for every chainsaw user to understand how to store your chainsaw in suitable conditions, even if you use your instrument almost every day – we don’t know what can happen in a month or two. If you want to prolong the lifespan as well as the efficiency of your saw, you should know what you can do with it.chainsaw is cutting the log

As you have already read in the article above, there are several steps which are advised to follow to organise the best storage for your tool. You shouldn’t forget to get rid of all the fuel inside your chainsaw, besides, you should know how to clean a chainsaw.

You can apply special oil so that your chainsaw won’t collect any dust on its surface. Putting the chainsaw to a storage is also a good time for checking different elements of the sawing machine and repairing or even replacing them if needed. And try to store a chainsaw without the engine oil inside. These features are vital for keeping your instrument safe.

One of the main things which we have to take into account when we decide how to store a chainsaw is the place where the tool will be stored. It’s very important to choose a dry and dark place where you can hang the chainsaw or put it onto some wooden surface. Using a case and a protective oil will also be helpful.

Actually, yet another tip concerning the chainsaw storage is you can make the place dry if it’s well ventilated and all the moisture goes away through the air.

If you remember all the mentioned above tips and features, you will be able to do everything possible for your sawing machine and, therefore, will be able to save your time and money while not needing to repair and replace the saw elements too often or even to buy a brand new instrument.

We hope that this article will be extremely helpful for you and you will be able to provide perfect conditions for storing your chainsaw and will be able to enjoy the prolonged life and high quality performance of your instrument.

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