A step-by-step guide on “How to unlock Ryobi miter saw”

How to unlock Ryobi miter saw? - 5 easy steps.

The miter saw is quite a popular tool among professionals like woodworkers. But for a person who has never dealt with it, the unlocking process can be quite challenging. With this “How to unlock Ryobi miter saw” step-to-step guide, you will know how to unlock and lock the Ryobi miter saw and also how to store it correctly.

What is a miter saw?

It is similar to a circular saw but attached to a metal frame. It is used for cutting long horizontal pieces of wood. Because of the way the saw is structured, it gives you the ability to tilt it and cut the wood at different cutting angles, making bevel and corner precision cuts.

It is quite a compact tool, that can be set up in just a couple of minutes if you know how to.

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How to unlock Ryobi miter saw

There are different models of Ryobi milter saws. The process of unlocking them may vary, but the principle stays the same.

1.     Unlocking the head (the upper part) of the saw

Almost every single model of Ryobi miter saw has a tiny knob, a lever, or a pin underneath the head. You have to twist or loosen it to unlock all the settings for adjusting.
To lock the head back you have to twist the knob in an anti-clockwise direction.

2.     Unlocking the saw with a sliding feature

The sliding miter saw has a slide lock that allows to cut wider pieces of wood. To unlock these saws:
·        Locate a small knob on the slide
·        Twist it until the blade and the arm get released
·        Set it in a position needed
·        Lock it by twisting it back

3.     Unlocking the bevel

The bevel lock is holding the blade at the desired angle. In order to adjust the angle of the cut you have to unlock it:
·        Depending on your model, either locate a knob and twist it, or find a lock pin and press it
·        Position the bevel angle as you need
·        Lock the bevel

4.     Unlocking the table

Most Ryobi miter saws come with an adjustable table. To unlock the table:
·        Locate the knob at the front side of the table
·        Holding the knob with one hand start twisting it to a desired position of the table
·        Set the knob up at the original position

5.     Unlocking the spindle lock

This lock is used for holding the blade in. If you need to change a saw blade, follow these steps:
·        Lock the spindle
·        Once the blade has stopped, take the bolts out using a wrench
·        Replace the blade
·        Unlock the spindle

Additional tips and precaution measures

  1. Make sure you read the user manual that comes with your Ryobi miter saw and follow the instructions for unlocking the saw.
  2. Once you finished working, always turn the machine off and unplug it.
  3. When you twist a handle knob too much it can lock it up.
  4. Always check whether the Ryobi miter saw is locked after unlocking and adjusting.
  5. In any unknown or difficult situation ask a professional for help.

How to prepare yourself and your saw for safe work

Safety should be the number one priority when working with Ryobi miter saws.

  • Make sure all the safety features are used and in place
  • Always unplug the power cord of the miter saw when you have finished working with it to prevent the accidental saws start
  • You must always wear eye protection such as goggles
  • Make sure you clean the dust collection compartment frequently

How to unlock the Ryobi miter saw and prepare it for storage

Before you start packing your Ryobi miter saw away, make sure it is clean of sawdust. Check your user manual for instructions on how to do it.

Leaving the sawdust in the bag is not recommended as it can cause corrosion and can clamp together into a mass, eventually damaging the bag.

Wipe the dust off the rest of the Ryobi miter saw as it can cause some rust to form on the metal frame of the saw. It will not take you long but will keep your miter saw in perfect condition for years.

Preparation for storage:

  1. Unplug the Ryobi miter saw. Always remember to store power tools with cords unplugged from the outlet. It reduces the chance of electrocution. It also prevents the accidental start of the saws.
  2. Allow enough time for the Ryobi miter saw to cool down after it’s been used.
  3. Lock the miter saw in a down position to make it more compact.
  4. Pack up all the table extensions.
  5. Cover the miter saw to prevent dust and dirt from landing on your tool.

How do you unlock a Ryobi compound saw?

The process of unlocking the Ryobi compound miter saw is basically the same as for the miter saw.

  1. Start with unplugging it first.
  2. Locate the locking pin and press it to release the saw arm.
  3. Your Ryobi compound miter saw is ready to be used.
How to unlock Ryobi miter saw

How to unlock a sliding compound miter saw

The sliding compound miter is used for cutting angles of moldings and baseboards. It has a safety locking mechanism that keeps the blade arm from being exposed.

  1. Locate a lever, a pin, a knob, or anything that looks like it can be moving on the slider of your compound miter saw.
  2. Slowly release the miter saws head by loosening the locking pin.
  3. The sliding compound miter saw is ready to be used.

How do you unlock a Ryobi chop saw handle?

The handle lock is a safety feature. Unlocking a handle lock will release the blade. Follow the process:

  1. Locate the lock pin
  2. While pressing the pin slowly, release the blade
  3. The Ryobi chop saw is ready to be used

The common problems with Ryobi miter saws

If your miter saw isn’t performing as it should, there are some steps you have to follow in order to solve the problem.

1.       One side of the wood piece starts splintering

It might happen if you adjust the miter saw incorrectly. Check the blade out and adjust it with a table correctly.

The adjustment of the blade may vary from model to model. You should follow the manual of your Ryobi miter saw.

2.       The cuts are not SQUARE-SHAPED

Usually, that means that the fence has to be aligned. After you unlock Ryobi miter saw, follow the user manual for further information regards to a realignment of the fence.

3.       Burnt edge of cuts

That can happen because of a blade being blunt. It warms up faster and can cause damage to the piece of material you are working with.

Unlock a Ryobi miter saw and check the alignment of the blade as well. Adjust it correctly if needed.

4.      Choosing the wrong blade

Just remember to use the correct blade. If you need the cuts to be fine, then use the one that has more teeth.

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How to unlock Ryobi miter saw?

Start unlocking the tool by locating the pin or a knob on the locked handle of a saw. Simply push the pin or twist a knob to release the handle of the saw.

Move on to the next lock that releases the head of the saw. Push the pin and adjust the head of the saw.

The bevel lock allows you to tilt the blade and cut the wood piece at different angles. Once you have adjusted the blade, lock it back.

How do you lock the blade on a Ryobi miter saw?

In order to lock the blade arm you have to locate a lever and lift it up. Some saws will have a knob that you twist.

Where is the lock off button on Ryobi circular saw?

Depending on the circular saw model, the spring loaded lock off button locates near the head. It locks the blade so it can be changed when it becomes blunt or you need to use a different one.

At the end

The Ryobi miter saw is quite a dangerous tool, but as long as you know how to use it properly, it is safe.

In this article, we tried to answer the main questions and highlight the main steps to unlocking the miter saws. We told you about different locks that are located in different positions. Discussed the purpose of each lock.

A correctly unlocked Ryomi miter saw will function properly and will last longer. Make sure you take care of your tool. Clean it regularly, and thoroughly. There mustn’t be any sawdust left on the surface. Sawdust causes corrosion and can damage the bag.

Once you are done working with a miter saw, do not forget to pack it up, cover it, and put it away for storage. All these tips will help you to get the best result using the Ryobi miter saws.

If this article was useful, please share it with your friends. If there are any questions left, leave them in the comments below.

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