How to untangle a chainsaw chain (easy steps)

How to untangle a chainsaw chain: 3 Easy Steps & Prof Guide

Do you know how to untangle a chainsaw chain? You are in the right place. Stick with me, read to the end, and you will learn how to loosen a chainsaw chain.

Opening a chainsaw is easy but difficult.

People often store their chainsaws and they face many issues when they want to use them again.

It’s either rusted, in which case you’ll need to replace the chainsaw or bar and chain oil, or it’s tangled.

So let us guide you on how to untangle a chainsaw chain by following these simple steps.

How to untangle a chainsaw chain?

How to untangle a chainsaw chain?

Once you’ve donned your protective gear and have a full list of materials you’ll need, you can start chaining your chainsaw by following these steps:

Remove the chain from the chainsaw

You will need tools to do this as you will be removing the saw chain, chainsaw body, and guide bar.

When you’re done, carefully remove the rest of the chainsaw.

Look for two rings facing each other

Sometimes that’s all you have to do to break the chain. That will at least open up the chain a bit and make it easier with it. To do this, you need to look for two chains. For each loop, take a loop and let it hang freely. They should hang in your hand at two points.

Screenshot 15

Make the rings bigger

Next, let’s try to figure out how to make a full loop from two opposing loops. Since you can clearly see how tangled it is, this should be easy.

Slightly loosen the chain so that each loop is as long as possible. Your goal is to make them less than an inch wide.

You can open other loops by increasing the two opposing loops. Be careful not to drop the main two opposite loops.

Keep trying to create bigger circles out of the rings until you have a big ring.

If you have trouble with this step, you will have to painfully lift the chain. You can just put it on the table and take care of it from there.

Open the chain

Next, find the lowest part of the row. This is easy to determine, as this is usually your easiest part.

The bottom part comes out and needs to be moved away from the rings to open the chain. You can find more cycles and do more, but it’s a process.

Reasons that escape their original cycles may be followed by others. Keep using this pair of rings until they open.

Pull out the rings

Sometimes the methods above do not help you to open the chain. If it gets worse, you’re still reading this.

Instead of using both rings at the same time, you can try focusing on one ring until they all disappear. Make each ring as big as you can.

It may take some time, but it will be worth it when the entire chain is fully unwound, and you have a fully working chainsaw chain.

Screenshot 2

What you need to know about loosening a chainsaw chain

As you know, nothing is more frustrating than a tangled chainsaw chain. Then, how to untangle a chainsaw chain?

This can easily happen when you buy a new chain and it comes straight out of the box in a tangled package.

Or it usually happens when you put your chain in the tool chest and mix it up with your other tools and get a tangled chainsaw chain. Then you have to untangle a chainsaw chain.

Even if you are returning your sharpened chainsaw chain from the store if the person doing the sharpening is inexperienced. Often this can lead to looped chains.

No matter the situation, learning how to effectively untie a chainsaw will save you the frustration that usually comes with making knot after knot.

Screenshot 3

Anatomy of a “knot” chainsaw

In theory, chainsaw chains cannot form knots, they are not ropes that can be knotted. What usually happens is that one end of the chain overlaps the other end, creating a loop.

So keep this in mind when working with chainsaws.

The chain can only do 2 things: go over or under.

It also shows you how to open it effectively. A loop is really just a network of chains looping around themselves.

Screenshot 4

Chainsaw hinges are always paired

This happens every time your chainsaw spins. This is actually the key reason why most people struggle to untangle their chainsaw edge.

They only ever go after one loop at a time.

If you choose this method, I can guarantee you will never untie your electrical knot.

Remember – when you open a chainsaw, always remember – rings come in pairs!

Screenshot 6

Different types of chainsaw chains have similar ring problems

If you look at different chainsaw chains, you should know that the tying issues are pretty much the same.

Whether you are using a cut chain (chisel, semi-chisel, or flat cut) or chain (standard, half capacity, or full capacity). They all create loops in the same way.

This question is asked a lot and definitely deserves an explanation before we continue.

Regardless of what type of chain you are using, the following methods will work for you if you want to learn how to loosen a chainsaw chain.

Screenshot 7

A guide to maintaining chainsaw chains

By following the simple instructions below, you can salvage the most out of your chainsaw.

Chain lubrication for chainsaws

A well-lubricated chainsaw chain not only improves the performance of your saw, but also prevents premature wear. Lubricate the chainsaw chain with a little oil and chain oil on the rings and gears.

Sharpen your chainsaw chain

A sharp chainsaw chain is a key to reliable and efficient sawing. Dull blades will clog the saw and increase the likelihood of kicks.

A chainsaw chain should be sharpened before each use or once again.

The chain is properly tensioned

A chainsaw with the right tension cuts smoothly and with less vibration. Chainsaw chains are usually pre-tensioned at the factory, but will require re-tensioning over time and with use.

Screenshot 9


How do you untangle chain loops?

Ok, how to untangle a chainsaw chain? You need to find the lowest part of the chain. This is easy to determine as this is usually the stiffest part of your chain.

The lower part protrudes and must be moved away from the rings to release the chain. You may create more and more cycles, but that’s part of the process.

If you get rid of your current big cycles, others can follow. Continue using this pair of loops until the chain is open.

Screenshot 8

How do I turn my chainsaw chain inside out?

Step 1: Be sure to wear protective chainsaw gloves and safety goggles when handling the chain and with its sharp blades.

Step 2: Lay the chain in a single loop on a flat surface.

Step 3: Grasp the opposite ends of the loop and twist the chain inside out.

Screenshot 14

How long should a chainsaw chain stay sharp?

On average, the blade retains its sharpness for approximately 3 hours of active wood sawing.

How tight should chainsaw blade be?

The chain should feel taut, but should stretch freely.

Finally, perform a click test to ensure the saw chain is properly tensioned.

Simply pull down on the chain at the bottom of the guide bar so that a drive link or two comes out of the guide bars and release. The chain should snap into place immediately.

Screenshot 12

One last thought on how to untangle a chainsaw chain

I hope you can see that unchaining a chainsaw is not too difficult. This often tedious task can be completed in a few simple steps.

De-stress your entire work day and actually use your chainsaw and wear protective gloves and apply protective goggles.

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