Top-5 The Best 18 inch Chainsaw Reviews

Introduction to Chainsaw Anatomy

Chainsaws are the kind of saw used to chop down trees. There are a variety of chainsaws and they also come in various sizes. The majority of chainsaws are massive however, some manufacturers have created smaller models that you could utilize for basic tasks.

A mechanical machine operates on the chain. The saw is oblong and is able to rotate along the bar that guides it. This rotation makes it a great tool to cut wood.

Below are the top commonly used applications of a chainsaw:

  • Cutting trees: instead of the use of an axe using a chainsaw, it is a far more efficient and efficient method of cutting down trees. You can also utilize chainsaws to cut down a tree into manageable pieces.
  • Limbing trees: it is much faster to cut branches off trees using chainsaws. Before loggers transport the log to factories they must cut the branches. If you’re a woodworker, you’ll also have to be able to slice the logs quicker and then use them as your raw material or firewood.
  • Pruning: In some instances, it is not necessary to cut down a tree, but its branches could expand and cause danger. In such cases, you will require the chainsaw to take it down. It’s better than an axe.
  • Holes: If you’re looking for normal holes that power drills are unable to accomplish, a trim-router is an excellent alternative.

Chainsaws can also be used for creating art. If you’ve seen artists who create sculptures using massive logs, then you are aware of what I am talking about. If you’re a sculpture artist, you will require a chainsaw.

TOP-5 The Best 18 inch Chainsaw Actual Reviews

For this article, I’ll concentrate on the chainsaw of 18 inches.

It is a chainsaw that is small enough to be used for use by one person. It’s the kind you would use for sculpture as well as climbing trees.

The top chainsaws of 18 inches for woodworkers

Let’s take a look at the various types of chainsaws available to pick from.

1. Poulan Pro PR4218 18 inch 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Perfect for the Basics

The Poulan Pro sports a decent gasoline engine that is 42cc with two cycles. It’s a great match for the best 18-inch chainsaws that makes us happy with its performance.

It’s ideal for small tree cutting and for basic landscaping and cleaning up. It also cuts firewood, making the chainsaw a versatile tool.

However, something more difficult than these tasks could be a problem.

Key Takeaways

  • Air filter system
  • Automatic chain oil lubrication
  • Lower emissions

The Poulan Pro is more than your typical chainsaw. However, it lacks the capability to compete with high-end and professional chainsaws.

We recommend that you purchase the Poulan Pro for beginners and occasional chainsaw users. It’s flawless in completing the task and will leave you satisfied with the work.

Comes With a Lot of Extras

Who doesn’t want to be spoiled with extras and giveaways? You’ll receive many more things than you bought!

This is the thing we are most impressed with about this chainsaw, the additional features! In addition to the 18-inch chainsaw, you will also receive a durable carrying case, as well as an extra chain!

We are awestruck by these two additional items as they demonstrate how much the company takes care of its customers and products.


The case proves particularly useful because we can simply put the chainsaw inside, and then protect it. It is not necessary to be concerned about the chainsaw being damaged or scratched.

The additional chainsaw chains are very useful for us. There is no need to buy an additional chain in case there is a problem.

Automatic Chain Oil Lubrication

Another thing chainsaw owners have to be aware of is Lubricating their chain. If they do not then their chain may be in danger and even damage to the saw.

Importantly The fact that the chainsaw is kept lubricated can make it easier to use. Plug it in, turn it up and you’re ready to go.

We loved the automatic oil-lubrication function on this model of chainsaw. It ensures that the bar and chain, as well as all other components, are properly lubricated.

This feature is very useful because we don’t have enough time or patience to complete this every time we make use of our saw.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas chainsaws have earned a bad reputation for releasing harmful emissions which are harmful on the planet.

You’re not just using gas, but you’re also creating harmful emissions. Do you not wish you had a solution?

When you have the Poulan Pro, there’s always something you can accomplish. Because of the technology that this chainsaw employs you can see a significant reduction in harmful emissions.

A chainsaw that is eco-friendly makes the perfect tool for creating a more peaceful environment.

Is the Poulan Pro 42cc for You?

Take a look at your options with the Poulan Pro as the best 18-inch chainsaw that is available at the most affordable cost. If your budget isn’t too tight the Poulan Pro chainsaw is the perfect choice for you.

You’ll have a difficult time searching for a chainsaw with gas that’s as effective and environmentally friendly as this, all at a reasonable price.

In addition to its cost. We highly recommend Poulan for professionals and beginners. It’s an excellent tool to carry around in particular if you intend to tackle the basics of landscaping and gardening.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for trees with small branches
  • Always available to use
  • Not recommended for wood with a large diameter

2. Husqvarna 445 Gas Chainsaw

Basic Features

It’s the Husqvarna 445 is the next level of the company’s consumer products. It is suitable for 18 inch bars and is a perfect choice for regular homeowners.

It’s got its 47.5cc engine displacement. This gives the vehicle 2.8 horsepower. If you’d like to know about a power source, we’ll allow you to finish your work without trouble.

Additionally, plus, you can also use the Husqvarna 445 is a gas-powered chainsaw. But, rest sure that you’ve got a chainsaw that’s powerful and not something to be taken lightly.

We’re impressed how easy it is to start if you follow the user manual. With a speed of 9000 rpm, You can cut as long as you like without having the chainsaw slow. It’s that durable.

Also, as the Husqvarna chainsaw is powered by gas you can expect it to be equipped with a fuel tank.

Key Takeaways

  • Gas Powered
  • Inertia chain brake feature
  • Ideal for between 16 and 20 inches of bar length

The Husqvarna 445 has adequate power to cut softwood with light to medium pressure. For any homeowner or farmer who does precisely that, it makes a good decision. Anything more difficult than that, such as felling or cutting hardwood, is an issue. More power than its 47.5 cc engine can provide is required by professionals.

Husqvarna 445 is not intended for pros, though. It is amazing for the typical homeowner and occasional user, and most adults, including women, can operate it.

And based on my prior use with Husqvarna, it can withstand a lot of abuse before breaking.

Perfect for frequent use

Chainsaws of the Husqvarna 445 model are great all-purpose tools for outdoor tasks, including tree-pruning and tree-falling.

These gas-powered chainsaws are designed to maximize your cutting power and decrease fuel use.

They are small, adaptable, and have cutting-edge safety features.


X-Torq Technology

Think about this gas chainsaw to be versatile as it can cut through hardwood and dry materials.

The majority of saws are designed to use on dry and softwood. Some are specifically designed for use on hardwood. If this is the case you’re left with only one option: purchase the chainsaw separately.

We experienced no issues with this chainsaw on hardwood or dry materials. A bit of research revealed that this is due to the stunning X-Torq technology used in this chainsaw.

When you make use of this tool on wet or hardwood, you’ll never need to worry about it slipping! It’s not necessary to reduce speed.

Ease of starting and Smart-Start System

For the majority of chainsaw owners, The struggle starts with getting their chainsaws started. It’s not about the work however, it’s the start that makes them unhappy.

There are chainsaws available that are difficult to get started. However many times you try to use it, it never works.

The saw is stunning and the gas is fully fueled. What’s the reason?

With the Husqvarna it isn’t necessary to go through your head trying to find out the reason for what happened. There’s really no reason to bother to begin with!

This chainsaw starts up quickly thanks to Husqvarna’s Smart Start feature. This will appeal to beginners.

The snap-lock lid is simple to open, making it simple to access the air filter.

The saw is simple to start thanks to a gasoline pump and a combined start and stop switch. Moreover, it lowers the chance of engine flooding. Engine and starter both start quickly and easily.

Air is taken out of the carburetor and fuel system during priming. Less pulls will be required to start the engine.

Low Vibration and Kickback

One of the most frequent complaints about chainsaws powered by gas is their noise and kickback.

After you’ve turned on your saw, you’ll feel the entire vibration rushing through your arms and into the whole body.

The vibrations are so powerful! Without even wishing to, you’ll feel an amount of fatigue and shakiness immediately after using the saw.

What is the risk that chainsaws kickback? We are always shocked!

Don’t worry, you’ll do not have to be concerned regarding any of these concerns when making use of the chainsaw. It’s low in vibration and kickback, which allows users to enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience.

The likelihood of developing conditions linked to chainsaw use is decreased by the LowVib system. The dampening springs in the 445 isolate a lot of the powerhead vibrations rather than passing them to the handles. It will take much longer for you to become worn out.

Is the Husqvarna 445 for You?

If we think of a reliable and convenient chainsaw the first thought that comes to thoughts is The Husqvarna 445.

Gas-powered chainsaws are well-known for their power that no other type of chainsaw can match. Imagine combining this power with the great attributes of this item.

The Husqvarna 445 is the best 18-inch chainsaw available that has a lot of power.

It’s a model that homeowners can benefit from greatly due to its durability and reliability.

If you want to learn more about how to choose and how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw, please read this article.

  • Reliable and efficient engine
  • Solid build and great design
  • Easy to start and use
  • Lightweight
  • Underpowered, especially for hardwoods
  • Non-adjustable oil release system
  • Chain is temperamental

3. Echo CS-400-18

Small Engine

For many years, Echo has been a brand that is known for making small-sized engines. That’s why it shouldn’t be any surprise that the Echo product was the 40.2 Cc two-stroke engine.

Yes, it’s tiny, particularly for a chainsaw powered by gas however, it’s strong. It’s a big mistake of underestimating the power of this tool before even attempting it.

The best part of this is that this chainsaw is affordable. It’s at least cheaper than other chainsaws with gas in the market. It’s a bargain for homeowners to purchase.


It’s not a surprise that gasoline chainsaws are known to be on the heavier side. This is why you’re afraid your arm is going to snap off when you start the project.

It might seem like an exaggeration but gas chainsaws aren’t very heavy.

Key Takeaways

  • Bar lengths range between 16 and 20 inches.
  • It doesn’t need frequent charging.
  • Comfortable to use

Imagine our excitement when we took the product from the packaging. We instantly noticed how light it was. It weighs just 10.1 pounds.

The Echo was easy to lift and hold. Cs-400 did not cause us any problems even after a long time.

Cuts Through Large and Hard Wood

The chain and 18-inch bar will get through the toughest and most demanding wood there. If you’re cutting hickory ironwood or oak, there’s nothing to fret about!

This puts the Echo one of the top chainsaws for both professionals and homeowners.

It can take on everything you throw in front of it, without having to worry whether it will slow down. So, if you’re looking to save time, then you’ll enjoy making use of this chainsaw to complete your projects.

Cut down trees, trim your plants, tidy up your garden, perform landscaping, and much more! The possibilities for the chainsaw’s capabilities are limitless.

Easy Maintenance

One of the responsibilities that come with the use of a chainsaw the maintenance and clean-up.

Unfortunately, not many chainsaw owners perform these. When you do them, it’s not content or makes a mistake.

So, sometimes chainsaw owners don’t bother without realizing they’re making a huge mistake.

The Echo CS-400 was a pleasurable experience. Even the post-care procedure was pleasant. Why? Maintenance was simple!


The kit came with an awl and screwdriver to pull out the bolts and scrub the entire thing. It wasn’t long for us to complete everything!

Once we’re finished and are done, we replace all the screws and voilà! It’s like having the same chainsaw.

We strongly recommend this chain saw for those who are new to the chain saw. It is possible to maintain their equipment and also learn a trick or two.

Is the Echo CS-400 for You?

The Echo Cs-400 astonished us. For a chainsaw that is so small, you would never have imagined that it had such capability?

Yet coming from a manufacturer which has been recognized for its impressive small engine power So what else should we expect.

If you’re in search of an affordable and small gas chainsaw then this model is among the top and is a great price-to-value.

It’s the ideal type of saw to keep at home!

  • Gas-powered
  • Safety feature for the chain brake
  • Lightweight
  • No warranty is included

4. Greenworks Pro GCS80420

What differentiates what separates the Greenworks Pro GCS80420 from other top chainsaws powered by batteries is its robust, intelligent, and sophisticated design. And it’s a good cut too!

Product Spec

  • Power – Battery
  • Volts – 80
  • Chain Pitch – 0.375”
  • Chain Gauge – 0.050″
  • Weight – 13.7lbs
  • Four Year Warranty

Let’s take a dive:

It comes with two batteries of 80V and 2Ah and a charger that can produce more than 150 cuttings and provides similar performance to the 45cc gas engine.

It is equipped with it on a 0.050″ chain, with a 0.375″ chain pitch. It weighs 13.7 pounds and comes with an extended warranty of four years.

Let’s get it out there:

I am very impressed by the thought and attention to detail Greenworks has put into the concept of this.


It features spikes for bucking metal and nice bars, an oiling application for the bar, and an efficient trigger lock, as well as a durable and sturdy bar with a metal wrap. It comes with an automatic oiler as well as an uncool-less chain tensioner. Proper chain tension is very important for saw blade durability.

The battery is easy to install and the entire thing is well-balanced, solid, and built to last. This is definitely a good battery powered chainsaw!

There is more:

  • It cuts through hardwood that is dense like any other gas chainsaw, moving in neat straight lines and excelling in bucking and felling.
  • This is due in large proportion to the speed of the chain that the 80V power system offers. The brushless motor controlled digitally is sure to deliver great torque.
  • The battery is in good condition. I’m not sure how it compares on the claims of 150 cuttings Greenworks claim but I’d guess it’s the same amount of time as one tank and a half-empty of gasoline. It’s also fully charged within 30 minutes, which is a great thing.
  • The warranty is quite satisfactory – 4 years for the saw and two years for the battery.
  • You also have many advantages of batteries powered tools – it’s easy to start and it’s very silent, it needs minimal maintenance, and there’s no need to have any cords in the way or breathe in any harmful gasses.

Of course, it’s not 100% perfect.

The tiny storage tank of the chain fluid seems to leak from the bottom of the saw. At just under 15lbs, this is very heavy – comparable with the gas chainsaw.

The whole package:

If you’re a typical homeowner and do not need the hassle of electricity or gas it is great and certainly powerful to use on limbs as well as smaller to medium-sized trees.

I believe it is the most powerful 18-inch battery chainsaw currently on the market.

  • Excellently designed
  • Easy straight cut and nice straight
  • Quick charging battery
  • Excellent warranty
  • Easy to start, quiet, and then next to zero maintenance
  • Leaks oil

5. Black+Decker 15-Amp 18-Inch Electric Chainsaw CS1518

Let’s learn about the electric chainsaw more first. How better to begin this than to start with its 15 amp motor?

We’re genuinely amazed by the extent and what this electric chainsaw can be able to cut through. Overall, it was secure and strong and we’re pleased with its efficiency.

However, we noticed that the chainsaw’s electric motor is quite heavy with a weight of around 15 pounds. Compare this with other chainsaws with electric motors that weigh just a little less.

Ideal For Basic Tasks

Take a look at this electric chainsaw of 18 inches to be strong enough to complete small jobs. You can complete your essential trimming, gardening, or landscaping. You can even trim tiny trees and then trim the branches.


If you’re only planning to utilize this chainsaw to perform those things, you should take into consideration this electric chainsaw being is the ideal choice for your needs. You’ll be amazed by its smooth and quick operation and you’ll feel as if there’s nothing to stop you.

However, if you intend to do a lot of work now, we’re telling you that you could be unhappy.

The most important takeaways

  • Safety feature for the chain brake
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Secure and user-friendly

If you examine the bar, you’ll be surprised by how thin it is in comparison to the majority of chainsaws. Because of its size, you should be cautious when working on big jobs.

It is important not to over-exaggerate and risk damaging the saw. But, the Black + Decker saw isn’t intended to be the ideal usage for tougher tasks.

Peaceful Operations

One of the benefits of electric chainsaws comes from the smooth operation. There are even whisper-quiet operation options!

This saw’s 18-inch size isn’t an exception. You don’t have to worry about awakening your neighbors every time you turn it on.

However intense and powerful this device is, it will remain as silent as it can get. It’s not necessary to break our ears!

Automatic Oiling System

One thing we liked about this saw was the automatic chain oiler mechanism. It helps keep the 18-inch bar and chain fluidized, which means it’s always ready for use.

We have also found the window with a clear indicator helpful. If the oil bar was empty, we just need to fill it with oil, and then we’re finished. We don’t have to guess what happens when the tank is empty!

The Tool-Less Chain Tensioning Systems

There’s no tool-free chain tensioning device as effective as this.

The entire system is intelligent, designed to offer you the best ease of use. An outer wheel is used to move the arm, and there is an inner wheel that adjusts the arm’s cover.

If you’re planning to change the chain on your saw, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

Do you think the Black+Decker 15-Amp is right for you?

Black + Decker is a brand that has been around quite a long time, so we’re sure that many have heard of the brand.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that they’ve got one of the top 18-inch chainsaws that you can buy.

It’s strong enough to finish the job and comes with an impressive range of features, all at a reasonable cost.

If you’re searching for an ideal chainsaw for all-purpose use, this model electric chainsaw of 18 inches is the one ideal for you. It’s perfect for those who use their saws occasionally and perform essential work.

  • Chain brake that is responsive
  • It comes with a two-year guarantee.
  • Chain tensioning tool that is tool-less
  • Thin bars

Introduction to Chainsaw Anatomy



It is the most evident part, and it is the part that is what gives the chainsaw its name. Its chain is made of different materials like carbide, but usually is a type of steel. The chain is composed of many linkages that drive on one side and cutters on the other side. A sharp chain can ensure speedy cutting and safe operation.

The pitch is the measurement of the distance that is between the two rivets. It typically is about 3/8 inch. It’s crucial that when replacing the chain of a saw that you choose one that’s in keeping with both the bar’s gauge as well as length and its pitch.

The most important considerations for a chain are ones that are. lowers the kickback as well as being constructed from carbide that dramatically increases how long it stays sharp.

Guide Bar


It is the bar that is extending across the chainsaw’s body. This is what the chain turns around. The most important aspect to take note of on the guide bar is the length. The length of the bar guides the thickness of the material that a chainsaw will cut however it also determines how well you can move your saw.

The size guide bar that you buy the saw from will be the only bar that it can use as a guide, therefore, make sure you select one that meets your requirements. In certain instances, chainsaws are able to switch out for larger or smaller bars.

Similar to the saw chain, guides bars be found in a lower-kickback model that reduces the size of the bar shorter and minimizes the dimension of the “danger zone.”

Chain Brake/Hand Guard

Chain brakes are a feature we will be discussing in the safety features section since their sole function is to safeguard you in the case of a chainsaw kickback. In the meantime, I need to inform you which location the chain brake can be located when I’m talking about it.

I’d like to add that there are some chainsaws that do not have the chain brake. On some saws, this attachment is just an accessory to protect your hand from the forward. Therefore, just because you find this guard on the saw, does not mean that it is equipped with an engineered chain brake.

How to start a chainsaw and work with it can be found here.

Front Handle

Straight forward and simple. This is the place where you hold the chainsaw using your forward hands (usually the left). The handle on the front must be easy to hold and may even have an anti-vibration system or low-vibration features to keep your hands in a comfortable position for prolonged periods of usage.

One thing to keep in mind is the positioning of the handles on the sides with respect to the brake chain. In general, to engage the chain brake correctly it is necessary to be able to grip with your forehand at the very top of the handle on the front. If you were in the opposite direction or to the side, the chain brake might not engage in any way.

A brief note for all left-handed people that are around. If a person who is left-handed would like to use the chainsaw, they need to learn how to use it in the right way as a right-handed. There aren’t any left-handed manufactured chainsaws.

Rear Handle

It is also the one that your hand in the rear (right hand) is holding onto. Similar to the front handle, it should be comfortable and provide ease of access to the control of the saw, like the safety button, throttle, and the switch to turn off/on.

Most of the time the handle on the rear will be situated at the rear of the chainsaw. However, there are saws with top-mounted handles, top-mounted handles, high-mounted handles. Chainsaws with a top-mounted handle are designed for use in trees and shouldn’t be used on the ground. For the average homeowner, these types of saws must meet an individualized set of requirements.


The best chainsaw 18 inches is a must in the home. As you can see, it can be a gas-powered chainsaw or electric chainsaw, or battery-powered chainsaw. Imagine the many possibilities you can accomplish with just one tool! It’s packed with power to help you get through any task.

You’ve learned about the most powerful chainsaws with an 18-inch diameter available, which was your top pick? Please leave your choice in the comment box below.

Don’t be forgetting to share this article with your friends who are also interested in power tools.

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