TOP-8 The Best Chainsaw Gloves Review

8 The Best Chainsaw Gloves Review + Buyers Guide

If you want to find the best chainsaw gloves you can read our full guide with reviews. Nothing is more true than the saying that prevention is more effective than curing.

This is applicable to every aspect of life, particularly when working with sharp power tools, such as table saws, grinders, and chainsaws.

best chainsaw gloves

The majority of the time the most simple option is the most efficient one. Consider, for instance, wearing safety gloves when working with an electric chainsaw. Certainly, the majority of chainsaws are constructed to shield your hands from the blade, however, when working with power tools, it’s impossible to be a good enough watchful. You can read more about why chainsaw gloves are needed here.

In this review we’ll examine 10 of the top chainsaw gloves, so you know which best suits your needs and way of life.

The Best Chainsaw Gloves Reviews

1. Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-S Titan XT

These Youngstown Glove 09-9083-10-S best chainsaw gloves are made to shield your hands from sustaining serious injuries in the event of an accident while making you feel completely relaxed while you operate chains. They are available in different sizes to meet the demands of various users, females, and males as well.

Durability is the most important aspect that defines the design of this pair of gloves. They’re lined with high-end materials that are known for their unending endurance. These include nylon, nylon, polyester PVC, polyurethane, and the extremely tough Kevlar lining from DuPont.

Its Kevlar fiber lining serves as the main source of toughness and resistance to cuts for gloves, while also making them pliable, light, and comfortable to use.

The TPR protection at the finger’s top provides protection to a higher level and allows for the natural movement of the fingers of the operator.

In contrast to the less expensive models that are available They have an increased degree of slip resistance and the ability to automatically adjust to the grip tensions of your palms and fingers.

The fantastic pair of gloves don’t sweat and can provide you with an outstanding grip throughout. Due to its very visible lime color, it will provide you with a clearer hand throughout the work.

  • The glove is very secure and extremely protective
  • It is light and comfortable to wear
  • Double-stitched to ensure durability
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Fingertip reinforcement
  • There is no strap on wrists to keep the debris from getting
  • It is difficult to find
  • The padding isn’t very sturdy

2. Husqvarna 579380212 Size 12 Functional Saw Protection Gloves, X-Large

Husqvarna Chainsaw Protection Glove is the ideal choice for anyone who uses the chainsaw. These best chainsaw gloves are specifically designed for people who are right-handed because it has cut resistance on the left-hand glove.

It’s a comfy design and made from spandex fabric which is adjustable and comfortable to grip the palm. To protect your hands the hand part inside the glove is constructed out of goatskin. It’s tough and durable and blocks the ingress of sharp objects in the hand.

This pair of gloves are made to be used in everyday life. They have a soft, comfortable grip. The comfortable fit makes it comfortable and long-lasting to use. Additional support is offered to your hands since you must hold the trigger while operating a chainsaw.

  • They are light and easy to wear
  • It is comfortable in hot weather
  • Good durability
  • Goatskin leather of the highest quality
  • Elastic spandex is used in the construction
  • The glove can still be cut or pierced
  • Safety standards not stated

3. Vgo 1-Pair Heavy-Duty Synthetic Leather Work Gloves

In terms of reasonably-priced chainsaw safety gloves, these are your best choice to date.

They come in high-visibility orange and are constructed from comfortable and ergonomic materials such as spandex and goat leather. These materials increase agility and mobility on the part of the user.

It comes with PVC cushioning on the palms to provide additional grip and durability while using the chainsaw.

The thumb and the index fingers are equipped with touchscreen-compatible materials so that you can use your devices without having to remove the glove.

They are protective gloves for chainsaws, they have fabric patches inside and back of the left-hand pair to provide additional protection and cutting resistance.

The neoprene velcro adjustment on the cuff guarantees a secure fit, and won’t be able to slip out quickly. This is a fantastic feature for anyone using an electric chainsaw or any other power tool.

They are comfortable and practical. They are an ideal choice for those seeking quality for their money.

  • Durability
  • Flexible and Enhanced
  • Fitted Wrists
  • Anti-vibration
  • Fingers get slick when they are wet
  • Insufficient protection is provided in the gloves

4. DEX Level 5 FIT Cut Resistant Chainsaw Gloves

If you’re looking to glimpse the future of workwear as well as chainsaws, then this might be the one. It is sleek and has a slash-proof design that makes it one of the top options for this test.

This pair of gloves guards users against injuries and cuts when the sharp edges of blades, metals, and glass chains.

It is ergonomically designed and eliminates the heavy construction of many safety gloves. It’s designed to be able to fit like an actual glove (pun not to be missed). The palm is made of high-quality rubber that provides the grip to be firm and allows you to use touchscreen devices without taking off the glove.

The glove can be used even in the water and on surfaces that are lightly oiled. The non-slip fabric assists to create a strong grip on every surface.

When you are using it with your chainsaw it provides protection against flying wood chips. It could even protect you in case the chain breaks and strikes you in the hand because of the slash-proof design.

  • Chainsaw gloves with cut-resistant and slash-proof protection
  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-slip rubber provides an energizing grip and the use of touchscreen devices
  • Durable materials
  • A variety of colors to pick from
  • The rubber is degraded when it is prolonged use
  • Size isn’t uniform

5. Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility

There are plenty of different chainsaw gloves available on the market that provide some kind of protection against cuts, often using a material like Kevlar which is above and beyond what standard work gloves provide. For instance, the Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L General Utility gloves go higher and come with multiple different layers of Kevlar protection that is higher than the industry norm even when it comes to safety gloves for chainsaws.

What amount of Kevlar protection are these gloves offering? Each inch of the gloves is covered with the protection of Kevlar this means that your hands are protected with the same material bulletproof vests are made of. It’s certainly a good thing to know, and an excellent reason for these gloves to be considered on your list of items to buy.

These Youngstown gloves won’t only protect your hands from accidental contact with the chainsaw. They’re designed to provide security for your work-related tasks. They’re very durable and long-lasting and will provide you with years of security regardless of the situation.

  • Made to be strong and durable for many uses
  • Kevlar’s lining enhances the safety of the user
  • Ergonomic and flexible
  • Machine-washable
  • Certain areas between seams might not be as secure like the ones that have padding

6. Echo Chainsaw Gloves

Echo Kevlar Saw gloves include several useful attributes that shield your hands from cuts caused by chainsaws. It’s a highly versatile glove that is able to be used to work with other garden tools.

It has two thick coats made of Kevlar at the rear of the glove, which provides the user with better cutting resistance. On the front, it features goatskin leather, which gives the user a firm and comfortable grip when holding the chainsaw or other garden tools.

The soft and breathable fabric ensures that the glove is snug on the palm. This allows you to use it for longer periods of time without feeling uncomfortable. The reinforced fingertips and knuckles provide greater safety and security when operating a chainsaw.

The bright, visible red and black colors increase safety because it makes it visible and obvious to your eye. The wrist closure with velcro allows you to prevent debris and dirt from entering the glove.

This is an excellent work glove for chainsaws that have been specifically designed to protect from chainsaw injuries, however, it can also be used to perform general outdoor activities. High-quality fabric and sturdy stitching on gloves mean that they provide long-lasting protection.

  • Kevlar reinforcement helps ensure the hands are protected by the wearer
  • Lightweight
  • Foam pads to dampen vibration, anti-vibration functions
  • Make sure it is secure by velcro straps
  • Price is a little over the top

7. Heavy-Duty Cowhide Work Gloves Leather Work Gloves

The gloves you wear will ensure that you’re an ancestor of something built to create monuments and landmarks of importance in this country.

Cowhide leather is widely acknowledged as a fantastic material for protecting yourself from injuries caused by using power tools or performing challenging tasks.

It also provides great comfort to the wearer and allows them to move easily and is resistant to abrasions and punctures.

The gloves feature the Ball and Tape style wrist closure that lets you adjust the glove’s fit to your personal preference. Furthermore, it does ensure a secure fit but also lowers the risk of debris and dust getting into your gloves.

The gloves come with a palm grip made of leather, which gives you a secure grip on anything you’re operating a chainsaw.

  • The Gunn cut along with the Keystone thumb design makes these gloves comfortable and versatile for use
  • Classic design
  • Puncture resistant and cut resistant chainsaw gloves
  • Ideal for a variety of applications
  • Over-standard thickness may compromise the ability to move
  • You have a low resistance to water

8. Still Good – Endura Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Gloves

Another product made by Superior Glove Works, the Endura Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves is a stylish pair of gloves made of metal that provide the highest level of ease of use and comfort.

The highly durable glove meets EN 381:1999 class 0, which is for the chainsaw gloves, which makes it compatible with all chainsaws including the ones designed for professionals.

One of the distinctive features that distinguish this particular glove is the eight-layer Kevlar lined back that can provide you the cut resistance needed to stand up to chainsaws operating at speeds of up to 3140 feet per minute.

Additionally is that it has an easy-to-grip, water-repellent goatskin leather glove with an integrated anti-vibration reinforcement. The gloves are easy to wear and also significantly reduce the vibration transfer onto your hands.

With the flexible Velcro wrists, you are certain to enjoy maximum comfort with the gloves (in the same way that they will keep free from the annoying debris).

The unique style of the backs on these gloves. They’re made of an elastic Lycra/nylon fabric that has a water-repellent and breathable membrane to keep the hands dry.

Remember that these gloves have bright yellow hues so that they are easy to locate in the forest.

The leather palm will help you to move the felled logs and grasp them with ease. When you wear this pair of Endura gloves, you are sure that you have the protection you need when you require it!

  • highest level of ease of use and comfort
  • highly durable
  • compatible with all chainsaws
  • eight-layer Kevlar lined
  • integrated anti-vibration reinforcement
  • can paint their hands black
  • not very durable

Things to Think About Before Purchasing The Best Chainsaw Gloves

Take note of these factors when purchasing chainsaw gloves that are resistant to cutting.

best chainsaw glove 1


Durability should always be the first priority when you are searching for the ideal glove to use with your chainsaw. In this regard, I suggest that you look for gloves made of genuine leather.

The material exhibits great wear resistance, and it is suited for heavy-duty tasks. It will give you more safety when working with your chainsaw.

In addition, it provides a better grip even in wet weather and reduces the chance of accidents.

Be aware of the dexterity aspects too.

Although the gloves are very durable, they should also possess a high degree of dexterity.

Do the pair you have include chainsaw lining? It is usually featured at the right hand of certain models (or the hands of both in some) and can help stop or slow the saw by tangling the chain should it come into contact.

The gloves must also be treated with hydrophobic treatment to ensure that they are able to keep away water or oil.

Outer Layer

Good quality Chainsaw gloves are comfortable and shield anyone from sustaining a chainsaw injury. The quality is contingent on the kind of material that is used to create the outer and inner parts of the gloves. On the marketplace, there are a variety of types of chainsaw gloves on the market.

The most popular material is leather, nylon, and spandex. Lycra fabrics. These materials provide a comfortable natural touch to the hands and protect them from injury.

The leather is commonly used in high-end gloves. It is soft to the skin and isn’t cut easily. The non-slip surface of the leather is suitable for use regardless of the weather.

Inner Fabric


The fabric inside acts as a second layer of protection protecting your hands. The fabric must be durable, which means it won’t easily break. If cut, the fabric needs to be long enough for it to be able to be tangled in the chainsaw chain.

Kevlar is the most preferred type of material because it is lightweight and durable. You can feel the strength of Kevlar since it is often used to make helmets and vests that are bulletproof.

The inside fabric also absorbs the vibration of the chainsaw which helps reduce fatigue, while also providing the user with a more secure grip on the chainsaw. Anti-vibration functions are very important for every worker. 


A lot of people wear these gloves outside. This means they can work with all kinds of weather conditions like snow and rain. The gloves with waterproof protection stop cold water from leaking into the glove. The glove stays cool and dry.

Extra Inner Lining

The inner lining is extra and gives an extra layer of protection in the event that your outer layer of Kevlar fabric fails to stop the chainsaw’s blade completely. The inner lining is extremely tight and stops the chain from moving before it comes in contact with your hand.

A majority of individuals are left-handed. This increases the chance for the right hand to come into contact with chains. Make sure it has an additional layer of protection to the left hand.

If you’re left-handed Find out whether it comes with an additional layer of protection for your right hand.

Meets Safety Standards

chainsaw gloves 2

If you’re purchasing safety equipment, it is important to be confident that it’s tested and that it meets certain quality standards.

You can purchase non-branded inexpensive chainsaw safety gloves with no assurance of their quality. It’s unwise to risk it in case they aren’t able to protect you when you require it.

The quality of the glove is evaluated according to EN as well as ANSI standards for safety. To be certified as safe the glove must undergo a series of rigorous tests to demonstrate that it is able to stop chainsaw motion at a particular speed.

The EN ratings are a quality-assurance standard provided to the European Union. There are three possible EN ratings for gloves, including EN 381, EN 388, and EN 420.

It is determined by the glove capacity to stop cutting blades of the chainsaw moving at a varying speed. The more highly rated gloves provide better protection against chainsaws that move at a rapid speed.

If you reside within North America, then you may come across gloves accredited through the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).


The feature to reduce vibrations in the gloves lets you continue working for longer periods of time without making your hands exhausted. This improves safety since you are less likely to risk your chainsaws falling off your fingers or falling off while working.

Abrasion Resistance

The gloves with an abrasion resistance that is high will last longer. When you operate chainsaws, they produce many cuttings and sawdust. The debris travels at a high speed, and it hits the glove.

The multiple layers of gloves protect you from injuries and discomfort. However, frequent hitting decreases the durability of the glove.

A glove that is abrasion-resistant lasts longer and can be measured on a scale of one to four. This is determined by putting the glove through multiple times of abrasion by using sandpaper under an exact pressure.

Cut and Tear Resistance

You do not want sharp wooden chips or chainsaw blades to puncture and tear the glove. The resistance to cutting for the gloves is assessed using a scale of 1 to 5. It’s determined by the number of cycles required to cut through the outer layers that make up the outer layer of the glove.

The tear resistance is a measure of the strength of gloves. It’s evaluated on a scale ranging from 1 to 4 depending on the force required in order to tear the glove.



The correct fitting of the glove into your hand is vital. A wrong fitting can cause the glove to lose its effectiveness. the glove. A large-sized glove for your hand can cause you to struggle to get an adequate hold on the saw.

The too-tight glove hinders the movement of fingers. In addition, it reduces the flow of blood to your hands, which could result in losing the grasp on your chainsaw.

Consider how big your hand is before selecting the glove. Also, you should allow some space in order to accommodate the size of gloves and the type of material used in construction. Some gloves permit you to stretch them to get the perfect fitting.

Extra Palm Padding

It’s an option of the chainsaw glove however, it increases the user’s comfort. The additional padding on the palm helps lessen the vibration of the chainsaw. It decreases the pressure gripping the chainsaw’s handle which in turn reduces fatigue.

Do they conform to EN standards?

What are EN standards? Do you have the same question? It’s a quality assurance that is set through the European Union. To comply with the EN standards the item has to go through rigorous tests and be approved by one of the three European Standardization Organizations (ESOs) which are ETSI, CEN, or CENELEC.

When selecting your chainsaw gloves, make sure to look at the top three EN standards: EN 381-7. EN 388 and EN 420.

Cut Resistance

An item of glove that is described as resistant to cutting can be used to handle sharp objects, without causing injury to your hands.

The EN 388 test measures the resistance to cutting on a scale of 1 to 5 by determining the number of cycles needed to cut through the outer layer of a particular glove.

Abrasion Resistance

A quality piece of chainsaw glove must also possess superior resistance to abrasion. Because sawdust and chips may come in contact with your glove, which causes them to degrade over time, it’s best to choose gloves that are able to withstand prolonged friction.

What Is The Function Of Chainsaw Gloves?

chainsaw gloves

In terms of wearing personal safety equipment (PPE) that you wear when working with the chainsaw, gloves for chainsaws are crucial.

These gloves are made up of several layers of fabric that ensure your safety by focusing according to two fundamentals:

  • The Outer Layer
    It is there to shield the gloves from the injury that could affect the inside (filler) fabric. It is placed to safeguard you from the effects of environmental hazards and is typically puncture, abrasion, and cut-resistant chainsaw gloves.
  • The Layer that is the Inner Layer
    The inside of chainsaw gloves consists of loose, long fibers which protect your hands from being injured by the chainsaw’s chain. The fibers in the top chainsaw gloves come from various materials such as Polar, Kevlar, and nylon.

If the chainsaw comes into contact with the gloves it will cut the outer layer and expose those fibers within.

The inner fibers are wrapped around the drive sprockets of the chainsaw to form an unbreakable lock that stops the chain from moving.

This easy, yet effective design could drastically decrease the severity of any injury that could happen to your hand.

Remember that once the chainsaw glove is removed and fibers stopped, you’ll have to buy new gloves.

Furthermore, the chainsaw needs to be field-separated so that the fibers are eliminated from the chain sprocket as well as the chain. This is all it takes to make sure that the chainsaw continues to function in a proper manner.

If you want to know which is the best electric chainsaw – ultimate guide for you given in this article.

You can clearly see that chainsaw gloves are an extremely important piece of personal safety equipment that will prevent you in the event of losing your limb or needing stitches to repair large cuts to your flesh.

Final Verdict

If you’re a chainsaw user one of the most important tools that you’ll require within your arsenal is a great pair of chainsaw gloves to ensure your security. If you’re looking to purchase the latest chainsaw, you’ll want to purchase high-quality chainsaw gloves, too.

There’s an array of chainsaw safety gloves that you can choose from, which can be difficult to choose the proper pair. With our simple buying guide, it will be a breeze to have the easy task of finding the ideal glove for you.

If you’re not willing to go through the tedious selection process, you could choose one of the 8 top-quality pairs we’ve selected to present to you below and prepare yourself for a comfortable and more secure chainsaw operation.

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