What Size Chainsaw Do I Need – Useful Easy Tips 2023

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need - 7+ Helpful Tips

When you buy a gas powered chainsaw, in most cases it comes with a factory-made size chainsaw headset. This is usually the optimum size for the particular machine. Therefore, when replacing with a new bar length you should rely on the version that came as standard. The guide bar has to fit exactly with the rest of the chainsaw and the pole saw as a whole.

The easiest way to find a bar length is to take a sample to the store. An experienced salesman can easily identify the right option, even from a sample of a standard chain or the name of the gas powered chainsaw. In addition, the manufacturer indicates the dimensions directly on the body or in the manual of the tool.

If for some reason none of these small options, then we suggest you delve into the basic parameters and dimensions that a chainsaw do I need tire has and read this publication further.

How to Choose the Right Size Chainsaw

What size chainsaw do I need? One of the most important parameters for a chainsaw is its size. The longer the bar lengths, the larger the diameter of the trees you can cut with the tool. However, this does not mean that you can install a long on a light duty chainsaw and cut thick logs. The bar lengths must have a relationship to the less powerful.

This is interesting! The technical description of each chainsaw do I need model specifies the optimal longitude that the manufacturer recommends to use. Installation of a smaller or larger size part will lead to faster wear of the chainsaw headset and tool mechanisms.

chainsaw is cutting the log

If you cannot find the machine’s data sheet, a simple way to find out the recommended length for your particular electric chainsaws model is to measure your old. How to measure the length of the powered chainsaw, not many specialists know? To find out the length of the guide on the chainsaw, you need to use a tape measure, and measure the distance from the end (nose) to the beginning of the cut.

You can also find the length from the description which is usually shown on the side of the headset. However, the lettering will fade over time, so this method is appropriate if you can read the information. By measuring the length, an appropriately sized chainsaw headset can be purchased for the gas powered tool. Why can’t a long bar and chain be used on a less powerful chainsaw? There are enough reasons for this, and we can describe them in the form of a list:

  1. Lack of engine power, which will affect the cutting speed
  2. Increased fuel consumption due to higher output
  3. Rapid engine and consumable wear and tear
  4. Improper oil cycling for lubrication, resulting in overheated headsets and rapid failure

How Do You Know What Size Chainsaw to Get

If you don’t want your electric chainsaw to fail quickly, you should use an appropriately sized saw headset. In order to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of the tool you should choose the chain according to the capacity of the chainsaw. The unit of measure used for length is the 20 inches of the table of contents.

In addition to the length, the slot width must also be taken into consideration. How does it affect the performance of the tool?

A wide groove on the guide is able to withstand high chain loads. Wide slot widths are used on professional and semi-professional tools

Narrow slots are used on low-power domestic and semi-professional machines that are designed for light loads

For the appropriate groove width, it is important to choose the type of chain.


It has been said in the materials that the tire is one of the most important parts of the chainsaw do I need. If this part fails, it is extremely dangerous to use the chainsaw. At any time, the chain can jump off and cause serious consequences. It’s another matter when a new has just been purchased and installed on the chainsaw. The disadvantage of it is that it was not purchased in a brand store, but in the market under an unknown brand and a very low price. Finding a cheap tire on a chainsaw today is not difficult, but is it worth buying such a headset? Of course not, and this is what it can lead to.

First of all, non-original products wear out very quickly, which leads to the need for frequent replacement

The chain will also wear out at the same time as the guide, and must be replaced.

One side of a counterfeit saw guide often wears down, making it impossible to make a straight cut or straight cut.

Fracture is the most complicated and dangerous extended periods, because if the bar breaks, the chain will break, rotating at more than 10,000 rpm.

The Proper Size for a Gas Powered Chainsaw

What size chainsaw do I need? Chain pitch is the distance between the centers of adjacent links. It is one of the main parameters. In practice the pitch is measured as the distance between the centers of the first and third rivets in a row. The pitch determines the size of the link: the bigger the pitch, the longer and wider the link. As the pitch increases, the distance between the cutting teeth increases.

These circumstances mean that as the pitch increases so does the productivity, but so does the effort required for sawing. It is therefore directly related to the capacity of the chainsaw itself.

chainsaw Remington

Chains are available in five different pitches. This parameter is usually expressed in inches longer, and its value is indicated on the side of any chainsaw. The following pitches are used:

  • 0,25 inches (1/4);
  • 0,325 inches;
  • 0,375 (3/8);
  • 0,404;
  • 0.75 (3/4) inch.

For residential chainsaws, chains with a pitch of 0.325 (for 3-hp chainsaws) and 0.375 (4-hp chainsaws) inches are common. The 0.404-inch pitch is used in professional chainsaws of at least 5.5 hp. The zero. two inches and 0.75 inches pitches are very rarely used nowadays.

The choice of pitch is determined by the purpose of the chainsaw. If you plan light cutting small pieces of wood (lumber, thin logs, etc.) or trim branches and limbs, a 0.325 inches pitch is recommended.

Bars for circular chainsaw do I need are much rarer than for saws. Their peculiarity is that they are very rarely supplied with the sawing tool, as is usually the case with chainsaws and electric saws. You have to buy them additionally, but there are peculiarities among them as well.

The circular saw is a profiled metal, usually aluminum, strip on which the circular saw is mounted and moves along it like a railroad car. In order to prevent the bar from need to cut on the material to be worked, it is provided with rubber or other inserts on the underside, as well as brackets, which may not be included in the kit.

The last thing that catches your eye when choosing a chainsaw is the size of the bars: it is the size of the bars that determines how big a log can be cutting firewood and trees. The longitude of the chainsaw bar is one of the most important parameters that affect the convenience, speed and safety.

That is why it is very important to know – how to measure chainsaw bar. This characteristic must be coordinated with the working capacity of the chainsaw engine, which is why any serious manufacturer indicates the recommended tire longitude parameter in the technical passport of its products.

What is the risk in using too long or too short tires? To begin with, it is absolutely impossible to exceed the tire size recommended by the chainsaw manufacturer. A smaller size using a chainsaw is allowed within reasonable limits, but is also not recommended: there is an opinion that a shorter chain provides less load on the tool, but it should be remembered that this causes serious damage to the saw headset. The permissible deviation extended periods must necessarily be specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation supplied with the chainsaw.

chainsaw is cutting the log

What size chainsaw do I need? Long chainsaw bars are more convenient when working with substantial material, for example, to make a deep cut in a thick log. However, using a long in combination with a low-powered machine will give one disappointment: the engine capacity will not be enough to rotate the crankshaft, and, therefore, fast sawing will simply be impossible. The sawing process will be slow, the gasoline consumption will be increased, the engine will be worn out instantly. A shorter length with the right sizes chainsaw power will ensure a high sawing speed and will be optimal for use in work with small trees or planks.

The longitude of the new is determined by the capacity and torque rating of the power unit.

Сhainsaw size models in the small and medium power range are fitted with bars between 30 and 40 cm in longitude.

Longer sets put excessive loads on the engine and the kinematics of the tool, which adversely affects its traction characteristics and operating life.

The enclosed instruction manual specifies the recommended guide bar length. This means that you can use a shorter bar, but there are some restrictions on the use of a longer inch bar.

Professional-level chainsaws are equipped with power units whose power allows them to take advantage of heavy duty guide bars sizes up to 75 cm in longitude. Often the bar size in centimeters and inches longer is printed on the side of the inch bar.

Useful Tips: What Chainsaw Do I Need? 

This video is about what size chainsaw is best for you. You will be able to estimate whether it will be comfortable for you to use the device of the selected size.

If Your Chainsaw Size is Too Long

The answer to this question can be taken from the official website of the leading heavy duty chainsaw manufacturer Stihl. The question has been asked repeatedly to the manufacturer and the answer from Stihl can be well guided.

Although, as Stihl itself admits, heavy duty chainsaws with larger tires look both powerful and quite aggressive, there are a number of nuances that should be taken into account. First of all, it is the weight and balance of the tool. The same Stihl is always balanced just perfectly and this ensures that the tool works quickly, accurately and with high quality. If you install larger, the balance will be out of balance and the weight of the saw will increase considerably.


In addition, along with the increased weight and loss of balance, productivity will be severely lost as much of the power will go to that overly larger sizes and overly heavy guide bar. The gas chainsaw motor is designed for the tire recommended by the manufacturer. If the requirements are not met, normal motor operation will be impaired.

The conclusion from this will be one thing – if a chainsaw size is fitted with a larger tire than provided, its owner will be completely impossible not only to enjoy the work, but even to normally use the chainsaw and its technical capabilities. Such modifications are fraught with failure of the chainsaw sizes engine and expensive repairs as a result. It is preferable to install only tires that have been recommended by the manufacturer.

This will ensure stable and quality work of the tool for many years.

The guide bar of a domestic category using a chainsaw is 1.1 or 1.3 mm wide. The same figure for professional models is 1.5-1.6 mm. A mismatch between the thickness of the chain shank and the width of the slot can initiate overheating of the headset and its premature failure. Another possibility is that the chain will fall out of the groove or break.

Similar consequences can occur when the chain brake and drive train pitch mismatch. In many chainsaw models, replacing the drive sprocket involves time-consuming disassembly of the clutch assembly. In some cases, service-repair level equipment is required.

The most popular sprocket and electric chainsaw pitch for pole saws under 3 hp. – 0.325 in. For professional chainsaws, a 3/8-inch pitch is common.

The drive sprocket is not centrally lubricated. This disadvantage is compensated by the high quality of the bearing, which must be lubricated every 8-10 hours of operation. A complete replacement of the driven tire sprocket is only possible in an equipped workshop.

What Size Chainsaw Do You Need

The longitude is one of the main characteristics of the use a chainsaw guide. It affects the functionality of the tool and must match the power of the motor. The longer bar, the large trees can be cutting with it. You should not put a longer guide bar on the electric chainsaw than the manufacturer allows, because this increases the load on the motor and therefore shortens the life of the tool.

The maximum possible longitude of the cutting bar is specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation. If for some reason you cannot find the tool’s datasheet, you can measure the length of the guide bar with your own hands.

How to measure the longitude of a chainsaw guide bar? All you need is a construction tape measure. You need to measure with it the distance from the end to the beginning of the tire cutout. This will be the longitude. A simpler way is to look at the side of the tire. But it is not always possible to read the information on the work surface, because the data is erased during the use of the right chainsaw, then you need to measure.

chainsaw is cutting the log

Buy the right size tire for your chainsaw cutting trees. Ignoring this small requirement leads to such consequences:

  1. Reduced sawing speed due to lack of motor power;
  2. Increased consumption of fuel and gasoline mixture due to the increased load on the power unit;
  3. Acceleration of natural wear of engine components and consumables;
  4. Malfunctions of the oil pump, which leads to overheating of the electric chainsaws headset.

When buying a chainsaw tire, consider the important factor:

  1. Give preference to original brand products of the same manufacturer as the chainsaw;
  2. Determine the longitude correctly with a tape measure, but it is still more reliable to look at the marking or in the passport of the tool;
  3. Do not skimp on quality, because cheap consumables quickly thin out, thus violating their integrity.

Not only the performance and usability of the chainsaw, but also the health of the operator depends on the quality of the parts. The most dangerous consequence of using low-quality tires is their fracture during work with trees. At high speed, a broken part can cause serious injury to the operator. That’s why it’s so important to buy the quality brand-name consumables.

Also useful to read: Best cheap chainsaws – review for the buyer.


The right guide saw with the right quality is the key to a stable operation and a straight cutting job. Our experience shows that customers do not always choose a premium guide bar from manufacturers like STIHL or HUSQVARNA. This is because of the high price. Since there is a 15-30% difference between a premium manufacturer’s chains and the Chinese counterpart’s high quality, most people tend to go for the former and the higher quality. A similar cost difference of 2-3 times makes you think, and usually in favor of the cheaper counterpart. Of course, the premium will last longer, but also qualitative Chinese tires CHAMPION or REZER have a decent service life.


Everyone relies on the ability of their own pockets, so it is up to you to decide whether to overpay or not and how much you need this resource. Have good cutting jobs!

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    Fully agree with you. Because it is considered the most comfortable size for light-use chainsaws. For regular use professionals choose chainsaw with a 20-inch-long cutting bar.

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