How We Understand When To Replace Chainsaw Chain

9 Useful Tips When To Replace Chainsaw Chain

If you want to perform cutting tasks efficiently and without any obstacles, you have to maintain your chainsaw regularly. You need to sharpen its teeth, oil the needed parts and store it in a suitable place and circumstances. But in any case the chain can be worn out, so you should understand when to replace chainsaw chain to be able to apply your chainsaw effectively.

We have decided to gather all the necessary information concerning the procedure of chainsaw chain replacement so you won’t need to buy a brand new chainsaw and will just have to choose a new chain.

How Long A Usual Chainsaw Chain Can Be Applied

All chainsaws get worn out after some period of use, but this period is different for each kind of a chainsaw.Typically high quality chains can serve for a decade when they are used regularly and about 5 years if they are extensively implemented. In addition to this, the level of their maintenance plays an important role.

chain for chainsaw

What Can Reduce The Time Of The Chainsaw Chain Operation

We are going to name four features which can cause damage to your chain quickly. In order to prolong the life of the chain you have to avoid them. Besides, you should follow the safety precautions concerning working with chainsaws.

chainsaw is cutting the log

Bumping Into Rocks

When you cut somewhere close to the ground, it can easily happen that the cutters of your chainsaw dip into dirt or rocks. If this happens, it can make the cutters worn out too fast, so you won’t be able to use the instrument correctly.

chainsaw is cutting the log deeply

Meeting A Nail

Usually trees are applied for creating fences around houses. Therefore, it can often happen that we find some metallic objects like nails on the trees you are going to cut. You should do your cutting tasks really carefully in order to avoid bumping into a nail, which can immediately damage the chainsaw.

chainsaw is cutting the log straight

Cutting Through Ice

If you apply your instrument in cold temperatures, you should be rather careful since there can be frozen wood and ice. Although the chainsaw can still cut through this, your chain can be worn out by ice. Frozen wood is also hazardous since it looks like ordinary wood but it’s harder because of ice inside, so you should be really careful.

chainsaw is cutting the round log

The Incorrect Choice And Amount Of Oil

Oil as a lubricant helps to reduce the heat and prevent the chainsaw from getting heated too much, so the tool can operate precisely and efficiently. In other words, you should carefully choose the oil as well as implement it as often as it is needed.

chainsaw Makita


If you clean and oil your chain incorrectly, it can result in the appearance of rast. In addition to this, if you store your chainsaw in some not suitable circumstances, it can rust even more quickly. Of course, your chainsaw should be kept in some place where it won’t be influenced by weather.

chainsaw OREGON

Useful Tips: How Long Does a Chainsaw Chain Last?

This video is about how long does a chainsaw chain lasts. Chainsaw chain life or when to replace a chainsaw chain is determined by the amount of material available, your chainsaw operation, and your ability to properly sharpen a chainsaw chain. A cheap vs expensive chainsaw chain can or will be determined by your chainsaw practices but the best chainsaw for cutting firewood or any wood is a sharp chainsaw chain and in this video, you will learn a couple of things to think about and 1 or 2 chainsaw sharpening tips.

How To Understand Whether It Is Time To Replace A Chainsaw Chain

If your chainsaw chain doesn’t obtain the date of expiration, you can try to pay attention to several factors which should be considered in order to make sure that you need to replace the chain. We have decided to collect them for you, so you could understand when your tool is worn out and when it is necessary to replace the chainsaw chain.chainsaw Rotatech

Searching The Dents On The Chainsaw Chain

When your chainsaw bumps into nails or rocks, it can receive various dents. Sometimes they can be removed by sharpening, so you can use a chainsaw sharpener to deal with small dents But if they are too big, the only thing you can do is to replace the chain.Chainsaw Stihl

Looking For Rust On The Chain

If you fail to keep your instrument in the needed circumstances, you can receive some rust on it. You always have to remember that you can’t do anything with already appeared rust, so you will need to to replace the chain. Of course, you can prevent it by cleaning your chainsaw regularly and using oil as much as it is needed.chainsaw chain

Bad Cutting Activity

If your chainsaw doesn’t cut properly, you can understand that your chain is worn out. You have to sharpen your chain regularly so as to keep your chainsaw efficient, otherwise, it won’t work is going with chainsaw in a forest

Bouncing And Rattles

If during the process of cutting you notice that your chain rattles or bounces, it needs replacement. A bouncing chain has a bad influence on the procedure of cutting and its results.chainsaw Remington

The Safety Lines On The Chain

Safety lines happen to be the marks to which chains can be sharpened. If you go beyond these lines, the chain can break into pieces, which is more possible during applying the chainsaw. It can cause injuries, so you definitely have to check these marks regularly and replace the chain if is cutting the log with chainsaw

Uneven Cutting

If your chainsaw starts to cut not so evenly or smoothly, you can usually sharpen the chainsaw and improve the quality of cutting. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to think of the chain replacement so you can be sure that your chainsaw will cut precisely and is cutting the round log with a chainsaw


If you notice that the chainsaw produces smoke when applying it, you can be assured that the teeth of the chain have become dull. Initially, the instrument has been developed to cope with hard cutting tasks, so simple friction can’t do any harm. But if the teeth are worn out, the saw starts operating with excessive friction, causing the hazard of overheating.smoke in chainsaw

But we also would like to mention that in such a situation don’t hurry to replace or sharpen the chain. You have to make sure that all the other elements of your instrument operate perfectly and that the chain tension is correct. After this, if there is still some smoke, then you should consider the chain replacement.

Saw Dust Becomes Not Typical

You should also keep an eye on the sawdust produced by your chainsaw. If during the process of cutting your chain gives off fine dust instead of normal coarse strands, you should pay more attention to the condition of your chain and sharpen or change is cutting the log with chainsaw at night

Your Chain Is Losing Teeth

A good sign that you need to buy a new chain for your chainsaw is when you see some broken, damaged or even lost teeth on your chain. This problem can’t be solved by sharpening, so you will definitely need to choose a brand new chain. Actually, it may seem strange that we include this point into our list, but we can surprise you by the fact how many chainsaw users forget about this important feature wanting to solve the issue is cutting the log with chainsaw WORX

What Else You Should Know About The Chain Replacement

We have also decided to talk about several things which we believe to be good to know for every chainsaw to replace the chain

How Often You Should Sharpen Your Chainsaw

Of course, you should regularly examine your chainsaw and sharpen it in case you see that it is becoming dull. Moreover, there are typical recommendations to sharpen the teeth of your chain each time after applying the chainsaw for five hours. If you do so, you can prevent your chainsaw from cutting chain

How Many Times The Chainsaw Chain Can Be Sharpened

Even a user of some high quality chainsaw can notice that his instrument is wearing out and needs regular maintenance since sharpening helps it to be more effective and convenient in use. We want to say that there isn’t an officially stated quantity of possible sharpenings, but it is usually recommended to get the chain sharpened about five times and only then consider its to sharpen a chainsaw chain

Of course, you should always remember that the way you apply and how often you apply your chainsaw will have an influence on the quantity of sharpenings. And if your chainsaw often hits the dirs or ground, it gets dull more quickly.

How You Can Sharpen Your Chain

Of course, before you decide to replace the chain, you should check whether the problem can be solved with sharpening.

There are two methods how we can sharpen the chain, which are to do it manually with a special file guide or to use an electric chainsaw sharpener. Both of them you can do yourself or go to some local chainsaw store and get this done for you.

how to replace chainsaw chain

We have decided to tell more about each of these ways so you can get acquainted with each method and know more about how they affect a chain’s life expectancy.

  • Applying A Manual Sharpener

A typical file guide happens to be an instrument with many files inside, which is constructed to sharpen chain cutters and guides with the correct angle.

It is recommended to use this sharpener with one or two swipes along the chain each time you fuel up your chainsaw to prevent the chain from getting dull. If you notice that the teeth are losing their sharpness, you can add some extra swipes to keep the chainsaw efficient.

  • Using An Electric Chainsaw Sharpener

If you obtain such a sharpener, a portable one or a stationary one, and you know how to apply them, you can do the sharpening yourself. Nevertheless, for some people it’s easier to pay for their chain being sharpened, so they choose to take their chain to a local chainsaw store.

However, we all have to take into account that such sharpeners work really well, but they also take off too much material, so they make the life of your chain shorter, even though it gets sharp and efficient.

Usually you can understand that it’s time to use a grinder when you have already fueled up your chainsaw for forty times. After such an amount of implementations your chain needs to be sharpened well to keep efficient and convenient in use.

Although it seems that forty fuel-ups is too long before applying a grinder, you should always keep in mind that professional sharpeners reduce the operating time of the chain. And, in addition to this, you can do such a sharpening four or five times and then you will need the chain replacement.

And, of course, if you use your chainsaw in some hard works or bump into some dirt, it may become necessary to use a grinder more rapidly.

How To Prevent Rust On Your Chainsaw Chain

If your chainsaw chain gets rusty, you can’t use it anymore. Therefore, in order to prolong your chain’s life, you have to do everything to prevent rust from to replace a chainsaw chain alone

You can never face this problem if you maintain and store your chainsaw correctly. We have decided to cover 4 main tips which you should follow if you want to keep your chainsaw efficient and convenient. They are the following:

  • You should regularly clean the chain and the bar. For this you take off the face plate and then wash the sprocket, the chain and the bar track.
  • Don’t forget about the chain and bar oil. You should apply it after each chainsaw cleaning. You don’t have to do anything but put the oil to the oil tank and start the chainsaw with running its chain for several seconds. We have to remember that usually chainsaws are constructed with the oiler which works when the chainsaw operates and the chain moves.
  • Many chainsaws are sold with a special scabbard which covers the bar. In order to keep your chainsaw safe you should store it with its scabbard put on. It prevents bumps, dings and dust as well as protects users from accidental injuries.
  • The last but not least thing is that you must store your chainsaw in some building, as well as a garage, a shed or a barn but not outside. You should make sure that the weather won’t affect your instrument.

Why Chains Become Dull Rapidly

If the chain gets dull, it is not really convenient and it is rather challenging to use the chainsaw. But you don’t have to do it since you can solve this issue.chainsaw is cutting the log

If your chain is worn out really fast, there must be some reasons for it. If you avoid them, your chainsaw will stay sharp for a longer period of time. The reasons are the following:

  • You cut some dirty wood or hit the ground with the tip of the chainsaw blade;
  • You choose a really steep angle on your cutters;
  • The rakers are set in the wrong position;
  • You apply the inappropriate sharpener for your chain.

Is The Replacement Of The Chainsaw Bar Needed

Most chainsaw specialists and professional users recommend replacing the bar regularly so you can prevent some injuries and keep your chainsaw safe from being damaged. The best way is to replace the bar and the chain in one time when it is necessary.chainsaw Notch

How To Make Sure You Have Placed Your Chainsaw Chain Right

You should always be really careful with chainsaws since they are rather sophisticated instruments and can be rather dangerous especially if their users don’t maintain them regularly and correctly. In order to avoid injuries every user should follow safety precautions for chainsaw users and take care of their instruments.

chainsaw Hasqvarna

If you take off the chain for getting it sharpened or replace your chain, when you put it back you must be sure that you place it onto the bar correctly. It is highly essential since if you put the chain back wrong, your chainsaw won’t be able to cut efficiently and, in addition to this, can cause some injuries.

We have decided to cover the steps which are necessary for making sure that your chain is set right onto the chainsaw bar. They are the following:

  1. You should look at the chainsaw from the top side first. Since the chain spins in the clockwise direction, you have to install the chain so that the sharp edges face in that direction. In other words, sharp edges should point away from the chainsaw motor when they are on the top side of the instrument.
  2. When you look at the tool from the bottom side, you may see that the chain is rotated by the motore in a circular motion zand feed the chain back into the body of the instrument. From this we can understand that the teeth of the chain face away when they are at the top of the rotation, but at the bottom the teeth have to meet you. If it’s not like that, you should remove the chain and put it back again in the right direction.
  3. If your chainsaw chain is already installed but you are still not sure whether it is put on properly, you should try to cut some wood log. It is something called a troubleshoot. If you see that during cutting the chain rattles or you notice some burning and smoking, this means that the chain on your chainsaw is installed incorrectly and you immediately have to stop and do everything again correctly. Another thing which will show that you have to redo the installation is when your chainsaw cuts too slowly. Of course you should be sure that the teeth are sharp enough, so in this situation the problem will be solved by reinstalling the chain without mistakes.

In Closing

We again would like to point out that it’s highly essential to replace chainsaw bars and chains regularly since it’s really dangerous to use dull instruments. Moreover, such tools are less efficient and have worse cutting performance.

Chainsaw DeWalt

We all should remember that if you maintain your chainsaw regularly by sharpening and lubricating it, you will be able to use your chainsaw longer and with high efficiency and comfort. Of course, you should try not to bump into metal or some dirt so as not to get your chain dull more quickly.

Correct storage is also vital so that the chainsaw doesn’t get rusty.

We hope that this article will help you with the question of how often you have to replace a chainsaw chain and why and when you have to do it.

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