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Where Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made - 10+ Useful Facts

Husqvarna AB is one of the leaders in the modern chainsaw market. It produces more than 20 popular models of gasoline chain saws, varying in power and purpose, as well as other products, such as sewing machines and equipment for a watering area.

In this article we will talk about where the manufacturing plants of the Sweden based brand are located, what models are popular today. Let’s consider the construction of chainsaws Husqvarna, features of equipment and motor life. Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made?

Are Husqvarna Products Made in USA?

The history Husqvarna started made begins in 1689, making it one of the oldest companies in Swedish history. At that time, the Swedish company was not engaged in the development of chainsaws, but was focused on the    assembly of muskets, belonged to the defense industry, with some of the products being exhibits of the Husqvarna museum today, including their last rifle and first chainsaw.

Much later, after the industrial revolution, somewhere around 1920, the Sweden based brand was one of the first to launch the production of chain saws with two-stroke gasoline engines and was a pioneer in this field for a few years after that.

Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? From that moment on its rapid development began and resulted in a wide range of chain saws available to the users all over the world. Until recently, all Husqvarna chainsaws made in southern Sweden, where it currently has the Husqvarna museum; today the brand makes Husqvarna chainsaws in manufacturing plants in foreign and domestic locations in different countries of the world: USA (based in Valley City and Virginia Beach), Brazil, France, Poland and China, as well as Scandinavian countries.

Husqvarna owns several brands under which domestic models of chainsaws and other tools, like backyard tools, diamond tools, outdoor products, kitchen equipment and sewing machines are sold. Now they even sell a remote controlled demolition robot and a solar powered robotic lawnmower for demanding lawns lines of products!

husqvarna chainsaw

You can find information on where the Sweden based company makes Husqvarna chainsaws on the Husqvarna group US site or by looking at the nameplate on the chainsaw.

New models made and tested in Sweden. Representatives of the head office, as well as warehousing and storage center of the Swedish company oversee production in other countries. This makes it possible to supply the consumer with the necessary amount of finished products, while maintaining high quality.

How a Husqvarna Chainsaw Is Constructed

Now that we know where are Husqvarna chainsaws made, we can dive deep into the details of chainsaw technology. The typical assembly diagram of a Husqvarna chainsaw is almost identical to that used by competitors. The main assemblies of a chainsaw are:

  • Engine
  • The body
  • Handles
  • Saw bar with a chain

In turn, each of these several components is assembled from a variety of a Husqvarna chainsaw parts that differ in appearance and functionality.

All saws made and equipped with a two-stroke engine with an electronic ignition system. The carburetor is a membrane carburetor with the ability to work in any position in space.

husqvarna chainsaw

The Husqvarna saws made of impact-resistant plastic. It is not afraid of temperature fluctuations and is  adapted to the harsh climate of different countries, holding up its brand promise. In the front, on almost all models, there is a tank for the adhesive lubrication of the chain.

Important! In some models under the brand of Husqvarna, the engine sump is mounted in the housing from the manufacturing plant, this causes inconvenience during overhaul.

The starter of Husqvarna chainsaws is mounted on the flywheel side and is part of the housing. The chain brake cover is mounted on the right side; it also holds the saw headset.

Every Husqvarna chainsaw has two handles that the operator holds while working. The front handle saws are manufactured of plastic-coated aluminum in the Husqvarna manufacturing facilities. In the back are the controls and the fuel tank.

The front handle of Husqvarna models is rigidly mounted to the main body, using self-cutters for attachment. The rear handle is connected to the body through metal shock absorbers, this scheme allows to reduce vibration. The device of the Husqvarna saws does not differ from the classic scheme of execution, but has a number of advantages in the form of technological features over its competitors outside Sweden.

Technical Features And Functions of Chainsaws Made

Husqvarna engineers are constantly improving their models. Over the years, they have accumulated many technical developments, which are used in almost all Husqvarna models. Let’s take a closer look at each advantage that makes Husqvarna chainsaws so good and better than its competitor chainsaw brands: Stihl chainsaws and Poulan chainsaws.

Air Injection

The system of Husqvarna chainsaws is designed to increase the chainsaw’s operating time without maintenance on the air filter. Additionally, by reducing the load on the filter element, as it gets less sawdust and debris, the system extends its service life. The essence of Air Injection is an air pre-filtering by a centrifugal cleaning system. It is installed on almost all modern Husqvarna models.

Improved Engine Crankcase

The engine crankcaseof Husqvarna chainsaws is under tremendous strain during operation, so the material it is manufactured of must be strong. Aluminum, while light and soft, is not strong enough. Husqvarna engineers have developed a special magnesium-aluminum alloy that is highly durable, but at the same time does not lose the original qualities of aluminum.

This approach increased durability and made the power cutter lighter compared to Tanaka’s chainsaw components, as well as Dolmar chainsaws made in the original Dolmar factory (even after Makita acquired Dolmar) McCulloch chainsaws and Remington chainsaws (USA based).

The Oil Pump

No one is surprised today by the chain lubrication control system of Husqvarna chainsaws, but at the time of the first chainsaw models with this feature it was a serious advantage which still makes husqvarna chainsaws stand above other brands outside Sweden, starting a miniature industrial revolution.

The first chainsaw model is even featured in the Husqvarna museum with their last rifle! This development, one of the most useful, because the redesigned saw not only saves lubricants, but also prolongs the life of the saw headset.

Important! When the redesigned saw headset works under conditions of lack of lubrication it heats up and wears out several times faster than under normal working conditions. This gives it an edge over its competitors: Makita chainsaws manufactured in various Makita plants, Tanaka chainsaws, Stihl and Parker chainsaws (USA based).

chainsaw is cutting the log

Filter Fastening

Not the newest, but also an interesting development of the Husqvarna engineers, is that the company includes manufacturing a fastening system for the filter element. The quick-release filter, which requires no tools to remove, is convenient. At any time, the user can remove the air filter within a minute, clean out the coarse sawdust and put it back in. No need to carry a screwdriver or special wrench for cleaning with this brand.

Marking the Direction Of the Swath

Another small development aimed at comfortable use of the power cutter. On the body of the saw of the brand, more precisely on the starter motor and the top cover, there is a technological molding, which is manufactured in USA at an angle of 900 to the bar, giving it an advantage above its competitors, such as Stihl products, Echo chainsaws, Craftsman chainsaws, MTD products and Jonsered chainsaws.

This way, the operator can control the direction while felling the tree.

Tip! For more information on how to correctly fell trees and use the direction indicator, please refer to the owner’s manual.

husqvarna chainsaw


X-Torq Technology is a breakthrough box ticked in the history of the two-stroke engine. Husqvarna engineers have manufactured the X-Torq chainsaw components as an environmentally friendly and fuel efficient system, but at a price that is slightly lower in relation to engine displacement, but it is well worth it.

In order to understand the essence of the technology, we will tell a little about the principle of operation of the two-stroke engine. In all previously developed engines, the blowing of the cylinder after the combustion of fuel was carried out with a new portion of the fuel-air mixture. Thus, a certain amount of unburned mixture went into the muffler and further into the atmosphere. Such losses were considered normal until Husqvarna engineers came up with an engine in which blowing was carried out with clean, atmospheric air.

To realize their vision, the engineers had to modernize not only the engine cylinder and piston, but also the carburetor. Additional channels were added, through which air enters the cylinder and only then a new portion of the fuel mixture enters. X-Torq technology is a patented system and fully owned by Husqvarna. It is not used on components sourced from other companies, not in USA, nor in any other country.

Smart Start

Another brand patented Husqvarna company technology that has become commonplace in the last few years. It eases how to start a Husqvarna chainsaw, designed to reduce the effort required to start the engine. According to Husqvarna, Smart Start reduces the starter’s resistance when starting the engine by 40 percent. Smart Start is realized by installing an additional spring that takes the initial force from the tension of the starter cord, then pulls off and turns the flywheel.

Auto Tune

It is the name of the system that controls the fuel mixture quality and quantity adjustments in the carburetor. In fact, this is what in a car is called an injector. A special chip installed in the chainsaw engine is connected to sensors on the carburetor and engine. The program in the chip takes readings from the sensors and based on these readings gives commands to the automatic adjustment system. Thus the maximum engine performance is reached in all conditions and modes and the necessity of the carburetor’s manual adjustment is eliminated.

You don’t need to close the choke to start the chainsaw with the AutoTune system, just turn the ignition on and pull the starter motor. The engine will start, adjust itself and after the first minutes it will be ready for productive work. The technology is expensive and for this reason is not yet installed on all models of Husqvarna brand, but it can be assumed that the system has a great future, as it really simplifies the chainsaw service.

Special Bar Nuts

Another development that will be useful to those who are always losing their bar nuts. Now it is impossible to lose them, because they cannot be removed.

Some people will find the system useless, but those who have ever irrevocably lost their nuts after tightening the chain will appreciate this development. We have reviewed the main features and functions of Husqvarna chainsaw technology, which are used on modern saws and are considered the most in demand.

Pros And Cons of Chainsaws Husqvarna Group

Talking about the product category of chainsaws, it is impossible not to touch on their pros and cons, because as you know, any tools have them and saws of Husqvarna is no exception. The general positive points associated with Husqvarna brand saws:

  • All models were developed taking into account the great experience and the experience of the engineers, and each new chainsaw is in some way superior to the previous one.
  • Products are manufactured only from quality materials and are tested in the brand laboratories for strength and durability.
  • The Sweden based brand is committed to long-term cooperation and support for the users of its tools, which is why it is constantly developing a network of specialist workshops and supplying the market with the necessary spare parts and consumables.

Now, what can be said about Husqvarna group on the negative side.

  • The products made in the Husqvarna manufacturing facilities are really expensive, although no doubt about the quality.
  • It is difficult to maintain chainsaws Husqvarna group on their own, because the tools have technical solutions aimed at the user to go to the service center. For example, carburetor adjustment screws with notches for a special key.
  • High cost of spare parts.
  • Constant updating of the model range, due to which sometimes there is confusion with spare parts when repairing chainsaws Husqvarna models.

Here we finish with the positive and negative points and move on to the discussion of motor life.

Husqvarna Group Lifespan

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exact information on the lifespan of specific Husqvarna models, because the manufacturer keeps it a secret. But Husqvarna makes a clear division of their saws into categories. There are three categories in total.

  • Household.
  • Professional.
  • Semi-professional, they are also called saws for agriculture.

Based on this division, we can conclude that the greatest motor life in professional models, because they are designed for daily work of 8 hours. Household models have the least, and saws for agriculture have average indicators. It is impossible to say exactly, we can only find out in practice, but it will take too much time.

Important! The service life of the chainsaw is not only affected by the quality of the parts from which it is manufactured, the oils used to prepare the fuel mixture are of great importance, as well as the frequency of maintenance of the tool.

Specific Models of Husqvarna Group Chainsaws

For the purposes of this article, let’s look at only the most popular chainsaw models under the Husqvarna, one from each group.

Without a doubt, the most popular chainsaw of the Husqvarna group in the household segment, was the Husqvarna 142 and its younger sister, the 137 model. Today, these saws are not produced, but at one time they were sold so much that even now the information on repair and maintenance of these models is relevant.

husqvarna chainsaw

The 142nd model had everything that a domestic class chainsaw needs – practicality and unpretentiousness. Power, enough for the tasks of the domestic segment and of course maintainability. People loved and love the Husqvarna 142 until now.

The replacement of the 142 model was the chainsaw Husqvarna 240, but it did not prove itself as well as the previous model, and for this reason the Husqvarna group lost its position in competition with Stihl chainsaws, which today is the leader in this segment.

The most popular all-purpose chainsaw of Husqvarna group today is the 445E.

The power of the model is just over 2 kW. The length of the bar recommended by the manufacturer is not more than 50 cm. Such characteristics make the chainsaw popular with users.

According to the reviews of owners, the saw is primitive, reliable and easily cuts trees, the diameter of which exceeds the length of the bar by half. The model has modern equipment and is inferior to the professional Husqvarna saws only in engine power.

One of the most popular and best chainsaws of the Husqvarna group is, without a doubt, the Husqvarna 365.

It is powerful, almost 3,500 watts, reliable and unpretentious. Its advantage over competitors’ professional saws is its low weight. Without the saw headset and with empty tanks, the saw weighs only 6.4 kg. That’s not a bad indicator. Of course, in the Husqvarna line there are more powerful professional models. For example:

  • Husqvarna 372 XP;
  • 576 XP;
  • 395 XP.

But they are already too powerful and heavy. Working with such saws for a long time requires a lot of force, and the 365th is lightweight, so professionals choose it more often.

Important! The opinion of our site is based on the analysis of reviews of real owners of professional chainsaw models made by Husqvarna group, so it may differ from the official ratings compiled by specialized organizations.

For more information on what size chainsaw do you need, please refer to the article that you will find on our website.

Useful Information: What Are The Best Husqvarna Chainsaws To Buy?

Learn more about which chainsaw model from the Husqvarna group line is worth buying in this video.

How to Distinguish a Fake Manufactured in China From the Original

  • The fake looks exactly the same as the famous “Gypsy” saw. The color may be different, but the main nodes and body parts are similar in design.
  • Fakes do not have a metal nameplate with the serial number and model designation.
  • The fake air filter cover is attached with a screw, while the original has a quick-release fastener.

These are the three main differences, according to which even an ordinary user can identify a fake with a visual inspection.

husqvarna chainsaw

Important! Remember, buying a Chinese fake, you deprive yourself of warranty and proper service.

Also read: Best cheap chainsaws – review for the buyer.

Interesting Facts About Husqvarna Group Chainsaws

  • Husqvarna chains with a gold tooth. The Sweden based company’s product category of saw chains does include a chain that has been popularly nicknamed a chain with a “gold” tooth. Of course, there is no actual precious metal in such a chain, but there is a connecting link that is specially manufactured to distinguish it from others. What is this for? It is convenient to start sharpening with this link and then there is no need to mark the first tooth to be sharpened with a marker or in some other way, as it was customary to do before. A conceptual solution – comfort even in the smallest details.
  • Blue starter strips and what it’s for. When working with a saw in the winter, there are often problems associated with freezing of the starter during even short breaks in the work. This is primarily due to snow and moisture getting into the starter motor. The blue cover is part of what is known as the winter kit, designed to protect against snow and limit the intake of cold air. Husqvarna is the most northern saw manufacturer in the world, and they know better than anyone how to protect the tool and prepare it for the toughest conditions.
  • Husqvarna serial number. The first four digits are the year of manufacture, the next two are the serial number of the week of manufacture, and the last digits are the number in order of manufacture in the week. In general, if desired, by the serial number you can determine when, where and by what operator a particular chain saw was assembled. It is also worth paying attention to the packaging, which should have a Sweden based brand logo and contain information about the serial number of the chain saw that is inside it.


Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? To summarize, we would like to note that the Sweden based brand Husqvarna has not slowed down its development in the slightest, and continues to delight users with new products every year in a variety of product lines such as sewing machines, backyard tools, diamond tools, kitchen equipment, outdoor products for a watering area, as well as some outlandish products like a remote controlled demolition robot or a solar powered robotic lawnmower for demanding lawns.

The saws become more reliable and comfortable every day, and the level of service in the service centers is increasing. Of course, everyone wants the Husqvarna saws to become more affordable, but a quality tool cannot be cheap.


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